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A set of suggestions regarding the create religion screen.

1. Possessed Spiritual Components
Since you can't do anything with them once you have used them perhaps only show the ones that have not been used. See 3 for why you don't need the used ones here.

Ah yes, I modded this bit of the screen in my version to reduce the space between the lines of components since I was getting so many. I was playing on Warlord level:D.​

2. Religion name and status line
Perhaps show the total number of points you can add to the religion. It would make choosing which religion to create or modify a bit easier.​

3. Religion components box
Perhaps show which components have been used elsewhere by crossing them out or something.

Doing this here means you know a bit better how handicapped a religion will be because it wont have enough points to achieve wanted levels. maybe even reduce the maximum available in the Religion name line to reflect this.​


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You have good ideas Hoskuld, i have used all of them:

1. In the possessed spiritual components box, i have reduced the space into each line, and made the box scrollable.

2. I have added 2 new lines, for each religion, which indicate how many points the player can currently add to the religion, and how many points can still be gained by the religion.

3. Now, the unavailable components will be crossed, and the attributed components will appear in orange.

All this changes are included in the new patch 1.2b.
Not quite what I meant. I meant that it would be useful to know the real maximum value you could give to a religion. So in the following It would be
Judaism (17/23)

Solar Cult (0/14)


Christianity (0/7)​

Which would tell you if it was worthwhile creating the religion in the first place. In the above example from my game Christianity and Vodun Cult both have a maximum of 7 points which means they can never become mature.

This way you only need the one extra line about how many points you can currently spend on the religion.

I have been changing some of the English text as I play. When I have enough I'll post the file for you. I am just changing small stuff at the moment.


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A lot of people would love to see stockpiling resources in Civ4

One mod contains it

Maybe you will also be interested to incorporate some ideas from there.

What about Power UP modcomp that i sugested to you via email?
What do you think about it?

And the most important.
Thank you that you are developing your mod again :) big hug for that :D
Attached are some minor text changes for the Pedia, mostly for the Total War concepts. All I did was change "Paragraph" to "PARAGRAPH" so that the spacing works. I also changed the 4 "\ LINK" to "\LINK" so the links work.


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