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The Conquests

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by choxorn, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    Been a while since I've said anything here... I really need to get around to this more often.

    Recently got back to fixing the images in Part 4 and 5. I'm about halfway through Part 4 now.

    I haven't been changing content any while I've been going through this, but I have been fixing the minor errors in spelling and just wrong word choice that sometimes had minor tiny impacts in readability. Apparently I can't spell "Pyrenees" "Separate" "Occurred" or "Surprise," among other common mistakes.

    Didn't bother changing any of the weirdly-worded sentences though, I know I'm not really much better at writing sentences to describe what happens in Civ games than I was 4 years ago, and I can hardly remember individual events in these games that long ago anyway.

    Whenever I finally get around to fixing the images beyond the first few chapters of my other story, maybe I'll just leave the minor spelling errors intact- it kind of had a charm to it and reminds me to cringe horribly at about half the things 13-year-old me wrote, and hey, it's one of the most popular stories in this board anyway, the minor errors can't be that bad, can they?
  2. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    ...And... Done with the images in Part 4! Just Part 5 left to do and then I'll have all of the images fixed!
  3. jiikoo

    jiikoo Chieftain

    Jan 7, 2006
    Good, good! I have been waiting for this. And middle America campaing, exspecially.
  4. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    And... Mesoamerica is done, I've finally finished re-uploading all of the pictures in the first 5 parts. Go and read them, if there were pictures missing the first time you read them!

    At some point, I'll get around to doing the same to my other story, but I really think I should get back to finishing this one first- I'm going on 3 years spent on this one scenario, if you count the 6-month hiatus between Age of Discovery and Sengoku as part of that time. In any case, I've spent more time on Sengoku than on the previous 6 Conquests... combined. And to think that earlier I was worried I was taking too long when there was a month between updates! :crazyeye: Ah, those were the days...
  5. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    Hi, everyone! A few things to say. First, continuing on from my image-fixing in Terrain-Unwise Romans, I've done some more image-fixing here. I'd already mostly fixed things, but Chapter 14 still had a bunch of broken ImageShack images- looking at the last page, I'd left them there because they were originally working, but then they weren't, now they're on Imgur so they're working again. I also took the opportunity to add the chapter titles back that left with the Xenforo move, and fix a few spelling and grammar mistakes here and there (apparently I can't spell "peninsula", "Mediterranean," "military," "occurred", "millennium", "anymore", "technology", "separate", "Castile", and a bunch of other words)

    But second, something you're probably much more interested in hearing: The hiatus will end, and I'm finally going to update this story, later this week! Our long, international nightmare will soon be over.

    I'll finish off by going back into narration mode, to give both a recap of what's happened so far in Japan for anyone who's fallen out of the loop, and give a taste of what lies ahead.


    Miyoshi Nagayoshi woke up one morning in 1529 feeling like he'd been resting for a really long time. "Ugh, I feel like I've been asleep for about 5 years," he said to Hiyoshi as he stumbled into the War Council Room.

    "Uh... you have been asleep for about 5 years."


    "Yeah, it's actually 1534 now, we were all really worried about you."

    "You're kidding me, right? This is some kind of April Fool's Day Joke? Wait, is it April Fool's day? Is it January? March? May? What month is it?"

    "Just hang on, sir, we'll get you all caught up. So, it all started in January 1450, when we settled down in Kyoto and began planning to end this long, divisive era and unite Japan under our banner..."

    "We explored our area, encountering many tribes of Ainu along the way, some who had things to teach us, some who just wanted to fight. You did quite a lot of this exploring yourself, and accomplished many awesome feats in your battles against the Ainu! We also met our neighbors, the Dark-Green clad Matsunaga, the Orange-Yellow Oda, the Purple Murakami, the Light-Green Mori, the Red Saito, and a bunch of other clans occupying Japan, including us there was 18."

    "Of course there was also some conflicts along the way, we fought a brief war against the Oda because they left some workers totally undefended and we figured they'd need some 'protection' that we were willing to provide."

