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To patch or not to patch?

Redvane the Fox

Jan 30, 2002
Surrey, England.
I was wondering what the opinion of people was on applying the patch that's available (1.16?) Both PCs I'm running this on (stop fretting Firaxis - one is at home and the other is on the laptop for commuting games of Civ ;) ) work fine on the shipping build and I haven't seen much in the way of bugs (apart from troops slipping past walls of horsemen... is that a bug or a "feature" :confused: ).

Is upgrading essential or is it a case of "if it ain't broke don't fix it"?
I don't know if I would consider it essential, but it does fix fortresses, and more importantly air superiority and precision bombing missions. AS a side note, it does remove ZOC for some units (like horsemen).

Overall, I think that game performance has been increased slightly, and I hear that there are fewer crashes and lockups (which I never experienced so I can't confirm).

Why not take a look at the readme file to see a list of fixes/changes, and decide for yourself?
I have found a cheat (actually a bug) in 1.07 version which allows the player to earn lots of money in a couple of turns that would last you for the entire game even if you hurry productions everyturn. Go see the Cheat! thread of mine posted not too long ago.
Normally, I dont install patches until I have a good reason .... if it aint broke, dont fix it. :cool:

So in my last game I found the reason I must have the 1.16 patch.
The AI civs like to build bombers. They have about 10 or so (minimum) in border cities. So I build fighters in my border cities to defend against bomber attack. Without the patch, the fighters do nothing :cry: ..they just sit and watch while the enemy bombers take out all your city improvements. Worse, the bombers come back on the next turn and do it all over again because there is nothing to stop them. This is a major bug and finally convinced me that I must have the 1.16 patch.

I guess some of us just have to learn the hard way :goodjob:
It's your obligation to install the Patch...

And why not? It fixes things that were wrong before!

And you also get more options in the Preferences menu, like:

- Animate Enemy Moves
- Animate Automated moves
- Show Animated Moves

This will reduce your waiting time between turns, a LOT!
(If you turn them OFF that is...)

So install.
Thanks for the advice chaps, I'll pick up the patch today and install at the weekend.

Mind you I actually quite like having the AI animations on as it gives me a little reminder to do something when you see a fleet of frigates sailing out of harbour towards you (I like placing obsolete ships on sentry duty around straights and hanging about off the coasts "spying" on troop movements and what improvements are being built)
Not to mention, the corruption in 1.07 made it near unplayable.
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