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TCIT - 100AD - Friday, May 11th, 2:00pm EDT (1800GMT)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Democracy Game II' started by Falcon02, May 7, 2007.

  1. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
  2. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    Build a military unit
    More military

    Military units needed are up to the Warlord (DP).

    Work tiles as you see fit focussing on food and production. Try to avoid unhappiness.
  3. Hyronymus

    Hyronymus Troop leader

    Nov 25, 2003
    Elder of Coppertown
    Turn 0: Switch from Confucian Monastery to Axeman; from that on the build queue is in hands of the Warlord.

    Whenever it's safe enough I would like workers to develop the hills surrounding Coppertown by building Mines ánd Roads.
  4. grant2004

    grant2004 Citizen

    Jul 11, 2004
    Governor of Riversight:

    Begin with this initial labor distribution:
    Spoiler :

    The city is stagnant because I am assuming the French will pillage the silver mine. If this doesn't happen, or 7 happiness is restored at some point in the game adjust the labor distribution so that one laborer is working the unimproved flood plain tile. Do not allow the city to grow past the happiness cap, if it is going to grow past the cap stagnate the city with an emphasis on production, while maintaining the work on the flood plain cottage.

    The build queue should consist primarily of military units at the full discretion of the warlord. If it is decided that military production isn't needed continue with the workers in progress.

    Workers should mine the forested hill north of the city, the forested hill south of the city, and the the unforested hill south west of the city, and farm the unimproved flood plain if time allows, and if sufficient workers are allocated. Of course workers should retreat if the French make any threat towards Riversight.
  5. robboo

    robboo Deity

    Dec 10, 2002
    Cajun Country
    City OF EA

    Work the following tiles. It will result in stagnant growth and produce 5 turn keshicks.

    work the 2 gold mines, the horses, one of the forest/plains tiles that yields 1 food 2 hammers, and work 2 of the 4 food/1 gold tiles.

    you should build keshicks(as we discussed)..please leave the forge on the que and if peace breaks out or you dont need any units..let it complete.
  6. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Sorry this took so long to post :blush:
    Was unexpectantly put to work Wed. and didn't get a chance to get back till Thurs.


    Push forward through Napoleon's Land as far as possible this turn-session based on this poll War "Goals" poll

    Do not Raze any Cities based on this poll To Raze or Not to Raze

    Give Chariot in Riversight Combat I
    Give Axeman near NotA Shock
    Give Chariot near NotA Combat I
    Give Archer in EA City Garrison

    Where Cities give Queue priority to the Warlord/DP build a mixture of Keshiks and Axemen.

    Send Chariot and axemen near NotA to dispatch the Axeman to the south ASAP.

    Send Axeman near Riversight to Coppertown for an Assault on Rhiems.

    leave 1 axeman and/or Keshik to defend EA against an expected assault from Barbs, and leave a few Keshiks/Chariots in our territory for counter attacks against the Barbs and Napoleon.

    Once south is secure, put an Axeman on the Iron
    Put an Axeman on the Horses to the NE

    Build up units in Riversight until ready to assault Lyons.
  7. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    As DP I will say

    I intend to go Construction -> Currency -> Machinery this session based on this post from our Chieftain, and the support it got in the discussion thread.
  8. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Research: Switch to construction, currency, machinery

    Trade: None anticipated, but DP is free to explore and execute tech trades which are within 100 beakers of being equal value, that do not involve trading away our monopoly on Alphabet.

    Demands: Don't give Alphabet, or anything worth more than 100g. If any demands come up, please record the actual wording so we can gauge if it's the actively hostile kind.

    Workers: Priorities are reconnecting any resources lost (when safe to do so), tile improvements for Riversight, and war roads (when safe).

    Peace: If France sends a peace offer which satisfies our war goals, the DP has discretion to accept or not depending on the tactical situation at the time.