    "As we explored, expanded, and traded, we quickly ran into our neighbors and out of room, which led to more conflicts- first, when the Matsunaga attacked us..."

    "...And we fought them to a standstill around Nara, not really prepared for the war but able to hold off the invasion nonetheless."

    "Years later, we got our revenge by invading them...."

    "...And did much better this time, quickly inflicting large losses and taking their land. Of course, we continued our explorations and technological discoveries in the meantime, and ended up eventually meeting all 17 of the other clans on the islands of Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku, and got decent maps of all the islands..."

    "And we got great success in our war against the Matsunaga. I, Hiyoshi, demonstrated my leadership skill at the Second Battle of Wakayama, and that's why I now lead an army of Bushi..."

    "And not long after, I led the army to Osaka, killed the Matsunaga Daimyo, and finished our conquest of their land."

    Miyoshi tried to interject at this point, "Hiyoshi, this all happened decades ago, I already know-" but Hiyoshi continued his story:

    "The next few years were very prosperous. We finished work on a great wonder in Kyoto that provided great benefits to us, and launched us into a Golden Age."

    "Of course, we weren't the only ones with the idea to conquer our neighbors. Our powerful rivals, the Pink-clad Ryuzoji, on Kyushu, overran their neighbors, the Dark-Red-clad Otomo, and wiped them out just as we'd done to the Matsunaga. (They also fought a brief war against the Brown-wearing Ichijo of Shikoku when the Ichijo tried to settle on Kyushu in the Otomo's former territory, but the Ryuzoji were having none of that and burned their new city)"

    "With the partial aim of giving the clans a place to discuss and perhaps diplomatically end the conflict (but mostly just so we could keep anyone else from doing it), we built a War Council in Kyoto, although there is clearly too much disagreement for anyone to be elected the head of the War Council."

    "Not long after, we realized that we were lacking in Jade, a resource needed to pay Ronin and Ninja to go assassinate our enemies, and we weren't happy about this, so we decided to go fight our neighbors the Urakami to claim their Jade. Also, we felt that they had it coming, thanks to a long-standing border dispute between their city of Kakogawa and our city of Tottori that led them to claim some Horses and Spices we felt were rightfully ours."

    "We were initially able to make strong gains into Urakami territory, capturing their border cities of Kakogawa and Ako, despite the strong walls that defended all of their cities thanks to the Great Wall of Kobe. However, we soon faced strong setbacks: The Yellow-clad Hojo Clan to the Northeast brought an army to our borders."

    "Initially, we hoped they weren't coming for us, but they attacked Kakogawa shortly after. They were repelled, but dangerous, so we decided to bring in some allies to fight them- the Hojo's neighbors, the Pale-Green Uesugi and Light-Blue Imagawa, and the Oda."

    "The Hojo countered with their own alliances, bringing in the Teal-clad Tokugawa to fight the Uesugi and the Greenish-Blue-clad Shimazu of Kyushu to fight us, not that that mattered much. The worse thing was when Ako revolted against us, so we had to burn it to the ground, and then we ended up just kinda stalling out in our war against the Urakami and decided to make peace, and we also ended our phony war with the Shimazu around the same time."

    "Hiyoshi, I already know all these thin-"

    "Wait, I'm not finished! As I was saying, we ended those wars, but a ton more started, because the Hojo kept bringing in allies- their Green-clad neighbors the Takeda joined them in fighting the Imagawa and they started to make advances, as did the Orange-clad Chosokabe of Shikoku, the Hojo got the Pink-clad Date of the far North to fight all their enemies except us, and then, right as we thought we might be free of fighting the Hojo, they brought in our neighbors, the Mori and the Oda, to fight us (this was actually before we signed a peace treaty with the Urakami and contributed to us ending that war to avoid fighting both our immediate neighbors)"


    "Of course, not long after this we just decided to pull out of the war with the Hojo, our alliances were over and one of our former allies had backstabbed us, so we said screw them..."

