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The best trait.

Which Trait is the best?

  • Aggresive

    Votes: 16 3.4%
  • Charismatic

    Votes: 63 13.5%
  • Spiritual

    Votes: 31 6.7%
  • Protective

    Votes: 9 1.9%
  • Imperialistic

    Votes: 6 1.3%
  • Expansive

    Votes: 5 1.1%
  • Financial

    Votes: 191 41.0%
  • Philosophical

    Votes: 43 9.2%
  • Creative

    Votes: 31 6.7%
  • Industrious

    Votes: 48 10.3%
  • Organized

    Votes: 23 4.9%

  • Total voters


Rambling and inconsistent
Mar 3, 2007
A Silver Mt. Zion
Which is the better trait? Discuss.

Personally, I think the Expansive (Cheap workers) is the best.

Second is Imperialistic (Cheap settlers), which I find a bit underrated.
Which is the better trait? Discuss.

Personally, I think the Expansive (Cheap workers) is the best.

Second is Imperialistic (Cheap settlers), which I find a bit underrated.

you must love Joao. No worries, i love him to. Cheap Workers and Settlers is the answer :D
you must love Joao. No worries, i love him to. Cheap Workers and Settlers is the answer :D

Yup, that's correct, I adore his Traits ;) But his UU and UB (even though they are AWESOME at naval power) doesn't really appeal to me. I like the more to be an enourmous land military civ (Like Genghis or Mehmed) and crush everyone I'd like to crush :D
Creative is the wat to go. Cheap libraries for scientiests early and you dont have to wait for religion to spread or build monument for borders to exapand.

Expansive, I dont know, once u have enough worker the other bonus (+2 :health:) makes the trait sub-par.
These days I am a GP addict so tend to run extreme specialist economies to maximise GPs therefore obviously I like philosophical. I have plenty of time for imperialistic too. Thanks to BTS I now have sulieman to furfill my GP and GG addiction plus he has a very decent UU and UB.

For all that I think spiritual is the best trait tho. Spiritual is the best for versitility. No anarchy means you can seriously abuse the civics system and make your civ be whatever it needs to be at any given moment in any given situation without any pain. Want to whip out a horde of crack troops for sudden defence or warmongering on a whim? Switch to police state/vassallage/slavery/theocracy. want to build up your infrastructure and wonders? pop into bureacracy/slavery/organised religion. just got pillaged or you want to knock out a railroad system post haste but don't want to mess around building workers that will later be idle? slip on serfdom to get the job done. Got a superflous GP lying around? why not burn him for a golden age slip into representation/caste system/pacifism/mercantilism max your desired specialists to the point of city starvation and watch the flood of more useful GPs roll in. Excessive growth causeing unhealthiness and unhappiness? throw on Hered. rule and enviromentalism to put a stop to it while your organised religion and slavery bangs out the necessary compensating infrastructure. Need to get on a particular civs good side? switch to their religion and favourite civics for an instant diplo bonus do your business with them and then switch back.. Spiritual trait basically means you can closely mimic any other trait whenever you want then change again when you want to be something else. In a word versatility.

I see that financial at the moment has the most votes.. in my opin financial is the most overrated trait. To leverage it you need to run a heavy cottage econ. which means has some seriously overlooked disadvantages over a SE.

1. cottage spam is a serious draw to pillagers esp on multiplayer. To the pillager pillaged cottages are very lucrative and more harmful to the pillaged. In contrast the farms of a SE give very little to the pilager and are very easily replaced.

2. More cottages mean fewer farms which means fewer specialists meaning fewer GPs there are some jobs that can ONLY be done with GPs such as building shrines and rushing wonders. It also means slower city growth limiting the benefit of whipping.

3. CE do not offer the city specialisation possiblities that SE have. An SE doesnot rely on the slider so much as CE so you can waste fewer hammers building unnecessary infrastructure. for example when the slider is maxed to science in a CE all the cash multiplier infrastructure is basically doing nothing.

There are other ways in which CE is inferior to SE but I don't have time to go into them now. suffice to say financial trait only really works well in a CE and that alone makes financial overrated because a CE has some serous drawbacks (although I admit it is easier to manage for inexperienced players).
i like Charismatic.

it has the right balance between warmongering and peace.

financial is also very strong, but it limits my options to a cottage economy, and i like to have options ;)
Charismatic is a very strong trait, giving warmongers bonuses with better promoted units and unlocking HE/WP earlier, as well as giving extra happiness if you decide to be peaceful.

