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Nov 7, 2012
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Vox Populi Discord
I'm advertising a Discord on the intent for modding and modmodding purposes. This hopes to centralize modmodders efforts into one server where modmodders can share and inquire on code specific questions along with new mods to tease and release. With this intention, the Discord hopes to facilitate the more modmods release and their updates. Now this server isn't restricted to just modders, it's open for everybody to enjoy. Users who aren't modders are given a behind the scene to see what their favorite modders are up to.

What's the General Glimpse of It?
All seasoned modders(by definition, you've been actively modding for at least 6 months) are given their own channel for users and fans to message them personally or give thanks to. Their channel can also be used to suggest features and report any bugs for them.
Any modders who have made a public mod before receive a custom user title and still get their own channel.

I encourage modders of Vox Populi to join this Discord server.

The rules are very flexible and broad. Just follow the Discord guidelines and common sense.

Any questions or inquiries can be redirected here about the Discord server.
No questions? Here's the invite, enjoy!
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