    "But of course, not being at war with everyone couldn't last long, and the Ryuzoji showed up with a Caravel full of troops near Himeji to invade us, and they did, but not before we somehow convinced them to declare war on the Mori."


    "Things kind of turned into a diplomatic mess from there. Right now, there's lots of wars going on. Also, we recently discovered Gunpowder, but found we had no Saltpeter, so we've been busy wiping out some Ainu on this tiny island near us so that we can grab the Saltpeter that's on that island."


    "I... thought you..."

    "Yes, but I want to know what happened after January 1529, that's the last thing I really remember, you're just recapping things that happened like this is some clip show of things you think I don't know already, why are you doing this?"


    "And... wait... you said we're still fighting to take that Gunpowder Island... but you said it's 1534, and it would have taken way less time than that to capture the island..."

    Hiyoshi at this point started stifling laughter, as well as the rest of the War Council.

    "... Damn it, you've been playing me, it's still 1529, isn't it? I've been sleeping a perfectly normal amount of time."

    "Early April Fool's!"

    "Sigh. Well, hopefully what happens in the next few years is good. Right now we're fighting... wait, what's the war situation again?"

    "Uh, it's... complicated, as you know. We're definitely fighting the Mori, Oda, and Ryuzoji right now. At our request, the Mori and Ryuzoji are also fighting, and the Urakami are fighting the Mori. And there's a big mess to our east, where thanks to the Hojo, seemingly everyone is fighting the Oda and Imagawa. Oh, and the Date and Hojo are fighting the Uesugi."

    "Great. Anything else I should know about?"
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  6. Toxicman007

    Toxicman007 Custom User Title

    Sep 28, 2009
    Oh boy oh boy! I have waited so long for this, thank you Chox for returning! Much love<3
  7. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    Chapter 61: Alliance Explosion

    Despite many incursions from their enemies towards the end of the previous year, by the end of January, 1529, the Miyoshi had managed to mostly clear their territory of their enemies' military, mostly Yamabushi. Not completely, though- there still remained some injured Ryuzoji Samurai Warriors that had survived their ill-fated attack on Himeji, and Oda Samurai Archers near Maizuru- in both cases, the Ryuzoji and Oda had occupied hilly terrain that made them difficult to remove. It was a good thing, then, that both of those groups elected to remove themselves from Miyoshi territory- in February, the Ryuzoji ran West into Urakami territory, where they would be attacked by someone the Miyoshi couldn't see (they assumed it was the Mori, just outside their visual range), and the Oda went back into their own territory, presumably to fight one of the many enemies of the Oda-Imagawa-Uesugi "alliance," if it could be called that. The trio were all mutual enemies of the Hojo and Date, and had a few other common enemies among clans that the Hojo had brought on as allies, but exactly who was at war with who at any given time was just a giant tangled web of alliances endlessly being made and broken. For instance, later on in the month, the Hojo convinced the Takeda to join them in fighting the Uesugi. the Takeda were already at war with the Imagawa, so if they later joined in against the Oda, that would bring them into the same boat as the Hojo and Date in being at war with all three of their common enemies.

    Though the Ryuzoji Warriors and Oda Archers had fled, they hadn't exactly fled far, and they were now on flat ground- which meant that they were much easier targets, particularly the injured Ryuzoji Samurai Warriors, so in April, 1529, they were both attacked and easily destroyed by Miyoshi Mounted Samurai.

    A bit to the northeast of the battle with the Ryuzoji, on the Miyoshi-Urakami border, the Miyoshi were busy finishing the construction of the new city of Tsu, in an area near some hills that the Urakami had never gotten around to fully utilizing and that was even more unused with Ako no longer existing. It also had the side-effect of grabbing a bit of territory from the Urakami and pushing the border a bit more towards Kobe, but what are they going to do about that? Again, it's not like they were really using the territory anyway...

