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What does CFC recognize you for?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by MjM, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. IglooDude

    IglooDude Enforcing Rule 34 Retired Moderator Supporter

    Oct 2, 2003
    Igloo, New Hampshire
    Don't take it personally.
  2. GamezRule

    GamezRule Inconceivable!

    Jul 14, 2009
    Anybody from Ohio is quite forgettable. :)

    Michigan #1!
  3. classical_hero

    classical_hero In whom I trust

    Jan 30, 2003
    Perth,Western Australia
    @Dom, I am not here to debate you, just tell you what you are known for and that is being a Christian Libertarian, which in my eyes is a contradiction of terms.
  4. Miles Teg

    Miles Teg Nuclear Powered Mentat

    Oct 19, 2006
    One Flag Short of a Theme Park
    I'm already on the opt-in list, but everyone has full permission to talk about me. Here's my list. Sorry if you're not on it, I'm just hammering this out real quick.

    Abaddon: Like's partying and young girls. Boundless's gf.
    aelf: Makes amusing comments on his government.
    Ahovking: Incoherent.
    aimeeandbeatles: can't think of her without thinking of He Who Must Not Be Named.
    Ajidica: Frequently makes good posts on a wide range of subjects.
    amadeus: Cutting wit, and libertarian before it was trendy.
    Ayatollah: Sometimes he's funny, sometime's he philosophical. Don't think I've seen him mix the two.
    bigdog5994: Blues, Blues, Blues.
    Bill3000: Scientist, always on fiftychat,
    Camikaze: A little harsh.
    cardgame: Atheist's Atheist
    CELTICEMPIRE: Sort of like Dommy or Nicky, only with a celtic theme.
    Cheezy the Wiz: Will lead the communist revolution someday, and deserves better than he's gotten from life.
    Chukchi Husky: Autistic woobie.
    CivGeneral: Continual victim of the economy.
    classical_hero: YEC, lost his mother a while back.
    Colonel: Nice example of a soldier who isn't a conservative.
    contre. That's not the name I think of him as.
    Cutlass: A little shrill, but I almost always agree with what he's saying.
    Dachs: Sometimes I roll though the History forum, scrolling past every post except for his.
    Defiant47: One of those posters who I can't let get to a thread before me, cause he's reads my thoughts and steals my post ideas.
    Domination3000: First of a recent crop of sheltered teenagers with conservative views. Has a tendency to drag discussions off topic.
    downtown: My role model in life. Sensible, well-spoken, expert on a number of subjects I hold dear.
    El_Machinae: Man of science and cool ideas.
    Elrohir: I don't agree with him that much, but he's a genuine pleasure to argue with. Except when I go back to an old argument and see that I was being much ruder than he was. That's no fun.
    Eran of Arcadia: Most level-headed person I've ever seen.
    Flying Pig: Badass soldier, used to pop up in religion threads a lot.
    Gary Childress: Makes a lot of cool Civ3 units.
    Glassfan: I don't remember much about his posts, but I really like his avatar.
    Huayna Capac357: Protestant, strikes a good balance between being a know it all and not saying anything interesting.
    Hygro: Had a beautiful gay romance once.
    IglooDude: New Hampshire gun nut
    innonimatu: Weird ideas, but at least he's an original thinker.
    Integral: Rockin' Sockin' economist, fit to lay the smackdown on some fools.
    Jehoshua: One of the better catholic apologists.
    Joecoolyo: I always get him and Lord_Joakim mix up for some reason.
    JohnRM: Used to be a big libertarian, but he's apparently gone survivalist since then
    JollyRoger: Treasured pillar of OT. When he isn't around, the quality of this place sinks like a stone
    Kraznaya: Has a thing for asian women.
    Lone Wolf: I'm not sure how much of the Russian Nationalist thing is a joke, so I can't comment.
    lord_joakim: See Joecoolyo, only LG's more of a man whore
    LucyDuke: Cool lady from Rhode Island, don't ever get on her bad side.
    Mad_Man: West Virginia hater.
    madviking: just found out from this thread that he's Owen's brother.
    MagisterCultuum: Georgian that's really into obscure political and religious theory.
    Mango Elephant
    mechaerik: He's pretty good at short, sweet posts
    Mise: The fact that I'm currently using his face as an avatar should speak for itself.
    Narz: Ecofriendly, chess player, father. We seem to butt heads a lot.
    NickyJ: Poor Man's D3K
    NiRv4n4: New guy, looks like another one of the Dommy/Nicky crowd.
    nonconformist: Witty british guy, real life CSI, locked himself in a university once.
    Owen Glyndwr: Dachs Jr.
    Perfection: Electrical engineer, funny but crude paintings, yells a lot.
    PlutonianEmpire: Perverted sexual practices
    Quackers: British guy, used to be kind of crazy but since mellowed out.
    RedRalph: Blue collar (?) irish liberal with a russia fixation.
    Richard Cribb: Despite the name, one of the real gentlemen of the forum.
    Skwink: Sacrifical lamb to my electoral might. Needs to bring back that avatar with the mustache.
    Taniciusfox: Furry with a sonic fixation, super capitalist
    Traitorfish: One of the most intellectual CFCers. Really challenges my preconceptions.
    Valka D'Ur: Cat lady, fellow Dune fan.
    Verarde: New guy, shows potential
    Virote_Considon: The most loveable schizophrenic skinhead I've ever met.
    VRWCAgent: I don't think I could hate VR if I tried, which is pretty impressive for a neo-confederate used car salesman.
    warpus: Most disturbing avatar I've ever seen
    west india man: Terrorist, mise impersonator.
    Yared: Black scandinavian, one of the handsomest men on CFC.
    Zelig: Knows computers, has his life all straigtened out.
    _random_: Preacher's kid, Christian, One of select few posters that are younger than me that I like reading.
  5. MjM

