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Tusk1 - Ladies First

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Succession Games' started by Elephantium, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Kulko

    Kulko Innocent Bystander

    Feb 27, 2006
    I cannot play before the Weekend in case somebody wants a swap.
  2. LKendter

    LKendter Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!! Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    I did NOT want another war without rifles, and I don't see them mentioned above. :(
    This is going to be very painful, and I don't understand the rush for another war since this isn't competition game.

    This roster is getting confusing...
    Elephantium - just played
    CommandoBob - (swapped)
    Kulko - on deck (swap)
    LKendter - UP!
  3. Elephantium

    Elephantium Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies

    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    Sorry, I guess I got a bit prematurely bloodthirsty. On the bright side, the Byzantines weren't exactly flooding us with attacks - I'm pretty sure we can get by on zerging them with Cavs.
  4. LKendter

    LKendter Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!! Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    I got 4 turns done last night. The first 2 were ugly, but things seem to be calming down. Byz city count is a bit less.
  5. LKendter

    LKendter Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!! Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    1500 AD (0)
    I'm glad to see that Elephantium thought the same way I did and hit the southern edge first. That was my goal to simply the length of the lines that was giving me grief during the last war.
    (IT) We lost 2 cavalry, 1 samurai, and 2 muskets. We lost Serenity as I missed a stray path to that city. Lack of muskets is killing me already. We lost YouCantTake.

    1505 AD (1)
    YouCant and Serenity are recaptured. The problem is I am stuck putting cavalry on defense to keep these cities. I can't wait for fresh muskets to arrive.
    I pull pack the stack heading toward Chalcedon. This game is already to difficult to manage, and the last thing I want is more cities that I can't defend.
    (IT) We suffer another bloodbath losing 2 muskets, and 3 cavalry taking out just 1 cavalry.
    Nationalism is the next tech up. We need better defenders.

    1510 AD (2)
    I take some revenge killing 6 cavalry by YouCant.

    I thought we were supposed to ally with Spain vs. anyone else. I give the "wife" silks, to join the fun attacking the "fling".

    I think all cities on the mainland are now connected. It is time to rail our core to improve production.
    (IT) We get a breather with only having a single cavalry attack and retreat.
    We see a lot of Spanish ship movement. I hope some of that is random stacks going to the Byzantine. Nothing would make be happier than the girls beating each other up.
    I begin the Military Academy so that we can build armies without praying for elite luck.
    Spain completes Universal Suffrage.

    1515 AD (3)
    We raze Trebizond gaining 6 workers. We can use them overseas to keep the rails moving forward.
    Short Line is formed nearby, and our front just got a lot shorter.
    Bite Me Byz Cavalry arrives and we have a cavalry army.
    (IT) We only lose a single musket.

    1520 AD (4)
    The RnG is cruel as a 5 HP elite dies to an 1 HP cavalry.
    (IT) A single musket is again the losses.

    1525 AD (5)
    Constantinople is razed along with Mausoleum of Maussollos. I hope no good wonders were there. A size 12 capitol is going to way too hard to hold. We killed 7 rifles for the loss of just 1 cavalry. We gain 6 more workers.
    (IT) Byz wants to talk. Sorry honey, but I've had it with talking.
    The Byz land a lone cavalry by New Satsuma. In the era of rails, I couldn't care less.

    1530 AD (6)
    Stop the Wine is founded.
    (IT) Sardica was attacked, luckily the stray musket held. First time this round the AI came at that city.
    We lost a musket in Stop The Wine.
    3 more troops land by New Satsuma.

    1540 AD (8)
    Caesarea is captured, as Leo's Workshop has appeal.
    (IT) I don't understand by New Satsuma is so appealing to the Byz, but we had another landing there.

    1545 AD (9)
    Byz Bashing Cavalry is formed giving another army.
    Mycenae is captured at size 3. Hopefully I don't regret it.
    (IT) Two stray failures by Byz attacking Sardica and Trojan.

