v92 Indian America


Jul 15, 2020
I tried playing as Indian America this time and found some bugs which I would like to report.

Despite the civilization description stating that "Indian America cannot own cities," it seems that it is possible to own cities if they are conquered. However, it seems that research cannot be conducted even when owning cities. (Research power was calculated, but I couldn't select any research.) The Indian American era setting appears to be contemporary era, as I was able to acquire ideologies. (In this playthrough, barbarians also adopted ideologies, is this intentional?)


Even if you own cities, it seems that settlers cannot be produced. Perhaps because of this, the game crashed when acquiring settlers through the Liberty tree (so, as mentioned, I chose a different tree instead).

Upon adopting the ideology of freedom, I was able to acquire foreign legions (!). I believe this is unintended, but I decided to continue the game to see whether the Indian American Role Playing Victory Points actually accumulate.


After repeated battles with European powers, America was finally born. Contrary to expectations, New York was not absorbed. Instead, it seems like units disappear after spending several turns adjacent to the city when trying to conquer Washington.


The above are the bugs I discovered. I ended the game when I couldn't capture Washington. I will leave the save data here. Although the gameplay went off track this time, I believe the original intention was to see if it is possible to fight against the European powers with the units that spawn automatically. I plan to give it a proper try once the version stabilizes.


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