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[GS] The Ottomans Discussion Thread


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Jun 20, 2004
One of the most fan-requested civilizations, the Ottomans, is coming to Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. Led by Suleiman the Magnificent, remembered for his societal reform and militaristic expansion of the empire, the Ottomans are a great civ for war with unique units and bonuses aimed towards conquering the competition.

Suleiman Unique Ability – Grand Vizier

This ability unlocks Ibrahim, a new Governor available only to Suleiman. Ibrahim has his own unique promotion tree and is the only Governor you can establish in another civilization.

Suleiman Unique Unit – Janissary

Replaces the Musketman unit and is stronger and cheaper to build, but consumes a Population point in the city in which it is trained - unless it is a conquered city. The Janissary also starts with a free Promotion.

Unique Building – Grand Bazaar

Replaces the Bank in the Commercial Hub. Adds additional Amenities and Strategic Resources available in the city.

Unique Unit – Barbary Corsair

This naval raider unit replaces the Privateer and is available earlier in the game. Coastal raids do not incur movement cost.

Ottoman Unique Ability – Great Turkish Bombard

Not only are siege units much faster to produce, but they also receive boosts to Combat Strength. In addition, conquered cities do not lose population, and they benefit from Amenity and Loyalty bonuses while under Ottoman control.
Seems like typical domination civ . . . will see what people dig up about the governor.
Still a bit more domination focused than I thought. Not even 1 trade route bonus.
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The icon of the Ottoman Empire (with bonus Janissary icon)

Ottoman icon.png
Am I spotting a different looks for units past the renaissance? Those musketeers accompanying the bombard have turbans. Currently all units from the renaissance onward lose the unique look based on culture.
Definitely a late bloomer, they made them super powerful to compensate it appears. They seem unstoppable to me.

No idea what the unique governor actually does.
Two unique units it is - none for Phonecia or miscount?

RIP Roxelana as the unique governor, though as others have noted it might be odd to have an actual historical person as governor when the rest are made up.

Edit: And apparently Ibrahim was an actual vizier. NM.
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Seems like typical domination civ . . . will see what people dig up about the governor.

I didn't take a screenshot, so this is off my memory, but T1: Friendly units get +5 combat strength within 5 titles, or Units get +10 combat strength when attacking defensible districts (presumably Encampments and City Centers) within 10 tiles. T2: In a foreign capital, alliances increase faster, or In a foreign capital, grievances decrease faster (great against the AI, but questionable against humans). T3: When in a foreign capital, that civ's loyalty has no effect on yours.
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