    1550 AD (10)
    Andrinople is captured.

    Our workers have gotten some of the core railed. I've converted some plains to mines in cities that rails give to much food. At this point I see no value trying to get above size 12 cities with as cramped of a core as we have built.

    I would have Nagoya built all armies, leaving them empty for when the Spanish war starts. Our armies on the Byz continent are stuck there until transports, and I would be surprised if this game is still going at that point.

    I'm starting to break out into former Greece. I suspect that area will fall fast, and that our biggest problem will be we can't lay rails fast enough to keep the troops moving forward. Our Samurai armies are still great for protecting worker stacks railing to close to the enemy.

    Yokohama needs major mining next turn after hitting size 12.

    This roster is getting confusing...
    Elephantium - standing by
    Kulko - UP!
    LKendter - just played (swapped)
    MrRandomGuy on deck (swap)

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  6. Elephantium

    Elephantium Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies

    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN

    MrRandomGuy, can you take the next set? Kulko seems to be missing :(
  7. MrRandomGuy

    MrRandomGuy Warlord

    Aug 24, 2013
    I can probably start tomorrow.
  8. MrRandomGuy

    MrRandomGuy Warlord

    Aug 24, 2013
    0: 1550 AD


    Looking much, much better than last time. We are at war with Byzantine and peace with Spain. Primary objective to continue eating Byzantine villages while building more rails.

    The plan will be to focus on former Greece territory first. That area should have the least amount of resistance towards us and it removes us fighting on two fronts.


    Spain and Byzantine sign a peace treaty. Lovely.

    Military academy is created

    Privateers are starting to attack our ships.

    1: 1555 AD


    London has deposed us and converted to Spain. We lost control of the Pyramids.

    3: 1565 AD


    Medicine is researched. I think we should go after replaceable parts. Our cities are connected by rail but our territory isn't completely railroaded yet.

    4: 1570 AD


    Jaen a Spanish city is founded south of Mycenae. Right next to a volcano. :lol:

    5: 1575 AD

    Sparta is captured with no losses on our side

    6: 1580 AD

    Athens is captured and with it The Great Wall. Again no troops were lost

    8: 1590 AD

    Pharsalos is destroyed with no losses.

    Thermopolate is destroyed with the loss of one cavalry.

    Knossos is captured with no losses.

    9: 1595 AD


    Byzantine responds with a small invasion wave of her own. Sparta comes under fire from several cavalry. A rifleman and two cavalry are destroyed in the city and our remaining cavalry is yellow. I'm sure if she had one more cavalry she would have taken it.

    A lone cavalry decides it's a good idea to attack Stop The Wine. It's redlined.

    10: 1600 AD

    Delphi is captured with no losses and a gain of 2 slaves.

    Thesolanecia is destroyed with no losses but a few weakened cavalry.

    Argos is destroyed with 4 slaves captured and a trebuchet.

    Ephesus is captured no losses but a cavalry redlined.

    Herakleia is captured no losses.

    Bye Bye Alex is founded near the remains of a former Greek city (can't remember which one, sorry.)

    I Like Dye is founded near the remains of Thesolanecia.

    All invading units are killed

    Our forces march with siege units to the gates of Varna.


    The Byzantine war is going extremely well. All but two former Greek cities have either been destroyed or conquered. We lost control of the Pyramids due to a city converting to Spain but gained control of The Great Wall.

    Our forces are set to capture Varna in the next turn. Whoever takes it next should be able to easily capture the city. Next, use our workers in that territory to rail close to the next enemy city so that our siege units can swiftly move to the next city.

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  9. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Can't wait to look at the save!
  10. LKendter

    LKendter Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!! Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    Sounds like former Greece went how I hoped. I know I already had started moving our troops that direction. The next set should end the former Greece area and let us shift to the remains of the core. I already busted best part with the capitol burning. ;)
    I know finally getting rifles was a big help for me.