    Other than that, not much happened for a few months- it mostly seemed the Miyoshi's enemies were too busy fighting elsewhere (or in the case of the Ryuzoji and Mori, fighting each other) to fight them. All the Miyoshi really saw was ships sailing around from place to place, presumably with invasions heading... somewhere. The Oda did send another unit of Yamabushi to the Miyoshi-Oda border, so the Miyoshi tried attacking them again in July with Mounted Samurai- and failed miserably, though they did convince the Oda to leave and head Northeast again. Or maybe the Oda are just more worried about their many enemies to the Northeast than their one enemy to the West.

    The number of clans fighting the Oda didn't change at all in August, but their allies gained some new enemies, when the Shimazu declared war on the Uesugi and the Tokugawa declared war on the Imagawa, at the urging of the Takeda and Hojo respectively.

    In the case of the Shimazu fighting the Uesugi, that was probably irrelevant- the Shimazu were weak and far away on a different island, and if they were invading any member of the alliance it would be the Oda, who were closer and already at war with the Shimazu. The Tokugawa were a much more relevant threat, though, seeing as how they bordered the already-ailing Imagawa to the South (and by one city, to the North), and the Imagawa were already at war with most of their other neighbors. They were struggling enough to survive against just the Hojo, surviving against the Hojo, Takeda, and Tokugawa all at once might not be possible for them.

    The Miyoshi didn't really see any more serious threats to them in October, other than a Mori Galley appearing strangely from the East at their northern shore that would later just continue going West without unloading any troops in Miyoshi territory, so they decided to get back to work on taking control of the nearby Saltpeter Island from the Ainu and Ronin that occupied the island. Miyoshi Samurai Warriors and Archers killed three more units of Ronin on the island, but many more still remain, and it will be several more months before they can claim control of the island from the Ainu and Ronin.

    November started with more wars declared from military alliances. The Hojo brought the Takeda fully onto their side by convincing them to declare war on the Oda, the only one of the Hojo's enemies the Takeda weren't already at war with, and the Ryuzoji got the Uesugi to declare war on the Miyoshi. In both cases, these wars might not matter a ton- the Uesugi certainly can't get through the Takeda and Hojo to actually fight the Miyoshi, and while the Takeda and Oda could see fighting, they're both a little more preoccupied with closer enemies (although, that said, the Oda continued sending most of their military to the Northeast after this, so they're clearly more interested in fighting the Takeda and Hojo than in fighting me). Still, the Miyoshi aren't really happy to see more clans join the fight against them and aren't really happy to see clans allying with the Ryuzoji.

    Since there again weren't any immediate threats to the Miyoshi in January, 1530, and they weren't quite ready to go invading their way into Oda territory, they got back to work attacking the Saltpeter Island, with the Samurai Warriors and Archers killing 3 more units of Ronin that month.

    However, it turned out that despite there being no immediately apparent threats to the Miyoshi that month, that didn't mean there weren't any threats- they were attacked by the Oda in February, with a unit of the Oda's Samurai Archers killing a unit of the Miyoshi's Samurai Archers. And, a bit worse, the Ryuzoji again convinced one of the other clans to join them against the Miyoshi- and this time it was the Saito, were close enough to be a threat to the Miyoshi, even if not a big one.

    The Oda-Imagawa-Uesugi alliance also made slight gains that month when the Uesugi captured the city of Hirosaki from the Date, on the border that the two clans shared.

    The Mori asked for peace from the Miyoshi that month. While the Miyoshi certainly would have been okay with not fighting them, their alliance with the Urakami made them very reluctant to end that war so soon. They really wanted to end their war with the Ryuzoji, but the Ryuzoji seemed unwilling to talk and very willing to convince others to fight the Miyoshi, who would probably themselves be unwilling to talk and bring it more allies, in a never-ending cascade of wars and military alliances.

