Welcome here

This isn't really a "HI" message, it's more like a "BYE"...but here goes

This is probably my last day ever on this forum, and although I'm not a huge name on here, I thought I should give my appreciation one last time to everyone here.

A big thanks to Rhye for making this great mod that is a whole new world from the original Civ IV... also thanks to all the people who help out on the forums... I don't know about other people, but I for one am grateful whenever I see names like Lone Wolf, blizzrd, AP, and others answer my questions, as you all at least SEEM to know what you're talking about. Lastly, a thank you to this great forum for hosting this site that is more than just a place to ask questions and get answers!

It has been a great time.

Merry Christmas:)

Sorry to hear about that. Good luck.
Hi everyone! Longtime player, first time poster. I started playing the Civilization series with Civ II in the mid 90's and I've been hooked ever since. When Civ IV came out and I saw the Rhye mod, I became a junkie :) I've been reading through the threads and I like what I see, a lot. I look forward to the day I become a valuable member of the Rhye's community, once I become a better player from all of these suggestions. Thank you to Rhye for making an amazing game, and thank you to the players for making it perfect!
I'm new here. Been quietly playin RFC for a while now and civ(civ2 at first) since my friends hooked me onto the game in the late 90s. Never felt the need to register here till I had a minor problem with RFC and that's even with all the other mods including revolution 2.0 and star trek. Over the years I've wanted to say something about the posts on here but damned if it isn't RFC that didn't make me finally break down and register.

ya know though, I really wish I had heard of RFC for civ3
Well I've finally made my way over from civ III to civ IV. It's like day and night between the two, civ IV is so much so a better game. I kept noticing how a lot of things that were in the mod for civ III made it into the game for civ IV.

I've been playing RFC for about a week now & it's great, just thought I'd say hi.
Welcome plastiqe, feel free to try RFC:Europe which can be found in the modmod section.
RFCGW is available to play but it's still in its early stages so I would stick to RFC and RFC:E for now until the later alpha stages.
Well... I just noticed this thread... Hi everyone :) I play viceroy. I'm not great, haven't won a single UHV yet. Barely get to the 2/3. Don't make fun of me. Okay, you can, but try to help me.
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