    This roster is back to normal.
    Elephantium - UP!
    CommandoBob - standing by
    Kulko - MIA?
    LKendter -
    MrRandomGuy - just played
  11. MrRandomGuy

    MrRandomGuy Warlord

    Aug 24, 2013
    You did have the best part LK. I had expected a little more attacks from them and waited a few turns until I could get more troops over. Had I known they were pretty much out of offensive units I would have started the multiple city conquers a few turns earlier.
  12. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    40% Tax
    60% Science
    00% Luxury

    412 gold, +32 gpt

    Replaceable Parts in 3 turns.

    City Builds
    • 01 Army (Nagoya)
    • 03 Library
    • 13 Cavalry
    • 23 Workers
    • 08 Rifleman
    • 02 Longbow
    • 09 Settler
    • 01 Factory (Nagasaki)
    • 05 Cannon
    • 01 Courthouse (Zaragoza)
    • 05 Frigate
    • 03 Barracks
    • 01 Tempke (Trojan)
    3 cities in Resistance

    03 Coal
    03 Saltpeter
    04 Iron
    05 Horse

    03 Wine
    01 Furs
    01 Dyes
    02 Incense
    03 Spices
    05 Silks
    01 Gems

    City Count
    75 Japan (Tusk1 People)
    34 Spain
    15 Byzantium

    00 France The Crushed Crush
    00 Egypte The Gone-away Girlfriend
    00 Russia Our Late Lover
    00 England The Extinguished Ex
    00 Greece The Wimpy Rival

    006 Settler
    045 Worker
    113 Slaves
    001 Spear
    012 Pike
    006 Muskets
    017 Rifles
    007 Catapult
    001 Catapult (captured)
    026 Cannon
    001 Caravel
    002 Frigate
    016 Galleon
    009 Army (Samurai (6), Cavalry (2), Empty (1))
    024 Samurai
    004 Maces
    018 Trebuchet
    004 Trebuchet (captured)

    Current Units: 233
    Allowed Units: 190
    Support Costs: 043 gpt

    We are Strong compared to:
    1. Byzantium (Fascism)

    We are Average compared to:

    1. No one alive

    We are Weak compared to:
    1. Spain (Democracy)

    Greeat Wonders
    • Tusk01 People
      • The Great Wall (Athens)
      • Leonardo's Workshop (Caeserea)
      • JS Bach's Cathedral (Rouen)
      • Smith's Trading Company (I Hated Her)
    • Spain
      • The other 13

    The Ladies of our Life
    We were too shy to talk to France and we got tired of trying to communicate non-verbally. White-face and black and white striped shirts only enrage us.
    Egypt was our girlfriend, but now is just an unpleasant memory of our abused innocence.
    The love of our life, Russia is dead and our capital was razed in shame of this woeful bad choice of erotic blindness due to runaway hormones.
    Our Ex, the winter mistress of England, is now our Ex-Ex. She was once a centerfold for 'Cold Fish Monthly'.

    Spain is our wife who hates us. We are on speaking terms. We breathe and we get 'spoken to'. We blink our eyes and we get 'spoken to'. We are always 'spoken to'. One day our own actions will speak for us again. And then true communication will begin.

    Byzantium was our mid life fling. We gave her an honest way out of the relationship but that wasn't good enough. Oh, no, not for her. Well, No more Mr Nice Guy.

    Replaceable Parts in 3, very nice. Faster workers, Infantry and Artillery. Ah, Artillery and its 2 tile bombardment radius :love:.
    Need more rails around Memphis, Giza and Izumi.
    Byzantium has two Horse and one Saltpeter, so they can build Cavalry.

    Make Rhodes and Eretria Japanese, which will complete the conquest of Old Greece.
    Capture Varna, Chalcedon (with Iron), Septum and Amorium and claim the Saltpeter 1N-1NW of Amorium. This will get us past the Byzantine choke point and onto the flatlands around their current core and capital of Ohrid. It might be possible to remove this bad applle entirely; we will see.

