v92 Greece


Jul 15, 2020
This time, I attempted gameplay with Greece. Knowing that many people have posted play reports with Greece, I decided to take up the challenge myself.

One notable change compared to previous versions is that cities are no longer absorbed by the Byzantine Empire (although, the Byzantine Empire might not have appeared at all when playing as Greece in the first place). Additionally, it seems that Persia has been advancing into the Anatolian region more frequently.

In Greece, the strategy focuses on overthrowing the Achaean League and building wonders. The Achaean League governs two cities, Sparta and Siracusa; however, since Siracusa gets absorbed by Rome later on, toppling Sparta brings you closer to achieving your goal. I primarily pursued the objective of constructing wonders on my own but decided to annex Egypt at some point, securing numerous wonders. I also considered invading Spain and Arabia, but abandoned the idea as I ran out of steam.



While I am satisfied with achieving my goal, it required many turns.(1844 AD) Given the possibility that future versions might support city independence from Greece, accomplishment might become even more challenging. If the production of Greek wonder decreases, considering the addition of other point elements (like gaining points through theatrical features or circumnavigation, as seen in Civ4) might be a good option.


The gameplay in RnF is historically narrative and highly enjoyable. One thing I noticed is that in the new version, civilizations seem less likely to collapse immediately upon losing their capital. Thank you once again for providing a delightful gaming experience.
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