    MjM Deity

    Jun 12, 2004
    I'm doing every single person. In alphabetical order. If you have opted in on this thread, or are in the opt-in group, and I missed you, let me know immediately. I don't think this is the case.

    Here goes nothing.

    Abaddon - Fellow NESer, and also fellow Neptune's Pride player. Likes to bring his girlfriends to CFC. I get along pretty well with him. Saw him naked in Bill's archive. ew

    aelf - The name doesn't ring much of a bell, but it does remind me of Aelfborn race in Everquest, which I used to play quite a bit. Such a timewaste that game was.

    Ahovking - Not much comes to mind, but a quick forum search shows poor grammar.

    aimeeandbeatles - Tom Petty fanatic. Asks a lot of inane questions. Pretty entertaining to watch interactions with other posters.

    Ajidica - Likes the Byzantines. As they were kickass, he's cool in my book.

    Alassius - Name doesn't ring a bell, but it sounds like A lass with some Roman ending tacked on.

    amadeus - fellow fiftychatter! used to go by a different nick, but doesn't like being referred to by it. Nice guy, we get a long quite well! Interesting to talk to, and never becomes douchey.

    Arakhor - British guy. Name reminds me of spiders for some reasaon, probably the Arak part.

    Ayatollah_So - Your name sounds like an Muslamic terrorist.

    Azash - Cool guy. We've had our disagreements, but in the end we are peachy. Always seems to get shafted when we play civ4 :p.

    azzaman333 - Apparently he looks like me. Don't remember what he looks like exactly, but there is no way he is as sexy as me, so I will accept him being an inferior version of me. Aussies.

    bathsheba666 - Don't really know you, but 666 is a really cool number and 666 is also found in part of my cellphone number, so you're cool in my book.

    bigdog5994 - I remember you used to think I was actually in the KKK or a hardcore racist or something. Likes Black people.

    Bill3000 - Billiam! Billcox! Billass! Billdo! Etc. Known each other for a long time, long-time fiftychatter. Really cool guy. We used to talk a lot before I left, not so much now. Would like to fix that!

    bombshoo - Is an NESer. His NES seems to have died, however.

    Boundless - One of the few females on the board. Fellow MP player. Nice girl! Acts very girly. Dyes her hair blonde and has been to Africa!

    Brighteye - Doesn't ring a bell, but sounds like the light hits their eyes in a nice way!

    Camikaze - One of the new moderators. Haven't had any run-ins yet, seems consistent enough. Needs to learn how to make paragraphs with the enter key, however.

    cardgame - Like My Little Pony. I don't get the fascination. I think that it's some type of inner-child syndrome taking over.

    carmen510 - NESer, used to be on chat sometimes IIRC. We used to get a long decently well also IIRC.

    Catharsis - Comes to fiftychat sometimes, haven't had many discussions. Seems like a smart fellow.

    CELTICEMPIRE - Part of Dom and Nicky's whiney brigade. downtown won fellas, Get over it! :scan:

    Cheetah - I always liked your avatar! Cheetahs are cool!

