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Start up options ?


Jan 28, 2002
Are there any startup options -- command line options -- execution switches....whatever you want to call it...? --
Like "Civilization3.exe /nomovie" for example.

I'm especially interested in a way to avoid the splash screen and the delay in loading the intro movie and going directly to the main menu.

I *already* know that I can hit 'enter' or click a mouse button as the movie is starting... but that assumes I sit there and wait for 2 minutes while it loads.
There are no startup switches are preferences that you can set in the game to do that. I doubt you will ever be able to get rid fo the splash screen, and its display is not slowing down the load. That's just to let you know that things are okay as it grinds through on the load.

However, as for the intro move you can do something about that. As has been posted in the tech support forums, you can remove the file and it will skipp the movie and still run fine. The file in question is intro.bik
All you have to do is delete the movie, or name it something else. It will load just fine without it. Before you do that though, change the name of "security_briefing.bik" to intro.bik and start the game. You should find it rather amusing.:D
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