    See if we can learn Replaceable Parts in 2 instead of 3.
    Rail the mined mountains around Memphis, Giza and Izumi. Clean up mountian pollution at Nara.
    Upgrade cannons to artillery. Upgrade Rifles to Infantry.
    Stop sending units to find the Byzantines and begin preparations for the war with Spain.
    Any MGLs become empty Armies and head home.
    We have one tile under our control east of Zaragoza, 3SW of Toledo. The bold part of me says, 'Let's put a city on that hill, claim some land, and then start the war by attacking Toledo! And then wipe out Spain's core!' And then I think, 'Well, not so fast. Spain will attack at Pi-Ramesses, so that has to be well defended. It might be better to begin the war from Pi-Ramesses and reclaim Matsuyama and Shimonseki and threaten Toledo later, when we near the mountians south of Bizan and Yaroslav'l.'

    Next tech: Replaceable Parts -> The Corporation to Combustion. Without Combustion, our four units armies are stuck overseas.
    I don't think we will need Tanks.
    Artillery, lots of it, will be a big help.

    Big picture: continue to pound on Theodora and get in shape to fight Isabella.
  13. LKendter

    LKendter Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!! Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    At some point I hope we can get to just leaving a handful of military units overseas. We need a few with everything railed, but that should be it. I suspect some armies staying overseas will really help dealing with stray landings. With this being Civ3, you know we will only see lame landings.

    IIRC we still have one overseas city of Spain to deal with.
  14. Elephantium

    Elephantium Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies

    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    CBob, are you playing a set? I was just about to start playing tonight, but I don't want to duplicate effort...
  15. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Not tonight; I was tyring to hack into a PC.

    I do plan to play tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Mrs. CommandoBob has some ladies from church coming over for a Girls Night Out to watch the black and white movie 'The Mating Season', a 1951 comedy about newlyweds.

    I like the movie but this is her deal, not mine, so I'll get a cup of coffee, settle down and bring death and destruction to the Mistress of Tusk1.

    For the curious:

    Original trailer:

    Link to video.

    When the mother of the groom meets the bride:

    Link to video.
  16. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    0 1600 AD

    The Ladies of our Life
    We got tired of the Joan's French tom-foolery and finished her offl
    Cleopatra met Claude Cooper, who had clapped some copper clappers in Cleveland, so we clobbered her.
    Catherine the Great she surely was, as long as the lights were out.
    Elizabeth of England was exquisite, even after we extinguished her.

    Theodora is getting a thrashing.
    Isabella is incorrigible and will soon be invisible.

    Did some MMing, nothing major. Replacebable Parts still in 3 turns.
    We kill a Cavalry at Stop the Wine (1 of 1).

    I Hated Her: vCav -> vCav in 2.
    Memphis: vCav -> vCav in 3.
    Edo: vRifle -> vRifle in 3.
    Pi-Ramesses: worker -> worker in 10.
    Avignon: vCav -> wealth.
    Nara: vCav -> vCav in 3.
    Yokohama: vCav -> vCav in 5.
    Lakeville: worker -> worker in 10.

    1 1605 AD

    Only Delphi has resisters.

    Varna (3)
    Redline the bad guys.
    eCav and vCav walk to victory (3 of 3, 0 of 1e).

    Good News

    We keep this place and its 2 resisters. Start a worker in 10.
    We rail to Varna.
    We rail to and through Herakleia.

    Rhodes (2)
    We lose a vCav to an rRifle (3 of 4).
    vCav takes down vMusket (4 of 5).
    eCav spies 1/3 Rifle, Rifle is gone (5 of 6, 0 of 2e).

    Good News

    And we gain another city, no gold and no resisters; start a worker.

    Eretria (1)
    Seventh Army (15/18) visits this wide spot in the road.
    Two Rifles die.

    Good News

    We gain a city next to a volcano. Great city planning.

    Old Greece now belongs to Japan.

    eCav finishes off free standing and redlined vCav (6 of 7, 0 of 3e).