Financial gets my vote, though. The extra commerce can be leveraged to conquer land quicker or to boost a space race victory.
Financial is the strongest trait, without much argument. Even in an SE you're picking up extra commerce from most water tiles, windmills and resources, making it a solid trait for most strategies. It's the CE where it's at its best though.

Expansive and Imperialistic are both third rate traits, mainly because of the bug where the bonus to worker/settler production is not applied to food (which make up the bulk of the crucial early workers/settlers).
the results pretty much speak for themselves..
I think that traits are only judgable combined. That being said, I recently tried a game of Cyrus (Cha/Imp) of Byzantium. When I found two beautiful chokepoints close to Justinian I of America. I think that without Imperialistic, I wouldn't have been able to get either, and the northern one (Adrianople) managed to get pretty good production, as well as my best gold city and damn close in science (CE with two spices, also had confucian wonder). However, charismatic really did better than aggressive could've done in my game, because I got many powerful cataphracts and cavalry after I got the tech lead, and also got some pretty powerful warlord units (uber-rifle w/60+ EXP and super medic unit, among others).

However, if I was in a different situation, such as being boxed in early by more powerful neighbors, it would've probably financial and industrious that could've helped me the most (and that did happen in the aforementioned game to an AI who had two cities until I had gunpowder), given financial to play catch up and industrious to build cheap forges and build armies that way.

Hmm.. I tend to like

Charismatic is VERY powerful. Not only will it give you the most 'seasoned' troops in the world but it also helps in nearly every aspect of the game[+2 happy = 2 more tiles worked or two more specialists which is a huge in the early game and at high difficulties with lower happy caps].

Industrial is also insane. Wonders have very nice boosts and Industrial can easily insure you get them[particularly if you have the resource that boosts the wonder production]. However, I really like the cheap forges. Forges tend to take a while for me to get online usually. However, with Industrial I pick MC up quickly, build the Colossus if viable, and run an engineer specialist. The specialist gives me more Great Engineer points and more Great Engineers equal more leveragable wonders/more base hammers. I like cheap and early forges[now if only industrial got a bonus on researching Metal Casting[very expensive]].

Imperialistic for me is mostly an early game boost. But as we all know early game boosts are some of the most important. Getting that first GG earlier can really turn the tides. Add in fast settlers[not the most useful since food isn't boosted] and you got quite the early game power trait. It does weaken as the years go one though.

Financial is obviously powerful, however, I feel, depending on the start, that it is overall slightly weaker than charismatic. It is weaker in the early game unless you hit the jackpot with early boosted tiles; however, end game I feel it is stronger. But in the long run I think Charismatics +2 happy out does it. Of course this isn't the case if you don't have enough food/health to hit your happy cap to start with. Then financial rocks[quantity over quality].
A tie: philosophical and creative.

Creative: always useful for quick border pops.
Philosophical: we all need great people at some point. Why not get them earlier and quicker?
Reply to ShunNakamura, I often use the industrial trait to build the oracle and grab metal casting that way. :)

I voted for Charismatic though.
It's a tie between charismatic and financial. Can't decide which I like better.

Edit: Guess I'll vote cha since financial is already trampling the competition, looks like the Pretorian in UU polls. Which is odd to me, I didn't think financial was that much more overpowered then other traits (in fact I don't think it's better, just equal to charismatic). Maybe the reason for this is that financial is good for everything, whereas I find cha so damn good because it it awesome for warmongers, but isn't all that great for other strategies.
the results pretty much speak for themselves..
Yes, Financial is a very powerful trait and its no surprise to see it top ranked. But Charismatic is not to be slighted, especially if you are playing with big maps and slower speeds.
Noone voted Imperialistic... Is the Trait that underrated? :hmm: or is it just not the players' favorite?
Unfortunately, this poll also reflects the difficulty setting influence the choice as well.

I voted Organized, as higher levels it feels impossible to play without it, more than any other trait with the possible exception of Charismatic for the happiness bonus.
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