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May 23, 2001
Japan / South America
So, for those of you who received the new version, here is some guidance.

First: there are no specific tasks. Just play whatever you like and see how it goes with this new map, which as I said in other posts, is smaller and faster.
Many thanks to PiR to make all the conversion of coordinates from the bigger to the smaller map possible.

Second: there are still crashes. I fought against them trying to reproduce the conditions that cause them, and went ahead by exclusion.
What I found is that something within the following techs: Industrialization, Flight, Radar, causes them. Might have something to do with air units but not only that. Disabling these techs with all connected units and buildings seems to work, the game plays endlessly. But I couldn't get the exact culprit. I'm sure that there is more than one...
These crashes are not reproducible - which means that if you reload the game, the crash will not happen but eventually will show up later; but I advise you to save often after you enter the Industrial era. Send me any saves that can reproduce the crash.

I'm looking forward to read your reports. Open new threads for that.



- New map added: 108x64
- fixed Huns spawn location
- revised Scandinavian terrains
- added river next to Aztec starting location to allow irrigation
- added horses at Mongolian starting location to strengthen military capability
- added Kyiv
- disabled Knossos as it would be too close to Athens in the new map, as well as blocking Phoenician expansion
- disabled Angkor and Pagan when Siam major civ is in the game
- disabled Pyongyang city state
- reduced overall number of city states in later starts
- fixed Artaxata spawn year so that it can flip to Persia
- replaced the Coral Reef with a more useful feature to stop early galleys exploration: “Dangerous Waters”. They are not placed in: the Pillars of Hercules, Cape of Good Hope and Cape Agulhas (location of the Flying Dutchman), the Drake Passage (next to Magellan), Messina Strait (Scylla and Charybdis), the Bermuda Triangle, the Titanic’s iceberg location, the South China Sea Dangerous Ground, the Devil’s Sea in Japan, the Graveyard of the Pacific (Vancouver), some passages between SE Asia and Oceania including the Timor Sea, the west Irish coast (Invincible Armada), south Pacific Ocean (Moby Dick), Santa Elena Ecuador (another Spanish shipwreck location), Tasmania strait, Tasman sea, Kamchatka, Barents Sea (“disappearing lighthouses”). They block passage unless owned by a city.
- blocked some passages in northern Siberia (there was a “highway” allowing Chinese scouts to reach Europe easily)
- forts cannot be built adjacent to each other
- Tuned Aztec, Phoenician and Indian victory modifiers
- slowed down tech speed in later eras
- added a tweak to let tech speed go faster during autoplay (when human player is alive, it’s much faster than when in autoplay)
- horses no longer needed to build camel archers (no penalty will happen)
- Modern Armor renamed Main Battle Tank
- potentially solved a crash caused by heavy plough assignment
- retouched loading screen
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Oct 20, 2020
Observing the game now. Write up with screenshots coming soon. Overall there is a great improvement from the last version. Watching the Huns pillage the Ancient World now. Will elaborate more with screenshots but the biggest issue historically wise is that the AI doesn’t expand. Greece has been at two cites for almost 2000 years and the Romans haven’t left Italy etc. Celts even sacked Milian around 1AD and the Romans razed instead of keeping Paris around 400AD. It might be a better world. Like 20 trade routes in the Mediterranean and Rome finished Notre Dame in 500AD.

Update- 800 AD. The Arabs collapsed after the Persians took Mecca in the biggest war yet seen. Rome took Carthage around 600AD after it collapsed. Constantinople was founded after the same time and was burned by the Huns. India is doing far better than China and has been the whole game. Greece is having a golden age and is up to 5 cities. Rome having a Civil War while Rome itself is building a University and had almost finished Teching the Middle Ages.

Edit- Turns out that I was pressing the wrong button for a screenshot. I played till about 1500. The Middle Ages were interesting. India was the worlds foremost power conquering post collapse Persia, Invading Russia? And reaching the new world first. Collapsed around 1300 with Gatling Guns. Rome still here and doing great at six cities. Spain the leader of Europe taking out Portugal and just landed in the Americas at the exact time was real life. Germany and Russia collapsed and China with Muskets had a easy time fighting the Mongols. China seemed to focus on military and built no wonders. India and Rome took almost every wonder with Persia/Europe getting a few.

For most the game Anatolia was uninhabited and every city that was built was razed a few turns later. Not until the Ottomans was much happening. I’d maybe back a Hittite and Byzantium Indy with Bzy maybe flipping to Greece at around 300BC to make sure it exists. A lot of trade. I would maybe allow trade routes to create roads as the AI was pretty bad at creating them. Roads would also enable more expansion which was often a issue (but improved during 500-1500).

Overall this is great and I had a lot of fun watching. Next time I think I will play as Rome and see how much I can conquer. Carthage seems difficult to conquer. Pella was also a fortress fighting the Greeks and Romans until the Huns at last razed it.
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Oct 20, 2020
I played Rome instead of watching till 500AD. Still alive and only lost one city to the Huns. Overall I love Mt. Vesinsus and Mt. Etna really accelerated Rome's religion and culture. Greece already started Orthodoxy which spread to my cities really fast and had the buy units with faith belief. I was able to get to around 50 Faith per turn mid-game which translated to a ton of Composite Bowman, Legions and Balistia. Legions being able to build roads AND found cities is quite OP. As a result, I was able to conquer about 2/3rds of the Roman Empire, finishing Carthage around 200BC, Greece and the Celts by 1AD etc. Egypt and Persia were trading partners that I sold Wine and Truffles and sent Trade Routes too to keep my economy afloat. I have not played Civ 5 in a year but the faith into legions hack was very OP for Rome. Here are some screenshots. Overall very fun game to create (mostly) the Roman Empire.






Jun 28, 2012
Started a game with Spain. Everything went quite well until the spawn of Portugal. The game always crashes at the same point - I tried it several times. Save-game is added. I found .mdmp files from the crahes in my Civ 5-folder.
Rhye, would those be useful for you if upload them?

I also tried a game with Rome. When the Celts met the Greek it said: "has declared war on the Celts". "The Greeks" was missing. The message went so quickly I wasn´t able to take screenshot. Sorry! In this game I wasn´t able to handle economic problems and always had between -10 and - 20 gold/turn so I quit rather quickly but seeing the empire of Mattabarin I´ll need to give the Romans a chance again later.

Last game I tried was with Germany. There something happened again what I allready notice in the game with spain: The Dutch don´t settle and the Portuguese didn´t as well. The AI seems to have a problem with crowded parts on the map.
This game ended up with a civil war for me. If you´re curious here is a screenshot how the German rebel faction looks like:


Talking about Rebel Factions: Rhye, will there be a map like in Civ 4 where you are able to see where core-areas of different civs are? I had territory integrity of about -160 and in my opinion I´ve had not so many cities outside of Germanies core-area.


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Jan 25, 2012
Talking about Rebel Factions: Rhye, will there be a map like in Civ 4 where you are able to see where core-areas of different civs are? I had territory integrity of about -160 and in my opinion I´ve had not so many cities outside of Germanies core-area.
You can find it here for previous versions: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/the-atlas.671348/
The stability maps of the new map seem to have an issue indeed.
I will upload a new atlas once this is fixed.
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