    So, deciding that two could play at that game, the Miyoshi decided to bring in some more allies against the Ryuzoji in April, 1530, even if it was expensive- the Urakami demanded to be introduced to the Portuguese in order to declare war. Luckily, the Takeda were much easier to convince- they only wanted the Oda to join them in declaring war on the Imagawa, and a little bit of gold, and they were happy to fight the Ryuzoji.

    With that alliance signed, the Miyoshi joined the Takeda, Hojo, and Date in being at war with all three members of the Oda-Imagawa-Uesugi alliance. Really, the alliance against them could be said to have more than just those 4- the Tokugawa, Ichijo, and Shimazu weren't at war with all three members of the alliance, but they were all at war with 2 of them (the Tokugawa were at war with everyone but the Oda, the Shimazu everyone but the Imagawa, and the Ichijo everyone but the Uesugi)

    The Miyoshi finished off the month by getting revenge for their fallen Archers with a unit of Mounted Samurai killing the Oda Archers, and more importantly, they finally took control of the Saltpeter Island, with their Samurai Warriors and Archers finally killing the last Ronin on the island, then the 2 units of Ainu Ashigaru that had accompanied the Ronin. Saltpeter Island was theirs; they immediately sent a Settler to claim the island and its Saltpeter, with plans to finish construction of a city there in July, and hopefully not long after, a Harbor could be built there to get the Saltpeter off the island and onto Honshu so the Miyoshi could finally start making gunpowder weaponry.

    In May, the 4-clan group of "at war with all three of the Oda, Imagawa, and Uesugi" became a 5-clan group when the Hojo convinced the Shimazu to declare war on the Imagawa.

    The Miyoshi continued seeing minimal important activity from the other clans, although they were slightly worried by a unit of Saito Yamabushi that entered their territory in the North and noticed a large group of ships from the Ichijo heading to the east, presumably to invade the Oda or Imagawa.

    In June, the Miyoshi scientists came to Miyoshi Nagayoshi with another discovery: some new things they could do with this new technology of Gunpowder, which they called Hojutsu.

    "Excellent. So what can we do with this?" asked Miyoshi.

    "Well, right now, nothing, because we haven't yet got that Saltpeter off the island, but when we do, we can make some seriously awesome new weapons! Also, we've researched so many new technologies, we can say we're now in THE FUTURE!"

    "What does that even mean?"


    "Can we get anything else useful from technology or not?"

    "Probably not. Still, FUUUUTURE!"

    Miyoshi decided that if the scientists weren't going to give them anything useful, he was just going to cut off all their funding.

    At least this Hojutsu would be useful, if they ever got the Saltpeter off that island. They did finish construction on the city of Matsuzaka there in July, 1530, but getting the actual Saltpeter off the island would have to wait for them to build a Harbor, and the Miyoshi didn't yet have enough money to quickly construct one. Hopefully it wouldn't take long to fix that problem.

    The Miyoshi couldn't do much about the Saito Yamabushi that much except get in their way and try to keep them away from important parts of their territory until they got enough bombardment to deal with them, but in August, the Saito ended up just pillaging a road and mine on a hill in the north and then ran back into their own territory rather than fight. Well, at least it wasn't anything too important and could easily be fixed.

    The Hojo were fairly active that month, continuing their advance into Imagawa territory by capturing the city of Odawara, and they also brought another member of the "At war with two of their enemies" club into the "at war with three of their enemies" club, using their apparently limitless resources to convince the Ichijo to declare war on the Uesugi.

    In more troubling news, the building of Matsuzaka seemed to attract quite a bit of attention from the Miyoshi's enemies- the Oda sent a caravel towards the island, and the Ryuzoji sent several caravels. The Miyoshi really couldn't afford to lose this island, so they'd have to defend it a lot more heavily.