    Stop: If anyone else declares war on us, we lose one of our cities and cannot retake it, or we fall significantly behind in power.
  9. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    100 AD - Turn 0 - Preturn Save
    250 AD - Turn 6
    400 AD - Turn 12 - Final Turn

    Immediate Summary...
    • Discovered Construction and Currency
    • French sending 2 axemen and 2 spearmen via 2 galleys to Eastern Territories, have a bunch of Keshiks in the east trying to stay positioned to meet them... Spearmen may be a problem though.
    • Rhiems is ours
    • Discovered Marsailles, north of Rhiems, a new French City.
    • Lyons is barely defended now...
    • New Settler moving to Banana city location
    • New Barbarian City East of Banana City Location
    • Workers working on Rebuilding Mine
    • Eastern and Western Road Networks now Connected
    • Worker in NW placed on tile NE of Rhiems to connect Rhiems to our trade network
    • We now have a good lead in the Power department
  10. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Chat log

    Spoiler :
    [13:56] <Falcon02> gonna go ahead and start with Pre-turn stuff
    [13:56] <Falcon02> *** Research Changed to Construction -> Currency -> Machinery
    [13:58] * Joe (jirc@113ade0c.307615a5.cable.ntl.com) has joined #turnchat
    [13:58] * Chieftess sets mode: +v Joe
    [13:58] <Joe> hi
    [13:58] <Falcon02> *** NOTA Build Queue Keshik -> Settler -> Keshik -> Keshik -> Keshik
    [13:58] <Falcon02> Hi Joe
    [13:59] <Falcon02> Do we have any plans for this Settler in NotA?
    [13:59] <Falcon02> It's due in 2 turns
    [14:00] <Falcon02> er... 4 turns including the Keshik I just inserted in per Dutchfire's instructions
    [14:00] * Joe (jirc@113ade0c.307615a5.cable.ntl.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
    [14:02] <Grant2004> I think the plan was to follow dutchfire's settlement plan, I don't remember which city was first though
    [14:05] <Grant2004> it looks like the bannana city was first , which is 3N 2E of the cows near Coppertown, but that's not for a few turns
    [14:07] * Grant2004 (~jirc@8d7465b.1b5b45e4.ct.charter.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
    [14:07] * Grant2004 (~jirc@8d7465b.1b5b45e4.ct.charter.com) has joined #turnchat
    [14:07] * Chieftess sets mode: +v Grant2004
    [14:07] <Falcon02> okay
    [14:09] <Hyronymus> babana city was first indeed iirc
    [14:09] <Falcon02> *** City Build queues done
    [14:10] <Falcon02> *** EA is building Keshik (need to manually requeue Keshiks to prevent loss of Hammers on Forge)
    [14:10] <Falcon02> *** Riversight is builidng Axeman (need to manually requeue Axeman to prevent loss of hammers on Workers)
    [14:11] <Falcon02> *** Coppertown is builidng Axeman (need to manually requeue Axeman to prevent loss of hammers on Monastary)
    [14:11] <Falcon02> *** Units upgraded per Warlord's Instructions
    [14:15] <Falcon02> *** Sending Free worker to build road to connect Eastern and Western Road systems.
    [14:15] * DS (~foo@3eb8f587.3af339a2.az.comcast.net) has joined #turnchat
    [14:15] * Chieftess sets mode: +v DS
    [14:15] <Falcon02> Done with Preturn, Uploading save
    [14:16] * DaveShack (~foo@DaveShack.Users.irc-chat.net) Quit (SVSKilled: GHOST command used by DS)
    [14:16] * DS is now known as DaveShack
    [14:17] * Mafioso sets mode: +o DaveShack
    [14:17] <Falcon02> Preturn Save uploaded
    [14:17] <DaveShack> how many turns on the settler, after the Keshik was inserted before?