    Cheezy the Wiz - Used to frequent fiftychat when I was much more active. One of the few CFCers I have on my facebook. Cool guy. Funky politics, but you can't judge a person by their politics!

    Chukchi Husky - Self-loathing guy, who really doesn't give himself enough credit! I really like your music taste and you have definately showed me many cool songs. You're dog is really nice looking as well! I remember when you first got him.

    CivCube - Mental therapist guy. I like your Ask A... thread.

    CivGeneral - Used to frequent fiftychat a lot more and have a lot of freakouts. Used to be Bi. Hardcore Roman Catholic. Likes Jap stuff. Don't see him much anymore, know he is looking for a job. Good luck with that! :goodjob:

    civplayah - I'm guessing he plays civ, but I don't know where I came up with that. :confused:

    classical_hero - Posts hot chicks in the Babe thread. Evangelical Christian, I like to gloss over that part as I like you.

    Colonel - Used to frequent fiftychat a lot more! We used to talk a lot. Has since become kinda inactive. Has also been permabanned in fiftychat while I was gone, dunno why. It has been lifted though! So comebac some day.

    contre - Used to hate me cause he thought I was racist. I think he's pretty funny despite that. Will always be augurey in my eyes.

    Cutlass - Comes to fiftychat sometime. Smart guy, really high postcount really fast. Might give Perf a run for his money in that respect some day!

    Dachs - Writes really good althists. Extremely tall I have recently found out. Doesn't stick by his NAPs in NESes. :p

    Darth_Caesar - Darth Vader was a Caesar of the Roman Empire I'm pretty sure...

    Defiant47 - Being Defiant 47 times means you don't learn from your mistakes!

    downtown - Oh downtown. :love: I really liked your band, Aces High, good drummer, one of the few people I'd have man babies with. President of OT. Long live downtown! Fellow fiftychatter.

    Domination3000 - Co-king of the little whiney brigade along with NickyJ. downtown has won, and will always win! downtown for life! ALL HAIL DOWNTOWN. No amount of campaigning will win you the seat. Might as well forefeit the next few years now.

    Dreadnought - We seem to disagree more often than not. Fellow NESer, however, and that counts for something.

    DroopyTofu - Why would anyone eat Droopy Tofu? :confused: I like my tofu how I like my breasts, firm.

    Dumanios - Sounds like a Hispanic corruption of Dominoes or something.

    El_Machinae - Cool mod, comes to fiftychat these days! I think that's groovy. I think your ideas on immortality are really cool as well. I think we really could live forever once technology progresses far enough!

    electric926 - Don't know you, but I like electricity. Powers my computer and stuffs.

    Elrohir - Cool guy, fellow fiftychatter! Get along quite well. Remember him from the old days.

    EnglishCrusader - Overzealous at times, and naive, but up and coming fiftychatter. With age, you will mature into a funny bloke, if you play your cards right.

    Eran of Arcadia - I remember before you were a mod! Used to come to fiftychat IIRC. Always thought you were a concise poster.

    Flying Pig - Pigs can't fly! :mad:

    flyingchicken - Chickens can though! :goodjob: Pretty funny, although takes what I say out of context sometimes and gets mad at me for it. We talk on #nes quite a bit as we are both active on it quite a lot these days.

    GamezRule - Games do rule! What I've seen from your posts, isn't much. Can't remember them really!

    Gary Childress - Doesn't ring a bell, but if you flip your name around its like a child named Gary is getting dressed.

    Glassfan - I'm a fan of glass too. Especially when there's cool drugs to snort off of them. :cool:

    Huayna Capac357 - Don't know him much, but his name reminds me of the Incas! Horrible civ in C3C, probably the best in Civ4 BtS, so quite the turnaround!

    Hygro - Comes to #fiftychat pretty often. Lives in Berkeley, I'm so jealous! I would love to live there.

    IglooDude - Used to be a mod. Probably doesn't think fondly of me, but I never thought bad of him! Have had a lot of run-ins.

    innonimatu - Views seem pretty cool, except he thinks Global Warming is some big liberal hoax, or something. I personally think that those who are denying that human beings are destroying our climate carelessly and rapidly through our disdain of the environment are naive, but to each their own.

    Integral - Remember him before I left. Cool guy. Name always reminded me of integers.

    Japanrocks12 - I think you used to be a fiftychatter? If memory serves. I kinda like japan, good sushi and cars and video games. I don't really like japophiles though (sides amadeus!) :p

    Jehoshua - Sounds like an over-the-top way to spell Joshua.