    Chalcedon (5)
    Eighth Army, four healthy vCavs, spots a cannon and trambles a vRifle (7 of 8).
    Now 11/17, it stomps an rRifle (8 of 9).
    vCav vs. vCav, ours wins (9 of 10).

    Good News

    We gain a cannon, no gold and three resisiters; start a worker.
    This city has rails.
    We grab three slaves.
    Add a Rifle to both Varna and Chalcedon.

    Fifth and Sixth Army go to Firefly to heal.

    Rail to Ephesus.

    Put some workers/slaves on two turn projects, so that they will be done when we learn Replaceable Parts.
    Tokyo: vCav -> vCav in 4.
    Echigo: worker -> worker in 5.
    New Edo: worker -> worker in 10.

    Spain is building Theory of Evolution (Sci Methods).

    2 1610 AD

    rCav 1N of Chalcedon.

    Rail to Chalcedon.

    That rCav is redlined and removed by eCav (10 of 11, 0 of 4e).

    Send back the Army, 5 cav and 2 Rifle we had sent overseas. I think we have enough forces left to take care of Theodora.

    Disband a few Trebuchets and Catapults to build workers in resisting cities.

    Move a settler 2N of Chalcedon.
    Rail and water some grasslands overseas.

    Drop science to 10%; Replaceable Parts in 1, +315 gpt, 474 gold.
    Fend off a Cavalry attack near Chalcedon (11 of 12).

    Replaceable Parts -> The Corporation, 15 turns at 10%.

    I Hated Her: vCav -> VCav.
    Firefly: settler -> settler.
    Satsuma: vCav -> VCav.
    Delphi: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.
    Short Line: barracks -> worker.
    Chalcedon: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.
    Suo:: vCav -> VCav.
    Filler: worker -> worker.

    3 1615 AD

    We have 4 Rubber connected.

    vCav 1N of Chalcedon. Lambs to the slaughter.

    If I have done this like I wanted, all of our workers have completed their prior tasks and can now work at double speed.

    Kaylee Frye is placed 2N of chalcedon, to bring Septum within artillery range.

    eCav clears out the tresspasser (12 of 13, 0 of 5e).

    Ugrade 10 cannons to artillery for 600 of 789 gold.

    Three Armies occupy the three tiles SW of Septum.

    Disband catapults in Chalcedon and Delplhi to rush a slave.

    River Tam is 2SW of Bye Bye Alex.

    Rail to Rhodes.

    Rail and water overseas, since no military action this turn.

    Rail mountains in the homeland.

    Do not raise the science rate this turn; keep it low to give us enough cash to upgrade the cannons in the homeland next turn.
    Neo-Tokyo: worker -> worker.
    Memphis: vCav -> vCav.
    New Kyoto: vFrigate -> vFrigate.
    Delphi: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.
    Varna: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.

    Bad News

    Heraclea flips to Byzantium. Bad. But we had no units in the city.

    Chalcedon: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.
    Nara: vCav -> vCav.

    4 1620 AD

    Heraclea (2)
    cRifle stiffs an eCav once but not twice (13 of 15, 0 of 6e).

    Good News

    Heraclea is again ours. And we gain 1 gold!

    Septum (3)
    Defenders are redlined from Kaylee Frye.
    eCav plinks off 1/3 Rifle (14 of 16, 0 of 7e).
    eCav gains glory from another 1/3 Rifle (15 of 17, 1 of 8e).
    *Cavalry Of Septum 1620 AD* and Tojo, who becomes Tenth Army 1620 AD and is sent home.
    eCav stomps 1/4 Spear (16 of 18, 1 of 9e).

    Good News

    We gain a choke point, 1 gold and 2 resisters.

    1NE of Septum is a barricade (?).
    We redline the Spear inside it; eCav removes it and it is ours (17 of 19, 1 of 10e).
    We fill it with a Rifle.

    We send 3 Samurai armies across the border into Byzantium.

