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Sep 8, 2015
This set of proposed events concern UFOs and their effect on the development of the world. Of course, main stream thought rejects them but their effect on society at certain points in history cannot be denied, even if “officially’ denied. These proposed events are based on historical events and would provide a very interesting aspect to the game. I have always found it interesting (and disappointing) that a game with a goal of interstellar colonization has not included events involving potential aliens/UFOs.

A famous actor in [City] has broadcast a realistic radio program simulating an alien invasion of the Earth! Many people thinking the world is coming to an end take it seriously causing massive civil disorder and panic
1) Do nothing. Suffer four Unhappy faces in [City] and up to four adjacent cities for four turns. Suffer one Unhappy Face in remaining cities in [Country] for four turns. 10% chance of a revolution due to widespread civilian despair.
2) Declare a state of emergency and call out the military. All military units in all cities in [Country] may not move or attack for four turns. Suffer one Unhappy Face in all cities in [Country] for one turn. Pay 200x Gold in costs.
3) Immediately investigate the matter and announce the broadcast was a hoax. Prosecute the actor for incitement to riot. Suffer one Unhappy Face in [City] for one turn. Pay 400x Gold to repair damages for riots.
(MUST have Broadcast Tower in [City])

A local private pilot has spotted nine disc shaped object flying at high speed near a mountain near [City]. Press coins the term “Flying Saucers”
1) Dismiss the sighting as a result of the overactive imagination of the pilot.
2) Immediately classify the sighting and swear the pilot to secrecy. Suffer one Unhappy Face in [City] for four turns and one Unhappy Face in all other cities for one turn.
3) Order an air force investigation to quell rumors that the “Flying Saucers’ were secret weapons from another country. Pay 100x Gold for a PR campaign that they do not constitute a danger to [Country].
(MUST have Mountain tile in [City] radius)

During the current war, pilots have been reporting “Foo Fighters” appearing near their aircraft conducting combat missions. There is no explanation for what the balls of light are. The air force are near mutiny even though they have not attacked.
1) An investigation concludes they are unknown secret weapons of the enemy. Order air force to ignore them saying they are our secret observation devices.
2) Order an investigation that concludes they are space craft from other worlds with an unknown purpose. Bury the report and conduct wide spread campaign to silence those who saw the “Foo Fighters”. Pay 200x Gold in costs.
3) Order the creation of a top secret science program to investigate the “Foo Fighters”. Add one Research to all Universities and two Research to all Laboratories. Pay 800x Gold for costs of program.
(MUST be at war and have Fighter and Bomber units)

After the end of the recent war, a famous and widely respected admiral has been sent with a fleet to investigate whether the defeated enemy has established a secret base in the [Arctic/Antarctic]. Several ships were sunk and many sailors were killed. The admiral publicly reported that the fleet was defeated by a number of “Flying Saucers”.
1) Order the admiral placed into an insane asylum and deny the accuracy of his reports. Lose one relations with other countries who suspect a cover up of an important situation.
2) Silence the admiral and the military and order a quarantine of the area. Research into alternative technology is set back decades. All Universities lose one research for four turns and all Laboratories lose two Research for ten turns.
3) Establish a secret naval scientific program to investigate the space ships. Receive a free Institute (a super lab - equal to a National Wonder) in a coastal [City]. Pay 1200x Gold to finance the project.
(War must have just ended and MUST have Aviation/Amphibious Warfare and have four Carriers)

Famous archaeologist at the University in [City] translates holy texts of [Religion] reputed to relate ancient battle between UFOs. He concludes that the holy texts accurately describes nuclear weapons and space flight.
1) Religious leaders call for the engineer to be banned from all religions for blasphemy. Lose 200x Faith Points and 400x Culture Points.
2) Traditional academic leaders ridicule the archaeologist as engaging in sheer fantasy. All Universities lose two Research for twenty turns.
3) Grant the archaeologist a grant to research his theory. Gain one Research at University in [City] and pay 400x Gold for grant.
(MUST have Nuclear Power and state religion [Religion] and four Universities and one University in [City])

Pilots report a massive wave of sightings of “Flying Saucers” shortly after the first nuclear weapon is used.
(MUST have nuclear weapons and occur immediately AFTER first nuclear strike)

A local newspaper has reported the crash of several “Flying Saucers” near [City] which has an Airbase and ICBMs in Silos and that alien bodies have been found. The military publicly confirms that they have the ships and aliens in custody.
1) Follow the advice of paranoid government officials to destroy the ships and bodies who fear the social upheaval as a result of the discovery.
2) Relieve the commander who publicly admitted that the “Flying Saucers” have been captured. Release a story that secret weapons of another country were recovered. Hide the bodies and ships for future study. 50% chance public does not believe the government causing a revolution and resulting in the “loss” of the ships and bodies.
3) Release a story that only weather balloons were recovered. Transfer the ships and bodies to a secret air base for study and back engineering. Pay 800x Gold to set up the program. Add three Research to all Laboratories. Receive three free technologies.
(MUST have Newspaper and Airbase and ICBMs in [City]

A wave of dozens of UFOs have repeatedly appeared over the capital of [Country] causing fear and chaos in [City]. No attacks have occurred.
1) Publicly announce that the sightings were mass hallucinations and urge public to take their medications, Suffer four Unhappy Faces in [City] and one Unhappy Face in ALL other Cities for four turns. 10% chance of a revolution.
2) Release public statement that the sightings were thought to be unusual meteorological/ astronomical phenomena like the auroras but that a science investigation was being conducted to determine the actual cause. Suffer four Unhappy Faces in [City] and one Unhappy Face in ALL other Cities for one turn. Pay 100x Gold for investigation.
3) Form a special military unit called Bluebook to investigate the phenomena. Assure the
public that the objects do not constitute a threat to the national security of [Country]. Suffer one Unhappy Face in [City] for one turn. Pay 200x Gold for establishing project. Gain one free technology.
(MUST have Aviation and both Fighters and Bombers)