    [14:17] <Falcon02> http://forums.civfanatics.com/uploads/7394/C4DG2_AD-0100_-_Turn_0_Preturn.Civ4SavedGame
    [14:17] <Falcon02> 2
    [14:17] <Falcon02> Keshik will take 2 turns to build
    [14:17] <DaveShack> so a total of 4
    [14:18] <Falcon02> yup
    [14:19] <Falcon02> *** Standing by for those present to review the save
    [14:19] <Falcon02> assuming anyone can and will
    [14:19] <DaveShack> launching Civ
    [14:19] <Falcon02> roger
    [14:20] <Grant2004> save looks good to me
    [14:21] <Falcon02> ok
    [14:23] <Falcon02> Another note I didn't notice before... we're back on top again on the power graph... and Caeser has actually exceeded Napoleon on the power graph...
    [14:23] <DaveShack> with the death of just one axe? wow, guess the units on the y axis must be pretty small
    [14:24] <Falcon02> Napoleon never went down... just leveled out
    [14:24] <Falcon02> Caesar just has a pretty steep climb of his own going
    [14:25] <Falcon02> And by looking at the graph it Caesar was ahead even before Napoleon lost his Axe
    [14:25] <DaveShack> he probably connected iron and started building praetorians then
    [14:25] <Falcon02> I don't think the loss of the Axe has been plotted on the graph yet.
    [14:25] <Falcon02> that might do it.
    [14:26] <Falcon02> Iron is still available for trade though...
    [14:26] <Falcon02> anyway... Ready for turn 1?
    [14:26] <Grant2004> on my turn chat I noticed a large garison in their southern city, they had built a lot of archers
    [14:26] <Hyronymus> bien sur!
    [14:26] <Grant2004> ready
    [14:26] <DaveShack> anyhow, done looking
    [14:26] <DaveShack> Crabengw&#235;!
    [14:26] <Falcon02> alright
    [14:26] <Falcon02> *** Pre-turn complete
    [14:26] <Falcon02> *** Hitting Enter
    [14:27] <Falcon02> *** Turn 1 - 125 AD ***
    [14:28] <Falcon02> *** French Axeman Pillages Silver Mine (Big surprise) ***
    [14:28] <Falcon02> *** Nabu-rimmani has been born in a far away land ***
    [14:29] <Falcon02> *** Archer near Rheims moved to Cows... another Spearman has moved to its previous location ***
    [14:30] * Joe (jirc@113ade0c.307615a5.cable.ntl.com) has joined #turnchat
    [14:30] * Chieftess sets mode: +v Joe
    [14:30] <Joe> hi again
    [14:30] <Joe> anything happen?
    [14:31] * Hyronymus informed Joe in a private channel
    [14:31] <Falcon02> *** Chariot moved to Iron to defend against Axeman, still waiting for our Axemen to come to the front to eliminate the Axemen ***
    [14:32] <Falcon02> *** Moving Axeman near Riversight twoards Coppertown to aid in assault on Rhiems
    [14:33] <Hyronymus> yay
    [14:35] <Falcon02> *** Building Mine north on Hill north of Riversight, and Farm on Unimporved floodplain near Riversight
    [14:36] <Falcon02> *** Munich discovered (Germany's southern most city) Archer unit defending city has City Garrison III! ***
    [14:37] <Hyronymus> wow
    [14:37] <Falcon02> *** All activities done
    [14:37] <Falcon02> *** End of Turn 1 ***
    [14:37] <Falcon02> *** Standing by to hit enter ***
    [14:37] <DaveShack> any barbs near EA that need addressed?
    [14:38] <Falcon02> FYI: We took a slight dip in power... Napoleon rose to Caesars power level, and we fell to Caesar's power level... we have a 3 way tie
    [14:39] <Falcon02> Yes, Axeman standing directly south of the cows
    [14:39] <Hyronymus> my experience is that archers are good against Axeman
    [14:39] <Hyronymus> execially with City Garrison I
    [14:40] <Falcon02> *** Reluctantly moving Chariot to EA to stand by for Axeman ***
