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[GS] Was the game difficulty nerfed ?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by ddd123, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. BrotherInJah

    BrotherInJah 60% of the time works every time

    Aug 7, 2010
    Location, location, location..
    these are not rnf civs
  2. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    So looking at things a bit more closely.

    The wonder preferences for civs seem to have been removed. Add to this the fact that there is more wonders and more choices for what a civ does and you have good reason why you can get wonders easier.

    The CV has has only a small change apart from rock bands and that was the removal of a ‘different governments’ negative which makes things easier.

    Resource requirements seem to be causing the AI some confusion, certainly they do not seem to be mining them like they used to. Even luxuries seem to be being cultivated less.

    The additional diplomacy victory and the AI sacrificing gold on Dip points and the AI then spending lots of those dip points on stupid choices has made it worse both for removing their gold and for watering down their victory conditions with a soft option.

    I did notice last night, quite a few cities did not have the max districts, certainly they seem to be getting science and gold slower than pre GS.

    The inclusion of expensive stupid dams is causing the AI to go down a long water tech tree path that has no no great value... Dams are likely a significant stupidifier

    Who knows what else. As @Infixo spotted, it looks like they have duplicated the barb decision tree which is causing the barb differentials we are facing so what else could be wrong after a major change like this.

    Looking at the list, I feel dams are probably a big earlier change but it is a bit anecdotal at this stage.
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  3. Infixo

    Infixo Warlord

    Jan 9, 2016
    Um... :confused:... No... They are still there, and GS leaders also have wonder preferences:
           <Row ListType="EleanorWonders" Item="BUILDING_ESTADIO_DO_MARACANA" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="EleanorWonders" Item="BUILDING_COLOSSEUM" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="KristinaWonders" Item="BUILDING_BOLSHOI_THEATRE" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="KristinaWonders" Item="BUILDING_BROADWAY" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="KristinaWonders" Item="BUILDING_GREAT_LIBRARY" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="KristinaWonders" Item="BUILDING_HERMITAGE" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="KristinaWonders" Item="BUILDING_MONT_ST_MICHEL" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="KristinaWonders" Item="BUILDING_OXFORD_UNIVERSITY" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="KristinaWonders" Item="BUILDING_SYDNEY_OPERA_HOUSE" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="LaurierWonders" Item="BUILDING_EIFFEL_TOWER" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="MansaMusaWonders" Item="BUILDING_UNIVERSITY_SANKORE" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="MansaMusaWonders" Item="BUILDING_PETRA" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="MansaMusaWonders" Item="BUILDING_COLOSSUS" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="MansaMusaWonders" Item="BUILDING_BIG_BEN" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="MansaMusaWonders" Item="BUILDING_GREAT_ZIMBABWE" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="MatthiasWonders" Item="BUILDING_ORSZAGHAZ" Favored="true"/>
           <Row ListType="PachacutiWonders" Item="BUILDING_MACHU_PICCHU" Favored="true"/>
    Also, vanilla leaders are using GS wonders too (very limited however)
           <Row ListType="CleopatraWonders" Item="BUILDING_GREAT_BATH" Favored="false"/>
           <Row ListType="RooseveltWonders" Item="BUILDING_PANAMA_CANAL" Favored="true"/>
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  4. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    Weird, missed the file in my download from my PC for analysis, cheers.

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