    Upgrade 8 cannons to artillery in the homeland, 480 of 515 gold.

    Busy work.

    Furious Spain demands Wines. We give them. After Theodora is dead, we don't need to worry about our trading reputation.

    I Hated Her: vCav -> vCav.
    Sparta: worker -> worker.
    Frenchie: settler -> settler.
    Edo: vInfantry -> vInfantry.
    Kagoshima: vCav -> vCav.
    Chalcedon: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.
    Ephesus: worker -> worker.
    Jaynestown: settler -> settler.
    Septum: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.
    Sappo: artillery -> artillery.
    Izumi: vCav -> vCav.
    Sugar Lake: worker -> worker.

    5 1625 AD

    No cities in resistance.

    Amorium (1)
    Redline the Rifles and Cavalry.
    Fifth Army (samurai) swats a Rifle (18 of 20).
    And repeats that feat (19 of 21).
    Tripeats on the Cavlary (20 of 22).

    Good News

    We gain the city, 2 gold and cross the chokepoint.

    We do not gain control of the Saltpeter nearby, but it is no longer inside her borders, either.

    Rail to Amorium.

    Move a combat settler over the border, NE towards Ancyra; Samurai Army protects it.

    Upgrade one cannon to artillery in Firefly. Ship 8 cannons home. Upgrade 5 of them in I Hated Her.

    Stay busy.
    Atehns: worker -> worker.
    Stop the Wine: worker -> worker.
    Tokyo: vCav -> vCav.
    Giza: vCav -> vCav.
    Yokohama: vCav -> vCav.
    YouCantTakeTheSkyFromMe: worker -> worker.

    6 1630 AD

    Derrial Book is 2NE of Amorium and it places Ancyra within artilery range.

    Ancyra (5)
    3 eCav attacks take the city (23 of 25, 1 of 13e).

    Good News

    Three gold, three resisters.
    We rail to the city.

    Prilep (4)
    We assault without artillery and it falls (25 of 29).

    Good News

    Seventh Army snipes a Cavalry (26 of 30).
    Disband Trebuchets in our new cities to rush slaves.
    Two combat settlers invade, one for next turn and one that needs to walk two more tiles.

    Upgrade our last three cannons in I Hated Her.

    Raise science to 70%, The Corporation in 4, -10 gpt, 152 gold.

    Clear two Marsh around Trojan.
    Prilep outshoots Cavlary (27 of 31).

    I Hated Her: vCav -> vCav.
    Memphis: vCav -> vCav.
    Satsuma: vCav -> vCav.
    Nagoya: Army -> Army.
    Nara: vCav -> vCav.
    Ancyra: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.
    Prilep: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.
    Whalepoint: barracks -> vCav.

    7 1635 AD

    rCav 1N of Ancyra.

    Inara Serra is sited 2N of Derrial Book and menaces both Brusa and Iconium.

    Eleventh Army is parked (empty) near the capital.

    Good News

    Two eCav capture Iconium (6) (29 of 33, 1 of 15e). Four gold, one slave.

    Brusa (1)
    Last healthy eCav finds a cannon in Brusa (1) but still beats the defending Cavalry (30 of 34, 1 of 16e).
    Two vcavs smash the Spears in Brusa (32 of 36).

    Good News

    Upgrade the captured cannon.

    Remove the Cavlary 1N of Ancyra (33 of 37).

    Send a combat settler over the line.

    Do worker stuff.
    Win 1 and lose 1 at Iconium (34 of 39).

    Get booted by Spain but I don't know where.

    Update: cultural expansion at Echizen put Third Army on the wrong side of the Spanish border.

    New Oskaka: library -> wealth.
    Osaka: vInfantry -> vInfantry.
    Caesarea: barracks -> settler.
    Iconium: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.
    Abydos (old Egypt): rRifle -> temple.
    Kyoto: worker -> worker.

    8 1640 AD

    Byzantine Cavalry 1NW of New Osaka.
    It is gone (35 of 40).