    Luckily, the Miyoshi had plenty of resources to spare- they sent a Caravel full of Samurai to reinforce Matsuzaka in October, and it also sank the Oda Caravel after it got there. They couldn't really stop the Ryuzoji before they landed, but hopefully the forces they had in Matsuzaka would be enough. While they were there, they used all the money they'd saved from not funding their scientists to do nothing to rush the Harbor there, which would allow it to finish in three months instead of countless years.

    And in very good news, they'd finally finished putting together a huge Army at the Military Academy in Kyoto, made of 4 units of Mounted Samurai. It might not be terribly helpful to the current problem of keeping the Ryuzoji away from Matsuzaka, but it would hopefully let them finally go on the offensive against the Oda- the Miyoshi had only really been able to defend for the past few years and wanted to start making gains.

    They wouldn't really be needed anyway in Matsuzaka. When the Ryuzoji attacked the island in November, their Samurai Warriors largely failed, with two units of them getting wiped out by a single Miyoshi unit of Samurai Warriors, and the one successful attack wiped out a Miyoshi Mounted Samurai unit but nearly got the Ryuzoji Warriors killed in the process. They'd only be able to run away and try to attack again another day.

    The Saito Yamabushi reappeared in the North around the same time, along with a Saito Galley. But they made a critical mistake: They ended the month on flat ground instead of in hills, and the Saito Galley came with only a single unit of old Stone Crossbowmen, hardly a big threat.

    The Oda, in an even more pathetic attempt the make a threat, sent a unit of Ashigaru into Miyoshi territory. What, did the Miyoshi's Eastern foes not have any more advanced military units than that?

    As always, the wars continued expanding through alliances. The Shimazu joined the Ryuzoji in their war against the Urakami, and the Chosokabe declared war on the Ryuzoji and Oda at the request of the Takeda and Hojo.

    The Miyoshi were happy to have more allies against the Ryuzoji, but hoped the Chosokabe could put up an actual fight- they weren't quite as close to the Ryuzoji as the Shimazu and Ichijo were, but were certainly close enough for the Ryuzoji to threaten them.

    They were much happier, though, at the start of the new year, when Matsuzaka finished work on its Harbor, finally giving them access to Saltpeter throughout their territory. Now they could give their Samurai Archers weapons called "Arquebuses," turning them into the far more powerful Samurai Arquebusiers, and upgrade their bombardment from Catapults to Cannons, or if they felt like being cheaper but weaker, Rocket Carts. They didn't really have much of anything either anyway, so they'd have to get right on building more Arquebusiers and Cannons and Rocket Carts to crush their enemies with this new Gunpowder.

    In the meantime, they could take out the weak invaders in their own territory. By the end of January, 1531, The Miyoshi's new Mounted Samurai Army killed all the Saito Yamabushi and Crossbowmen, and Miyoshi Mounted Samurai killed the Oda Ashigaru.

    To the surprise of the Miyoshi, the nearly-dead Ryuzoji Samurai Warriors attacked Matsuzaka again in February, perhaps expecting the Miyoshi had not fully recovered from their earlier battles. They weren't wrong, but the Ryuzoji Warriors were so much more damaged that they didn't stand a chance, and were easily finished off.

    They also asked for peace. The Miyoshi might have entertained such thoughts before they started signing military alliances that they didn't want to break.

    Speaking of alliances, they continued happening as always. The Ichijo convinced their neighbors the Chosokabe to join them against the Uesugi, the only member of the Oda-Imagawa-Uesugi alliance that the Chosokabe weren't already at war with. This meant the clans at war with all three now numbered seven, as far as the Miyoshi could tell: The Miyoshi, Hojo, Takeda, Date, Ichijo, Chosokabe, and Shimazu were all at war with all three of them. Some of them were also involved in the very complicated, three-sided war to the Southwest, which seemed to consist of the Miyoshi, Urakami, Chosokabe, and Takeda on one side, the Ryuzoji and Shimazu on another side, and the Mori fighting both sides. And the Saito and Tokugawa were also involved a bit in some of these wars. Miyoshi thinks, at least. The Miyoshi's diplomatic information isn't perfect without embassies everywhere and with some of their foes maybe or maybe not at war with each other. It's all very confusing.