A flight of miliary aircraft has disappeared over the ocean near the coastal city [City] in an area called the Triangle. A search plane dispatched to find them has also disappeared. Strange electrical storms were reported by the pilots during both disappearances but no storms appeared on radar. Officials refuse to accept UFO abduction as the explanation. All air units refuse to fly over the ocean in [City]’s radius for ten turns.
(MUST have Aviation and both Fighters and Bombers and Airbase in [City])

Several UFOs have been spotted over the Airbase in [City] where nuclear ICBMs are stored in silos. For four turns, all of the ICBMs at the Airbase were shutdown and unable to be launched. An investigation provided no answers. Pay 200x Gold to retest all of the nuclear weapons for damage. (Event may repeat)
(MUST have ICBMs in Silos in [City])

Several UFOs have been reported over the Airbase in [City] violating restricted airspace. A flight of jets were dispatched to chase them down but the UFOs escaped at extremely high speed. Two jets were destroyed after their systems were scrambled. All jets are ordered grounded for two turns for testing.
(MUST have Airbase and Jet Fighters in [City])

Many reports of UFOs have been made near [City]. Government announces that the sightings were due to [swamp gas/strange cloud formations/meteors/secret military aircraft]. Government explanation is considered a joke. Suffer one Unhappy Face in [City] for one turn. (Event may repeat)
(MUST have Aviation)

During the course of the Apollo Program, some of our astronauts have reported “Flying Saucers” circling our space craft. No attacks were made by the “Flying Saucers”. Their sightings have been leaked to the public causing public alarm.
1) Religious fanatics claim that they are messengers from God telling us to stay on Earth. 50% chance the Apollo Program is cancelled if there is a state religion which cannot be restarted until [Religion] is changed.
2) Paranoid elements of the military fearing alien attacks sabotage the Apollo Program. Lose the Apollo Program. Spending diverted to the military. At least half of all cities must produce military units/buildings for twenty turns. Lose 800x Culture Points. All Universities lose one Research.
3) Expand research into alternative technologies for development of space travel. All Laboratories gain three Research. Pay 800x Gold to finance the expansion.
(Apollo Program must be in process of being built)

A space program engineer in [City] has decided to try and evaluate the descriptions of a divine chariot in the holy text of [Religion]. He actually came up with what appears to be the practical design of a working space ship.
1) Religious leaders call for the engineer to be banned from all religions for blasphemy. Lose 400x Culture Points.
2) Order the engineer to be transferred to a relatively unimportant post in the space administration. All Laboratories lose two Research for ten turns.
3) Order the creation of a special program to evaluate the possibility of ancient engineering and space travel. Place the engineer in charge of the project. Receive a free Institute (a super lab - equal to a National Wonder) in [City]. Pay 1200x Gold to finance the project All Laboratories gain one Research.
(MUST have Space Exploration and Laboratory in [City] and state religion)

At the SETI Project in [City], the scientists have reported what they are calling the “WOW!” event, which appears to be an intelligent communication from a distant star. Everyone is astonished.
1) Dismiss the claim as an aberration of random electrical signals from space. Lose 100x Culture Points.
2) Publicly acknowledge that the signal appears to be intelligent, but say that the situation should be closely studied by a special committee. Pay 100x Gold to set up the committee. The discovery slowly fades into obscurity and is forgotten.
3) Increase funding for the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life. Pay 800x Gold. SETI Project gains four Research.
(MUST have SETI Project in [City])
A space exploration satellite has discovered a “face” on Mars. The public is electrified and demands additional information.
1) State that the “tin foil hat” people need to take their medications and that the “face” is merely a trick of the light. All Laboratories lose one research for four turns.
2) Ignore the public furor and order additional scientific analysis of the phenomenon. Pay 100x Gold for the additional scientific investigation. All results are kept secret from the public but gain 100x Research for a next “technical’ technology.
3) Establish a secret scientific program to investigate the possibility of past life on Mars. Receive a free Institute (a super lab - equal to a National Wonder) in capital [City]. Pay 1200x Gold to finance the project.
(MUST have Satellites)

Explorers on the Moon have discovered a large black obelisk in the mathematical proportions of 1/4/9. Upon discovery, a powerful energy discharge was sent towards Jupiter.
1) Order the discovery to be kept secret. Lose two levels of relations with other countries and lose 200x Faith Points once the discovery is leaked. 20% chance of Reformation due to religious doubt and failure of faith.
2) Reveal the discovery to other countries. Gain one level of relations with other countries. Lose 200x Faith Points. Pay 100x Gold to handle the overwhelming requests for information.
3) Authorize the construction of a massive project to send a space ship to Jupiter to explore the possible reception station of the obelisk’s signal. Pay 1200x Gold.
(MUST have completed Apollo Program)

An archaeologist has discovered an ancient city constructed with huge fitted stones that could only have been cut with a laser by ancient aliens. Mainstream archaeologists dismiss the discovery/claim saying that the stones could have been cut with copper chisels. All Universities lose one research for ten turns. Lose 200x Culture Points.
(MUST have Aviation)

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