    Malcolm Reynolds brings us closer to Vidin.

    Vidin (5)
    First attack on Vidin give us *CavalryOfVidin 1640 AD* and Hirohito, who becomes Twelveth Army (35 of 40, 2 of 17e).
    Next eCav dies but the follow-up one does not (36 of 42, 2 of 18e).
    vCavs seal the deal (38 of 44).

    Good News

    We gain Vidin, 5 gold and three resisters.

    Zoe Washburne is not built in a good place but it lets us attack two puny cities this turn.

    Edessa (2)
    Seventh Army handles Spear and Rifle in Edessa (38 of 44).

    Good News

    We gain a slave.

    Taomina (2)
    Eighth Army disposes of the 2 Spears in Taomina (40 of 46).

    Good News

    We get some more gold.

    Lone vCav has a strong defense but not strong enough (41 of 48).

    Keep working.
    I Hated Her: vCav -> vCav.
    Neo-Tokyo: worker -> worker.
    Edo: vInfantry -> vInfantry.
    Knossos: worker -> worker.
    Short Line: worker -> worker.
    Mycanae: worker -> worker.
    Ephesus: worker -> worker.
    Rouen: vInfantry -> vInfantry.

    Bad News

    Septum deposes and back to Byantium. Blast.

    Suo: vCav -> vCav.

    Newly captured Byzantine cities shut down.

    Vidin: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.
    BurnTheLand: worker -> worker.

    9 1645 AD

    Byzantine Cavalry 1NW of New Osaka. Again.

    Hoban Washburne is spotted 2NE of the Byzantine capital of Ohrid. This brings the Spanish city of Santander (9) into artillery range.

    Septum (1)
    Septum is reclaimed (42 of 49, 2 of 19e).

    Good News

    Ohrid (4)
    eCav dies and eCav wins at Ohrid (43 of 51, 2 of 20e).
    Three vCav do better (46 of 54).

    Good News

    Samosata (1)
    VCav is surprised by rMusket in Samosata (46 of 55).
    Find, and then lose, an eCav at Samosata (46 of 56).
    Getting tired of this.
    TWO unit Army slices a Spear at Samosata (47 of 57).
    Sixth Army skewers the cavalry (48 of 58).
    Fourth Army upends the Musket (49 of 59).

    Good News

    Samosata is ours, along with 27 gold.

    Better News

    And Theodora is dead and gone.

    All our new cities are railed.

    Drop science to 0%, The Corporation in 1, +407 gpt, 150 gold.
    The Corporation -> Refining in 26 at 0%.

    Memphis: vCav -> vCav.
    Heliopolis: settler -> settler.
    Tokyo: vCav -> vCav.
    Alexandria: vFrigate -> vFrigate.
    New Satsuma: worker -> worker.
    Sardica: worker -> worker.
    Nara: vCav -> vCav.
    Nicodema: worker -> worker.
    Cranky cities go back into good order.
    Sapporo: artillery -> artillery.
    Prilep: worker (Byzantine) -> worker.
    Adrianople: worker -> worker.
    BoilTheSea: settler -> settler.
    Sugarloaf: worker -> worker.

    Theory of Evolution is built in Madrid, Spain.

    Too late, lady. If you were really smart you wouldn't be mad with us.

    10 1650 AD

    No cranky cities, no resisters and one foe.

    Jayne Cobb claims some already railed tiles around Orhid.

    Railing and irrigating.

    And the save is attached.

    Attached Files:

  17. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Handoff and Notes
    It is down to us and Spain. Byzantium is gone.
    We are still considered Weak compared to Spain.

    We have not declared war on Spain.
    Our ship chain is still active, so we can send units back and forth, if desired.
    Most of the military overseas is fortified, not spacebarred. Attacks are possible, if desired.
    Workers and slaves have already moved, however.

    Spain has three cities overseas.

