The possibilty of modding the amount of units per tile?


Dec 31, 2007

Is there an easy way to do this?
I know the AI will probably fail hard but I really liked this (and almost nothing else) about Civilization 5 and would enjoy greatly to play games like in Civ5 which have large fronts instead of cheezy mega-stacks in Multiplayer.

I would obviously also modify unit range, letting archers bombard and things like this.

If possible would anyone be interested in testing this with me?


PS: I think a nice limit would be 3 units per tile.
If you're trying to limit stacks of doom, I had a personal mod years ago that kind of did this.

From what I remember, I made all military units unable to move unless they were loaded into an army. And I made army units really easy to come by.

It basically meant no more mega-stacks; all combat was done army to army (which meant the dumb AI tactic of loading defensive units into an army actually made sense).

I honestly can't remember how I did it, or how it worked in the gameplay though.
This is interesting. So its not possible to have more than 2 armies on the same tile then?
I had a lot of armies in my last game, and I could stack 6 of them on the same tile. Again, whether you use single units or armies, you cannot limit the number of units on a tile by any mean. No way.
Would it be possible to h4x0r?
What decompiler need I use?

(If I email and ask for permission, ofcs ;) )
You'd have to break into the Civ3 code and do your best, Ondskan, because you won't get much attention from the Firaxis staff, and they won't release the code.
Has anyone ever emailed them? I have a weak recollection of Steph doing it once. It's been so long. It would be nice if it was possible.

Otherwise, perhaps it's possible to do in FreeCiv?
Does anyone know what would be needed to change there?
FreeCiv's for Civ2, there was a project or two but they appear to have died.
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