Unconnected city with 2 Oil?


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Dec 8, 2001
I took a Babylonian city that was sitting on top of an Oil deposit.
After I took it there was no harbor or airport in the city, and it was connceted only to the Babylonian road-net. There were only 3 squares in the cities "radius." It's squre, and 2 others (on a small pen.). Those 2 other squares had no Oil. I know the city wasn't connected because it didn't have access to all the Luxuries or other S. Resources my civ had... but it did have _2_ Oil showing up on the ciy screen and, IIRC, the Trade screen.

What gives? Can there be 2 Resource deposits in 1 square? Or is this a bug? (Either would explain the 2 Oil in this city, and why in the same game I could never track down the where the English were getting thier Oil.)
You haven't overlooked a oil resource in your own territory? I once overlooked a salpeter resource, because i'd made a fortress on top of it (and I had no road to the fortress). The english might "hide" their resource in the same way - under a fortress or a city. Or they simply trade it with someone else.

And yes ofcause the oil gets up on your trade screen - you can trade it, but not use it, in any other city than the one, in the middle of the babylonian empire. If any other city can produce a unit that uses oil, then you have another oil deposit somewhere (or you have made peace with the babylonians, so that their roadnet can be used too)
There is a bug in Civ3 regarding resources. In your case that just means that you have another oil tile in your empire somewhere.

Whenever a city has a certain resources, the total number of that resources shows up in the trade/city view instead of only the one that are connected to the city.

Ah, thanks.

I do wonder about the English though... I used CNTL-M (or whatever it is) to clear away the improvements/cities and search and search for an Oil source (or a source in Egypt - the 1 civ they could trade with) but I never could find one.

In fact, I even temporarily replaced the Oil graphic with a big orange circle and still never spotted any Oil in English or Egyptian territory.

I really wondered about multiple Oil per sqaure because the Babylonian's could trade with the Egyptians, and I wondered if they were sending Oil to Egypt, and Egypt was in turn passing that same Oil on to the English.
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