    [14:40] <Falcon02> Hyronymus, the question also is... how many improvements will we lose before they actually attack the city..
    [14:40] <Joe> only when defending cities or hills
    [14:41] <Hyronymus> I knowm it's unpredicatble
    [14:41] <DaveShack> Hyronymus, is that on Warlords or Vanilla?
    [14:41] <Hyronymus> Warlord, good point DaveShack :)
    [14:41] <Falcon02> yeah that helps
    [14:41] <Hyronymus> sorry
    [14:41] <Falcon02> no need to apologize
    [14:42] <Falcon02> anyway, one more turn on the NotA Keshik which will go to EA to respond to the Axeman, as I doubt either the Chariot or Archer can sucessfully destroy the Axeman, particularly before mass pillaging
    [14:43] <Falcon02> *** Hitting enter ***
    [14:43] <Falcon02> *** Napoleon's Axeman went North.... not twoards the Iron or NotA.... ***
    [14:44] <Falcon02> Oh and....
    [14:44] <Joe> good!
    [14:44] <Falcon02> *** Start of Turn 2 - 150 AD ***
    [14:44] <Falcon02> Going for Mine on hill I think
    [14:44] <Falcon02> *** Giving Keshik Combat I
    [14:45] <Falcon02> 92&#37; chance against Axeman
    [14:46] <Falcon02> the question is... which is more valuable to us, the hill/mine West of NotA or the Farmed Floodplains and Gold Mines near EA
    [14:47] <Falcon02> Moving Chariot to Hill/Mine to Protect it, Keshik going to EA
    [14:48] <Falcon02> *** 1 Axeman Garrisoned in NotA, 1 Axeman sent to Forests to West to aid against Napoleon's Axeman ***
    [14:49] <Falcon02> *** Power graph shows both Nappy and Yasutan about even above Caesar now
    [14:49] <Falcon02> *** NotA continuing with Settler ***
    [14:50] <Falcon02> *** End of Turn 2 ***
    [14:50] <Falcon02> *** Standing by to hit enter ***
    [14:50] <Falcon02> *** 5 turns to Construction ***
    [14:50] <Grant2004> Have the French made any other troop movements?
    [14:51] <Falcon02> Still moving some units by Rhiems, the Archer that was on the cows has moved on... a Spearman has taken it's place
    [14:51] <Falcon02> I think they're moving North of Rheims
    [14:52] <Falcon02> Possibly a city we have not discovered yet...?
    [14:53] <Falcon02> *** Hitting Enter ***
    [14:53] <Falcon02> *** Start of Turn 3 - 175 AD ***
    [14:54] <Falcon02> *** Our Chariot fails to defend the Hill/mine tile, however reduces the Axeman's Strength to 2.3 ***
    [14:55] <Falcon02> *** Axemen sent to the Hill avenge the death of the fallen Chariot making the lands near NotA safe again ***
    [14:55] <Hyronymus> can our Axeman finish it now
    [14:55] <Falcon02> *** France has a Galley on the horizon though which appears to be approaching our shores ***
    [14:55] <Grant2004> what's aboard?
    [14:56] <Falcon02> Not showing anything
    [14:56] <Hyronymus> how many units are in NotA now
    [14:57] <Falcon02> 2 - 1 Axeman, 1 Warrior
    [14:57] <Hyronymus> more comming up?
    [14:57] <Hyronymus> we better prepare for an unloading Galley
    [14:57] <Falcon02> yeah
    [14:58] <Falcon02> there is the Axeman on the hill to the West of NotA, and other cities are still producing units.
    [14:58] <Grant2004> are you not able to see what's inside durring wartime. I remember when the last galley approached we knew there were two axemen aboard
    [14:58] <Falcon02> I didn't think we could see inside at all
    [14:58] <DaveShack> just a sec, I'll go check
    [15:00] <Hyronymus> I thnk we could see it before because we had a chariot on top of the silver
    [15:00] <Grant2004> we saw it before we decided to send the chariot
