Targets and Milestones


Jul 31, 2007
So in reading and posting a few things I've come to the realization: I'm really slow.

I can usually compensate for it later but moving up out of Noble means being quicker off the jump.

Specifically, I started paying attention to where I'm at at 1AD. Unconquered Sun said that I should easily have 100 :science: by then by whatever means (there are, of course, several options). Best I can generally get is ~60-80. So obviously that's something I need to work on.

Reading the Montezuma's Revenge BTS post I figured I'd give that a shot it sounded like fun, but on Noble in Warlords. The guide said that I should target taking out 1 or 2 of my neighbors by 1AD. I couldn't even get the suggested stack built by then, so again, another shortcoming.

These two I know I need to work on - do you all have any other milestones to have by 1AD? Techs acquired, number of cities, wonders, other stuff?

Thanks as always!
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