    Whatever. They were fairly certain that the Mogami were the only remaining clan not at war with anybody- or at least they were, until that month, when in rapid succession, they joined both sides of the Oda-Imagawa-Uesugi War, first declaring war on the Imagawa at the request of the Hojo, then declaring war on the Miyoshi at the request of the Uesugi.

    "So does this mean they're still technically neutral or not? They went from not fighting at all to fighting for both sides."

    The Miyoshi didn't really care enough to ponder that question long- the Mogami were certainly capable of hurting them, but a bit too far away to be a threat. They were more concerned about their immediate neighbors. But the Oda and Saito really didn't seem to be doing much to them anymore- so the Miyoshi decided to start bringing the fight to them in April. At the border near the city of Ichinomiya, in the hills at the far West of Oda territory, the Miyoshi massed a large military force, ready to attack and take the city for the Miyoshi.

    Three units of Mounted Samurai occupied the Mountains to the east, with the Mounted Samurai Army and 4 more units of Mounted Samurai outside the army to the west, along with long-range Fire Cannons for artillery support. The city's defenses would be no match for their invasion force, and the presence of Saito Samurai Warriors in the area was of minimal concern. The following month would reveal the Saito and Oda didn't even have an agreement to go through each other's territory, so the Samurai Warriors couldn't make use of the roads and would have to travel slowly if they wanted to get anywhere.

    Much more troubling: In May, the parade of military alliances continued- and this time it meant that two more clans declared war on the Miyoshi, when the Mogami got the Date to declare war on the Miyoshi and the Ryuzoji got the Ichijo to do the same.

    "What are you doing?" asked the Miyoshi, "Aren't we all in this together to fight the Oda, Imagawa, and Uesugi?"

    "Eh, not really, it's kind of a free-for-all. We sorta like the Hojo cause they're paying us, but you, not really."

    The Miyoshi grumbled, but were glad that at least the Date probably couldn't get through the Uesugi to fight them, and the Ichijo were on another island, but still close enough to be somewhat of a threat. And being at war with more clans couldn't be a good thing.

    What would be good would be capturing Ichinomiya. The Fire Cannons bombarded the city from afar in July, and then the Mounted Samurai Army attacked, killing two of the three Yamabushi units in the city. The last one proved much more resilient, killing two units of Miyoshi Mounted Samurai that attacked it, but couldn't stand up to a third, and the Miyoshi took the city.

    With the Oda dealt with, the Miyoshi turned their attention to all the Saito units in the area. After all, taking Ichinomiya wouldn't matter much if they couldn't also keep it away from the Saito. They started by sending Mounted Samurai to kill the Stone Crossbowmen in the Gem mountains, successfully destroying them all and ensuring the Miyoshi's new Gems would be safe. They had a bit more trouble with the Samurai Warriors to the Southwest of the city- the Miyoshi's new Arquebusiers proved very successful at first, spitting tons of hot fire and metal at the Saito to kill one of the two units, but the remaining unit was much harder to get rid of- the first attacking Mounted Samurai retreated to avoid destruction, the second unit nearly killed the Saito Warriors but died before they could, and the third attacking Mounted Samurai unit again was killed by the Saito, despite the fact that the Saito Samurai Warriors had been nearly completely killed by the first two attacks.

    That didn't really completely finish off the Saito, though, or the Oda, for that matter- in August, 1531, they were both on the offensive again, with the Saito sending some more of their remaining military towards Ichinomiya and the Oda attacking some Miyoshi Samurai Warriors with their Samurai Archers at Maizuru's Dyes, and the Oda sadly won that battle.

    But they might be a bit too distracted to keep fighting the Miyoshi by what happened next: The Hojo got the Saito to declare war on the Oda.

