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Sullla's AI Survivor Season Seven - Wildcard Game Thread

I was way off this game. Seems like Celts got undone by continual warfare and unhappiness. Incas early war pretty much killed off their game. That and fact the other AI took all 3 barb cities nearby. You don't win these games on 6 cities.

Overall Sal was next to the coast. Had a nerfed Roman nearby. Plus Nappy who didn't really do much. Plus HC who loved him due to shared religion. Sal was then able to tech while everyone else went crazy on wars. Plus Sal settled west at start killing off a city site for HC.

Do we think Incas would really of won most games here. Wonder when the other alternative histories will arrive. I imagine it takes many hours rerunning these games.
HC has been a bit overhyped (not just this game but overall).
Sure he will fly away on high :commerce: starts with enuf free land around him, and neighbor AIs he gets along with, but he's not a magic box shining with every start.
His biggest asset? Low peaceweight..warmongers looking for other targets first = winning more games.
In a way I am not that surprised about the result. Boudica is often prone to falling behind in tech despite having the most cities which leaves her vulnerable to AIs with better military techs.

Toku was probably too pacifistic for most of the game though he timed his DOW on Boudica well before she got infantry and crushed her stacks. As we saw having a military tech advantage + several turns to upgrade units + the attacking initiative can really help an AI get a good start to a war even against a higher quantity of units.

Shaka was always going to be a target with him having so many neighbours though not really sure what happened to his economy and expansion. Seemed to take a while to hook up his metal and the jungle start really killed him.

Saladin played a smart game. Managed to stay out of early wars mostly, built a lot of cottages, just about caught up in tech and then declared a decisive war which probably gave him just enough of a boost to his economy to get to space first. Also the final war against Toku's battle weakened forces was an excellent war (might have been a 'limited' war to try and stop Toku from winning).

HC was not a guaranteed winner though you were kind of forced to back him with him being such a runaway favourite just in case he did win.

I thought Napoleon would be a bit more active as he had a reasonable number of cities but for some reason he sat back a bit and didn't go on any cross-map adventures.

Gilgamesh was about as useless as I expected. As was Julius Caesar.

Peter could have been a dark horse with his tech rate if Boudica had left him alone. Did well to stay alive though.

Pretty pleased with my points haul considering 9 leaders and only 1 point off the top now. :) Not looking forward to picking for playoff 1 though as all of the leaders are pretty incompetent imo so could be a lot of possible outcomes.
I think Mansa Musa is way overhyped compared to HC.

Anywway, I feel bad for all Boudica to win pickers that game. I must check if Toku went on free religion than convert back to confuc. That war seems really unlikely. Gandhi Pericles war was super unlikely too. Impossible levels.
Hope you fall into a Scrooge McDuck sized vault of legos, Toku! If you had just sat in the corner and gone space I coulda had Boudica 2nd! [pissed]

Also, lol at this entire field. Good thing we can't pick barbs, because they completely disappointed this game. :p
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