    Joecoolyo - Joes can be cool yo, but I've also met some douchey joes, yo.

    JohnRM - Used to be John HSOG, had to ask who he was cause this new nick just didn't ring a bell! Christian guy, don't remember having many problems with him back in the day, could be wrong...

    JollyRoger - Hilarious. That's all that needs to be said.

    jtb1127 - Sounds like a random spambot name to me!

    Kaiserguard - Kaiser is probably the coolest name for a leader of a country I've come across.

    Kan' Sharuminar - We play civ4 pretty often. Really cool guy! If I ever go to Scotland, would like to visit you! Really nice person. :) Fiftychatter!

    KMRblue1027 - KMR sounds like some sort of radio station. Blue used to be my favorite color before green.

    Kraznaya - Really good at starcraft 2. I shoulda built those obs :( fellow NESer.

    leonel - used to remember you having an avatar with a baseball cap on a person. Don't remember your posts much.

    Lone Wolf - Your name reminds of the scene were Alan in The Hangover says he is like his own one man wolfpack. :lol:

    lopaz - It's like lopez and topaz combined! :eek:

    lord_joakim - I think I remember you from before I left. Actually, I'm almost sure, just can't quite put my finger on it.

    LucyDuke - Luckykins! Queen of fiftychat. We talk about stuffs a lot, and she's really cool! We play civ4 all the time too, only person to have played every single civ4 BtS MP game with me I've played since I've been back. Can tell her stuff I don't tell anyone else cause I know she won't tell!

    Mad_Man - Don't be so mad, man!

    madviking - NESer as well. Near my age, I think we played a C3C SG or something together? I may be wrong.

    MagisterCultuum - The name doesn't ring a bell at all. Cultuum sounds kinda like Cthulu, which is cool.

    Mango Elephant - An elephant that had the flesh of a mango would be mighty tasty.

    Martacus - Sounds like Spartacus had a baby with a guy named Mark, and now you're here!

    mechaerik - Comes to #fiftychat pretty regularly. I wonder if he's really a cyborg :borg:

    Miles_Teg - Endorsed by downtown means endorsed by me! In #fiftychat I sometimes think your Mise cause Miles looks similar to it haha.

    Mise - General Misenhower! Lord Commander and Savior! ALL HAIL MISE! SOON YOU WILL ALL SEE THE LIGHT :borg:. Really cool Indian Brit, we get a long well and he always shows me funny stuff on reddit.

    Narz - Used to frequent #fiftychat, has since stopped. Has a kid now and everything! Good luck with that man.

    NBAfan - I like some basketball myself, but I would never make it my forum name. :nope:

    NickyJ - Domination3000's little whiney sidekick. Y'all lost the elections fair and square, and you're really giving the cool Confederate flag a bad name with your little attempted downtown seccesionist movement! The South lost the Civil War, remember that!

    NiRv4n4 - Used to really hate this band, have uncovered a sort of new-found liking for it.

    nonconformist - Me and noncon get a long well, and joke around a lot. One of the few people I know I would probably never offend, and is really funny. We always show each other funny stuff in #fiftychat. Cool guy.

    NYHunter - I don't think there's anywhere to hunt in NYC, unless its like the hunting in this.

    Owen Glyndwr - Fellow NESer and Californian. Agreeable guy.

    ParadigmShifter - Seems pretty funny from what I've read. Comes on #fiftychat drunk a lot. I'm about to overtake your line count! :mwaha:

    ParkCungHee - Sounds like a Korean name.

    Perfection - Perfy! Highest postcount, extreme wittiness, and never dull avatars! Really cool guy, smart as well. #fiftychat elite. Probably the most well-known CFCer in the history of the site, probably even moreso than Thunderfall! :lol:

    PeteAtoms - Pete, we are all made of atoms, not just you silly.

    phoenix_sprite -

    PlutonianEmpire - Long-time CFCer with relatively low postcount.

    Princeps - I remember you from my old days. Now for what, I do not know. :p

    Quackers - Sounds like Quakers got bought out by some rich character in Donald Duck's family.

    RedRalph - Funny one-liners. Lots of typoes. Lots of funnys. Often intoxicated. Witty.

    Richard Cribb - How is your cribb, Richard? Is it like the ones on this show?

    rugbyLEAGUEfan - I like rugby myself, haven't seen too many games though. I would like to start following it more cloesly!

    Silurian - British dude. Don't know much else.

    Skwink - Seems pretty active in forum games. Funny sounding name when you say it outloud.