    [15:00] <Grant2004> that's why we made the decision, we presumed it was hostile because of the axemen
    [15:00] <Hyronymus> ok
    [15:00] <Falcon02> *** Barb Axeman standing on top of EA's Western Gold hill ***
    [15:00] <DaveShack> the axemen are still visible in the galley at that turn, if we declare war
    [15:01] <Falcon02> *** Keshik has 69.1% chance of victory against Barb Axeman ***
    [15:01] <DaveShack> so if the galleon is loaded now, units should show
    [15:01] <Joe> got to go eating out with my folks
    [15:01] <Falcon02> enjoy
    [15:01] * Joe (jirc@113ade0c.307615a5.cable.ntl.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
    [15:01] <Grant2004> So the French are attacking us with an empty galley, that's an interesting tactic
    [15:02] <Falcon02> They may just be moving it forward to Lyons, or using it as Recon
    [15:02] <DaveShack> or the game remembers we knew about the units... to create a clean scenario would take some time
    [15:03] <Falcon02> FYI: We need a navy....
    [15:04] <Falcon02> Assault on Rhiems should start within the next turn or two
    [15:04] <Grant2004> excellent, then we'll have a port
    [15:04] <Falcon02> Also Barb Archer East of Coppertown, NE of Rice
    [15:04] <Falcon02> should be easy to get rid of once Archer is out of Forests
    [15:05] <Falcon02> Still wondering about the odds with that Keshik and Barb Axeman
    [15:05] <Falcon02> 69.1%
    [15:05] <Falcon02> Though we will lose one of our gold tiles if we don't
    [15:06] <Falcon02> .... Launching assault
    [15:06] <Falcon02> Push comes to shove Chariot should be able to finish him off
    [15:06] <Grant2004> agreed, wishing those keshik's luck
    [15:07] <Falcon02> *** Keshik is Victorious!!! Gains Experience, will get Promotion next turn! ***
    [15:07] <DaveShack> yay
    [15:07] <Falcon02> *** -2 gpt at the moment 6 gold in treasury
    [15:08] * DaveShack loads family into our van, for lunch
    [15:08] <Falcon02> *** Reducing Science rate to 70, + 5 gpt but Construction in 6 instead of 5 turns ***
    [15:08] <Falcon02> see ya DS
    [15:08] * DaveShack is now known as DS_lunch
    [15:08] <Grant2004> see ya later dave
    [15:09] <Grant2004> is EA working the gold mine that was just saved?
    [15:09] <Falcon02> Nope
    [15:10] <Falcon02> Fixed
    [15:10] <Falcon02> back to 5 turns
    [15:10] <Falcon02> and back to 4 turns and +0gpt at 80%
    [15:10] <Falcon02> thanks for the catch
    [15:11] <Falcon02> *** Turn 3 over - Standing by to hit Enter ***
    [15:12] <Falcon02> *** Hitting Enter ***
    [15:14] <Falcon02> ** Chariot #1 sent to destroy Barb Archer which had moved to Rice ***
    [15:14] <Falcon02> *** Victory for Chariot #1, 2/2 Experience ***
    [15:16] <Falcon02> *** Settler Built, moving to Coppertown for Deployment to Banana location
    [15:17] <Falcon02> *** Cologne (Germany) discovered ***
    [15:18] <Falcon02> *** End of Turn 4 - 200 AD - Standing by to hit enter ***
    [15:19] <Falcon02> *** Hitting Enter ***
    [15:20] <Falcon02> *** Turn 5 - 225 AD ***
    [15:21] <Falcon02> *** 2 Spearman in Lyons and 2 spearmen in Rhiems ***
    [15:21] <Hyronymus> odd defense :s
    [15:21] <Hyronymus> as if we only have Keshiks
    [15:22] <Falcon02> Thus the reason for our Axe/Keshik mixture
    [15:24] <Hyronymus> indeed
    [15:25] <Falcon02> *** Turn 6 - 250 AD ***
    [15:25] <Falcon02> *** Lyons now has 2 axeman and 3 Spearmen! ***
    [15:27] <Falcon02> Lyons has 2 galleys in it, so I'm expecting another Naval invasion now
