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Sullla's AI Survivor Season Seven - Wildcard Game Thread

Kudos to...

Saladin, fo martial aspirations that took him from pastoral beginnings to vanquish the French, soar into the far reaches of the heavens, and raise Hinduism in supremacy over heterodox Confucian teachings 🥇

Tokugawa, for clearing the northern frontier, embracing modernity, and almost pulling off a great Confucian purification campaign 🥈

Peter, for aligning with the Confucian courts, introducing the Enlightenment to this world, and rocking the Celtic imperialists with waves of civil resistance 🥉

Boudica, for punishing the greed of the Incan mines and negotiating a code of honor with the barbarians 🥉


Barbarians, who had all the opportunity and none of the success, may you resist the lure of Celtic deception in future seasons! ⚱️
I did not see most of it but seemed like a nut-tastic game!
That game might have been the most season seven game of season seven so far. Just utterly baffling decisions from start to finish, including the barbarians, and of course the curse of the seeded leaders continuing to chug along.

In the end I definitely got my wish: That was not how I expected this game to go. At all :crazyeye:.
I totally missed all the good barb action...game def worth a watch when posted
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