1. T

    Idea Spittballing for New Civ

    Civ: USSR Leader: Mikhail Gorbachev Leader Ability: Glasnost: All civs have +1 Diplomatic Visibility with you. Markets provide triple yields and up to 3 extra trade routes depending on your government level, you cannot build banks or stock exchanges. +2 amenities in all cities with a level 2...
  2. Queen Theophania

    A few concepts for Native American City States

    Hey y'all, this forum might not be the best place to put this (and if it isn't then the mods are totally free to move this thread) but I want to make a mod that adds several Native American City States (from both North and South America). I originally only wanted to ashow this to Zaarin to ask...
  3. Queen Theophania

    What do you think about adding the Northern Paiute people as a Civ?

    Hey everyone, I've recently been reading a lot about the history of Native American peoples and read up a bit on the Northern Paiute, who I think might work fairly well in a game such as Civ. Here's their Wikipedia article if you want to read up on them a bit In short, the Northern Paiute are...
  4. S

    Mod for no obsolete units?

    Idk guys, but it seems for me a great idea to make a mod which cancels obsoletion. The main two issues are inability to build units if you're outta strategic resources, and the second one are unique units, which are often a big reason when choosing a nation. Also, sometimes is essential to...
  5. A

    Civ 7 leader idea

    Civilization : Greece Leader : Ioannis Kapodistrias Bio : He was a great leader with economic mind who created schools, universities, a military academy, introduced the potato in greece and also had a strong diplomatic stance. (Keep in mind that all the abilities the district and the unit...
  6. fairmanfour

    Romanian Civilisation and Gods and Monsters Mode

    So after posting my Irish Civilisation and Alien Invasion! Mode idea post, I ended up coming up with a similar game mode that could appear as early as the Ancient Era, and plays with the darker side of early faith, pantheons and religions; Monsters of myth and legend. Again, feedback is welcome...
  7. fairmanfour

    Irish Civilisation and Alien Invasion! Mode

    So I had another idea about a new game mode that could be introduced, and it's actually one I had ages ago after playing a lot of Civilization Revolution on the PS3, but now I've fleshed it out. Any suggestions and amendments on balancing are welcome, and if anyone wants to make a mod of this...
  8. ebcott

    Memorialize Units

    It would be cool if you can retire veteran units and create a memorial improvement or great work out of them that provides a little yield bonus of some sort.
  9. G

    Language as Its Own Game Concept/Mechanism

    Maybe it's just because I'm a trained linguist and all-around language nerd, but I've long fantasized about a Civ game that makes Language its own game concept, separate from but likely interacting in key ways with Culture. Maybe the player can watch his Civ's native tongue progress through...
  10. Awuxy

    [GS] Civ 6 Meteorology/Disaster/Weather Prediction Idea

    I posted this originally on r/Civ, and got alot of positive feedback, with other ideas. Given that civ 6 has a wide range of meteorological events, from hurricanes, to blizzards, to tornadoes, and floods, with their varying strengths, couldn't it be possible to add some elements to the...
  11. Cooleatack

    Game Modes have great concepts - Are incredibly lackluster

    The latest patch added yet another game mode with a good idea, but poor execution/ which is incredibly lackluster. I would like to share my views and see what the community has to say about the topic. I feel like they could have added so much more content and interactions to all three paid...
  12. hhhhhh

    [NFP] Should changing government consume a governor's title?

    A few weeks ago we were talking about you know something is not right when you can go easily from Democracy to Theocracy (to make some late game faith purchase) then Fascism in Civ VI. I think one way to fix that is, put some Governor's title on the civic tree, but require one governor's title...
  13. S

    Idea - "rough" era transitions

    I was thinking whether transitioning to a new culture should bring temporary stability issues in your nation. I am thinking of situations where you have made some conquests and/or founded some more distant cities i.e. situations where your advantages could start snowballing. While that is...
  14. D

    Idea for taverns

    Hello! First off I'd like to say thank you for all the hard work you've put into this awesome mod. I've been playing since before the RaR fork and it's great to see there's still active development. I have an idea that I think would be fun and hopefully not very complicated to implement. My...
  15. F

    Unique UK Civ focused on diplomacy, espionage and government

    So I had this idea for a UK civ that I wanted to share. It's primarily based off British history and the monarchy and has a unique focus on diplomacy, espionage and government. I don't know if the numbers are all balanced, but they could be tweaked. I really like the concept, so I would love...
  16. S

    [NFP] Simple Economy System

    Hi, I've posted this on reddit, but I want to post it here too. Here's my idea of a simple economy system in Civilization VI. DISCLAIMER This is just an idea, not like, that we should 100% have in game, all values are out of thin air, so there's no balance at all, but in generally, it think...
  17. S

    Ecological ideas

    1. Global ocean fish ecosystem uses trade-route like fishing fleets, wooden or modern (+1 food), resmbling trade routes. The fish population could be characterized by population size, growth rate and fishing rate. The fish population might be classified as abundant, diminished, scarce and...
  18. Emperor Franz

    Potential Ports

    So I was browsing the Downloads sections when I saw some units in Civ III that I would like to see in Civ V and it got me wondering: would it be possible to port a unit from Civ III to Civ V either directly or by converting it to Civ IV first or some other third way?
  19. camilo0

    Younger Pericles / New Civ

    Hey! I did this edit just to see another version of Pericles and simply replace the old art with this one (at list it looks kinda canon for me) but I don't have the knowledge to do it... so I leave this if someone is willing to do it for fun or even create another civ based on it. :thumbsup:
  20. Bandenere

    Suggestion: Units upkeep/maintenence

    Hallo everyone, after playing many time COLONIZATION 1994, up to recent days, i found out this marvellous mod that made me reconsider sid meier's civilization 4 colo that i always ignored, preferring the old game. From the first few hours of gameplay i've noticed some wonderful ideas taken, i...
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