    "Haha! Yes! Our enemies are fighting each other! Just what we needed, we're totally going to kick their-"

    "Um, sir, I have some additional news- the Ichijo also got the Shimazu to declare war on us."

    "Sigh. Another one of our supposed "friends" declares war on us. How many of the other clans are at war with us right now?"

    "By my count, 10, sir."


    "The Ryuzoji, Shimazu, Mori, Ichijo, Oda, Saito, Imagawa, Uesugi, Mogami, and Date."

    "Dammit, why us? Why can't more of these guys declare war on the Ryuzoji? I think we're at war with more people than the Oda-Imagawa-Uesugi alliance right now, and they're at war with damn near everybody!"

    "I don't know."

    "Well, will any of them talk at least, just so we can start to shrink the number of clans we're fighting?"

    The Miyoshi decided to ask around, and in the meantime, since they had the money to do so, Miyoshi decided to do something he'd been meaning to for a while: Upgrade himself to the 10th level of his Shogun upgrade, the highest he could possibly go, and the strongest he could possibly get to.

    They realized the Uesugi would talk and were willing to sign a peace treaty in return for some gold, and the Miyoshi decided they were okay with that. Down to only 9 clans they were fighting!

    They spent the rest of October trying to deal with the Saito and Oda still in their territory. The most pressing concern was stopping the Oda from pillaging their source of Dyes near Maizuru that they'd rightfully stolen from them long ago with cultural expansion. They easily got rid of the Samurai Archers there with their own Samurai Warriors, but the Oda had sent a unit of Ashigaru along with them, and the Miyoshi didn't really have any other military close to the city to deal with them. Yamabushi could run fast enough to kill the Ashigaru that month, but the only ones close enough were in Ichinomiya, and two units of Oda Samurai Archers occupied the mountain to their East, stopping them from getting there. The Miyoshi would have to deal with the Archers first. They were able to accomplish this, with the Army killing one of the Archer units and a unit of Mounted Samurai outside the Army killing the other, enabling the Yamabushi to run to the Maizuru dyes and kill the Ashigaru there before they could do any damage, but this did mean the Miyoshi were spreading their defense out a bit thinner than they wanted to, and there was still the Saito to worry about.

    The Hojo continued their advance against the Imagawa in November, capturing the city of Tachikawa, leaving the Imagawa with just two cities and bringing the Hojo right to the gates of the Imagawa capital of Fuji.

    The Saito continued moving around without attacking that month, although they were certainly still somewhat troubling. In news the Miyoshi were much happier about, the Saito declared war on the Takeda, presumably because either the Ryuzoji or the Uesugi asked them to.

    The Oda did actually do some attacking, with their Samurai Archers killing the Miyoshi Yamabushi to threaten the Maizuru Dyes again, but they also failed to do any damage to the Miyoshi Mounted Warriors they attacked at the mountain East of Ichinomiya, and they also attacked the Saito as well as the Miyoshi: The Battle between Oda Yamabushi and Saito Stone Crossbowmen resulted in a victory for the Oda.

    The Miyoshi were still largely recovering and building up in January 1532, but they were strong enough to grab the Dyes back again, with their Samurai Warriors killing those Oda Samurai Archers and Samurai Warriors and Mounted Samurai killed two units of Saito Bushi and a unit of Saito Samurai Warriors near Ichinomiya, ending the immediate threat to the city.

    The Miyoshi aren't quite in a strong position to attack yet, but as they continue building up their forces, amassing gold from not spending it on anything, and stopping the pitiful attacks the Saito and Oda send their way, they'll keep pushing forward. They see a very enticing goal ahead: The Saito city of Matsumoto, home to many resources, including a source of the Jade they tried and failed to get from their war with the Urakami. Take that, and they can finally hire Ninja to fight for them. Push a bit farther, and they can take the Oda and Saito capitals, and wipe out two more of their rivals. They will not be denied this time.

    That is, unless the continuing cascade of military alliances gets them at war with literally everyone, or something.
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