    Smellincoffee - I hate how coffee tastes, but I sure do love smellin it! I remember you from my old days. Lives in the South IIRC, and is pretty nice!

    Sonereal - Posts a lot in Imperium Off topic thingies, which I don't know much about. Seems like a ripoff of NESes though. :rolleyes:

    SouthernKing - Sounds like the antithesis of North King!

    SS-18_ICBM - ICBMs were cool units in C3C, making cities utter hell holes!

    SuperBeaverInc. - Subi! I remember you used to come to #fiftychat pretty often. Don't see you much anymore though! What the heck man?! Cool dude.

    Sveon - Sounds like one of those douchey water bottle companies names.

    taillesskangaru - Remember him from back then. Always wondered why you spelt his name that way

    Taniciusfox - Never thought bad of him til I learned he's a furry. Thats a no-no. :nono:

    Thoughtful Thug - Well, if you're gonna be a thug, might as well be a thoughtful one. No one likes a mindless thug!

    Traitorfish - TRAITOR!

    tycoonist - Your name reminds me of Tycoon, old fiftychatter. Wonder where he went. :(

    uat2d - I resent the implication I am at 2D. I am at 3D, as are most other people. What is your problem! :mad:

    useless - I could think of posters a lot more useless than yourself! So don't worry bout that. Gay dude.

    Valka D'Ur - Used to be a mod, and seemed to infract those she didn't agree with. Isn't now anymore, wonder why...

    Verarde - Goes to #fiftychat, we talk semi-often. Seems agreeable enough.

    Virote_Considon - Sounds like a groovy name for a star.

    VRWCAgent - Really cool guy! We play civ4 pretty often! A great example of a person with very different views than me who I get along with fantastically! Makes living in Missouri sounds awesome. Likes to steal my iron. :p

    warpus - I remembered you being funny. And a Pole. (Not the metal kind)

    west india man - WIM is what I see you as. How did you get yourself banned from #fiftychat?

    Whiskey_Lord - I like Whiskey! What's your favorite?

    Yared - Sounds like someone couldn't get the nick Jared. :p

    Zack - What a plain user name! I know quite a few Zacks in real life.

    ZeletDude - I didn't forget you, like everyone else. Where's my cookie, dammit!

    Zelig - Mars. Duh. They should really let you switch to that nick. Cool guy, pretty smart. We also play civ4 together a lot, always gets crappy start locations. :lol:

    Ziggy_Stardust - Reminds me of the cool David Bowie song. Such a classic!

    _random_ - Comes to #fiftychat pretty often. Thought he was much older than he was.

    And I've also included a blank alphabetical list on the first post. Cheers. :goodjob:
  6. rugbyLEAGUEfan

    rugbyLEAGUEfan Deity

    Feb 12, 2010
    sydney australia
    @MjM.....then check out rugby LEAGUE.....different game to rugby as you know it , thus the capital letters .
  7. west india man

    west india man Immortal

    Aug 29, 2008
    @MjM, it was probably a variety of stuff, considering Lucy's been hating on me there for ages, but she banned me when I insisted that I was cuter as a child.
  8. Tee Kay

    Tee Kay Silly furry

    Aug 21, 2005
    Yes... I mean, no! I mean, yes! Well, actually, we didn't mean to rip-off NES. It kinda started accidentally when something I started got a bit out of hand. We did draw on a lot from NES when developing early IOTs. Since then it kinda evolved into what I'd like to refer to as SpamNES. Some of the better ones are really good though!

    Because CFC has a 15 characters limit on usernames.
  9. classical_hero

    classical_hero In whom I trust

    Jan 30, 2003
    Perth,Western Australia
    Most people don't understand why you would go for the inferior form of Rugby. :mischief:
  10. Jehoshua

    Jehoshua Catholic

    Sep 25, 2009
    :lol:, thats because it is :p

    Its a latinised form of the original hebrew name Yehoshua, which over time degenerated into the aramaic/later hebrew Yeshua which was transferred into english as the name Joshua.