    [15:29] <Falcon02> *** Uploading Turn 6 Save ***
    [15:31] <Falcon02> http://forums.civfanatics.com/uploads/7394/C4DG2_AD-0250_-_Turn_6.Civ4SavedGame
    [15:34] <Falcon02> *** End Turn 6 - Hitting Enter ***
    [15:35] <Falcon02> *** Construction Built ***
    [15:37] <Falcon02> *** 3rd Axeman approaching Lyons ***
    [15:41] <Falcon02> Lyons is getting quite a stack of doom
    [15:41] <Falcon02> *** Attacking Rhiems ***
    [15:42] <Falcon02> Axeman is victorious against Archer
    [15:42] <Falcon02> *** Rhiems is ours !!! ***
    [15:43] <Falcon02> *** No loses! ***
    [15:43] <Grant2004> congratulations, maybe that stack of doom will change it's priority
    [15:43] <Falcon02> *** 3 axemen waiting Promotions next turn
    [15:44] <Falcon02> well I've got a scattered collection of Keshiks and Axemen near NotA in anticipation of the SoD
    [15:44] <Falcon02> *** End Turn 7 - 275 AD ***
    [15:44] <Falcon02> *** Standing by to hit enter ***
    [15:45] <Falcon02> *** We are far above everyone on power graph ***
    [15:45] <Falcon02> *** Hitting Enter ***
    [15:46] <Falcon02> *** Turn 8 - 300 AD ***
    [15:46] <Falcon02> *** Axemen from Lyons attacks our Axeman on Hill SE of Lyons, Our Axeman is victorious ***
    [15:48] <Falcon02> *** Also, taking Rhiems reveals French City borders to NW ***
    [15:51] * Grant2004 (~jirc@8d7465b.1b5b45e4.ct.charter.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
    [15:51] <Falcon02> *** French Axeman South of Coppertown, sending Keshik to attack it in 2-3 turns ***
    [15:51] <Falcon02> *** Turn 8 Over - Standing by to hit enter ***
    [15:54] <Falcon02> *** Hitting Enter ***
    [15:55] <Falcon02> *** Turn 9 - 325 AD ***
    [15:57] <Falcon02> *** New Axeman in Coppertown given shock promotion and sent to attack Axeman to the south ***
    [15:58] <Falcon02> *** Our Axeman is defeated :( ***
    [15:58] <Falcon02> *** French Axeman left at 1.9 Str ***
    [15:59] <Falcon02> *** Sent in Chariot #2 to finish the job ***
    [16:03] <Falcon02> *** French Galleys launched total 2 axeman and 2 spearmen ***
    [16:04] <Falcon02> *** End Turn 10 - Standing by to hit enter ***
    [16:05] <Falcon02> *** Hiting Enter ***
    [16:08] <Falcon02> err... that was End of turn 9
    [16:09] <Falcon02> *** Start of Turn 10 - 350 AD ***
    [16:15] <Falcon02> *** Currency Discovered ***
    [16:17] <Falcon02> *** French Galleys continuing East, have not yet unloaded ***
    [16:17] <Falcon02> *** Rhiems riots end, switching to Barracks, Worker is working on connecting Rhiems to network ***
    [16:19] <Falcon02> *** FYI: We're on Turn 11 (375 AD) now, intend to stop next turn ***
    [16:19] <Falcon02> *** End Turn 11 - 12 turns to Machinery ***
    [16:20] <Falcon02> *** Hitting Enter ***
    [16:23] <Falcon02> *** Turn 12 - 400 AD - 11 Turns to Machinery ***
    [16:23] <Falcon02> *** First Catapult Built in EA ***
    [16:24] <Falcon02> *** Chariot moved to reveal Marsailles North of Rheims, to facilitate planning ***
    [16:24] <Falcon02> *** French Galley still has yet to unload, likely moving to Horses ***
    [16:25] <Falcon02> *** French Still Refuse to talk ***
    [16:25] <Falcon02> *** No profitable Tech Trades ***
    [16:25] <Falcon02> *** We are now the Power Leaders by a good margin ***
  11. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Reserved for more official summary.
  12. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    According to my info, that's the 3rd great scientist born.

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