    New Constantinople and Santander


    All are within artillery range. We have 12 artillery overseas. And several amries and a good deal of Cavlary.

    Yekaterinburg and New Nara

    We have two cities that will be overrun when we declare war on Spain; Yekaterinburg and New Nara, up on the north part of Old England. Besides Third Army we have two Muskets and two slaves in this area. We can evacuate these four units with GalleonShuttle on the nearby island of El-Amarna and then abandon the cities. Or move the workers into the cities and gift them both to Spain. That will automatically move them to our capital.

    An Idea
    I am concerned that we are still Weak when compared to Spain. Spain has had a long time to build military and not use it.

    Here is a plan that might shift that in our favor.

    Shortly after we declare war we move three armies onto the Red Circles. This will prevent any Spanish attacks on Pi-Ramesses. We conquer the Spanish cities overseas and send eCavlary and artillery back home. When that is done, we move our armies onto the Blue Dots and remove all defenders from Heliopolis. This gives the Spanish Cavalry the path of the open Red Circle, X, Y and Z to be able to attack/capture undefended Helioplis. This path will also each of our armies to take a pot-shot at them as they pass by. Once the Spanish forces get to Z, we bring up our artillery, bombard them, hopefully redline them and then attack with our own Cavalry. If need be, we can put Infantry, Rifles and Cavalry into Heliopolis to defend and move an Army to the open Red Circle to stop any Spanish reinforcments from arriving to help those we have already trapped.

    Well that is the basic plan. Use an empty city as bait, open the gate to let the wolves in, kill the wolves and if all the wolves are not killed, shut the gate until those wolves are dead. Repeat as needed.

    There are lots of ways to improve it.

    I would prefer to kill off most of Spain's attacking force on our terms instead of worrying about a lot of counterattacks as we gobble up their cities. Let them come to us, wear themselves out on our defenses and when they are gassed we start our own offensive.

    Random Stuff
    Most of our filled armies are overseas and need Transports in order to come home. Transports require Refining, Steel and Mass Production. We are learning Refiing.

    Four empty armies are parked near and around our capital, along with other "spare" units.

    Overseas, the "spares" are clustered between Firefly, Serenity and Jaynestown. This area is getting cluttered, so we are railing some tiles just to have a place to put people. The Armies are nearby.

    Spain knows Refining and Steel and Replaceable Parts.

    Overseas, *CavalryOfVidin 1640 AD* is earmarked to be shipped home to be part of an Army.

    Science is still low, in case we need cash to rush units.

    We can make the land overseas into a nice science farm. It just may not be that critcal. Both continents have plenty of workers; it is just finding work for them. Need more settlers overseas.

    Spain has one source of visible Rubber, between London and Toyama.

    Disbanded catapults and trebuchets to rush Byzantine workers. Disbanded units we built before disbanding units we captured, in order to reduce support costs by a little bit.

    003 Settler
    069 Worker
    133 Slaves
    001 Spear
    012 Pike
    006 Muskets
    019 Rifles
    057 Cavalry
    004 Infantry
    028 Artillery
    002 Artillery (captured)
    001 Caravel
    004 Frigate
    016 Galleon
    012 Army (Samurai (6), Cavalry (2), Empty (4))
    024 Samurai
    004 Maces
    004 Trebuchet
    004 Trebuchet (captured)

    Current Units: 264
    Allowed Units: 238
    Support Costs: 026 gpt

    Refining in 22 at 0% science, +404 gpt, 557 gold.
  18. MrRandomGuy

    MrRandomGuy Warlord

    Aug 24, 2013
    I think we need to raise the luxury slider to 50% for 10 turns since our fling was eliminated. So whoever takes the next turnset probably shouldn't go after Spain quite yet.
  19. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Good point; I forgot about that.
  20. LKendter

    LKendter Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!! Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    This roster is confusing again. :(
    Elephantium - UP??? - not sure why CB before tusk.
    CommandoBob - just played
    Kulko - MIA?
    LKendter - standing by

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