    The name means "The Lord is Salvation" which I thought was an appropriate online name considering I am a resident Catholic on these forums.
  11. rugbyLEAGUEfan

    rugbyLEAGUEfan Deity

    Feb 12, 2010
    sydney australia
    Not in Oz they don't :goodjob:
  12. Boundless

    Boundless Deity

    Mar 31, 2011
    The walled city, UK

    Ohhhh MJM, you haven't seen mine and Abby's recent bleaching attempts on my hair. I'M SO BLONDE.
  13. emzie

    emzie wicked witch of the North

    Jul 5, 2004
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Abaddon: Has grown on me a lot. Is actually a pretty cool guy.
    aelf: No real opinion. Lives in Singapore
    Ahovking: Aussie nationalist with nothing good to add to any conversation, though can be good for a few laughs when he trolls Americans
    aimeeandbeatles: Tom Petty #1
    Ajidica: Some kind of orange avatar
    Alassius: Is taking part in the CFC chain letter, otherwise have no idea
    amadeus: is consistently an awful person but pleasure to talk to in #fiftychat. I used to think the Radioactive Monkey meme on CFC referred to his former user name.
    Arakhor: Seems to be a generally good poster. Lives in UK.
    Ayatollah: Is a fantastic poster who needs to come here more often. Think his wife is a clinical psychologist?
    Azash: Constantly confuse with Azale. Is Winnish.
    azzaman333: :dunno: Aussie.
    bathsheba666: :dunno: Brit
    bigdog5994: Blues
    Bill3000: Is an ass, loves linguistics and physics. My goto poster to pester about physics.
    bombshoo: Ohio State fan I think?
    Boundless: Cutie, and I can say that since her boyfriend can't read OT.
    Brighteye: think the user location is Oxford? iono if he goes to Oxford but could.
    Camikaze: a once-cool poster now on a power trip to FIX THE CANCER THAT IS KILLING OT. May be part of the cancer.
    cardgame: name is vaguely familiar.
    carmen510: has a funny quote about Winner in sig.
    Catharsis: :dunno:
    CELTICEMPIRE: Has never made me ponder, except in mild amusement that he can use a keyboard.
    Cheetah: Norway, has a cheetah avatar. Seems to be an all-around likeable bloke.
    Cheezy the Wiz: lolmunist, rather misogynist. Excellent fashion choices.
    Chukchi Husky: wants his belly scratched.
    CivCube: avatar
    CivGeneral: a lot of complaining, a lot more DYOS work
    civplayah: dunno:
    classical_hero: Our foremost expert on being wrong about the history of the Earth. I otherwise think I'd enjoy his company should we avoid some topics.
    Colonel: USAF
    contre: a nutter
    Cutlass: Overly partisan, but in a way I can appreciate. Sometimes suspect he's actually on the Democrat's payroll due to never flinching from his Republicans-are-never-good stances. But like I said, I appreciate this and almost always agree with him.
    Dachs: "You are incorrect. It happened in 141 BC not 142 BC. Also Jared Diamond is the worst person in the history of the world."
    Darth_Caesar: :dunno:
    Defiant47: Overly-militant antitheist. Dig the avatar. Born in Romanian?
    downtown: God's gift to CFC.
    Dreadnought: No where near as smart as he thinks he is.
    DroopyTofu: :dunno:
    Dumanios: Lives just north of where I used to live (Westerville, Ohio)
    El_Machinae: A brilliant mod who, more than anything else, makes me nervous about knowingly posting a trolling comment. Wouldn't want to disappoint him. Also: space elevators.
    electric926: :dunno:
    Elrohir: Smart, able to defend positions well. #fiftychat
    EnglishCrusader: #fiftychat and not much else
    Eran of Arcadia: Stormin'Mormon, clever poster who looks like, IRL, he could break me in half but is just too nice a person to do that.
    Flying Pig: Knows his British history.
    flyingchicken: :dunno:
    Gary Childress: schizophrenia?
    Glassfan: Mistook me for being angry, told me to chill. Was not angry. Did not need to chill.
    Huayna Capac357: travels the world in his user location
    Hygro: music, worked with Whomp, thinks chiropractors cure things they can't.
    IglooDude: Has more guns than a police station. Libertarian type.
    innonimatu: Thought he lived in Finland. Does not live in Finland. Takes plenty of anti-science stances while thinking he's "just being skeptical"
    Integral: Always an excellent poster.
    Japanrocks12: thinks Japanrocks, I guess.
    Jehoshua: :dunno:
    Joecoolyo: Chicago
    JohnRM: George Carlin avatar. Got in a nasty nasty car wreck. Has a generally great attitude towards life.
    JollyRoger: There isn't a wittier poster to be found.
    jtb1127: newish poster, did off-site top-100 poster game
    Kaiserguard: :dunno:
    Kan' Sharuminar: Draws lots. #fiftychat frequenter. Supports Harry Potter (for Minister of Magic?)
    KMRblue1027: :dunno:
    Kraznaya: A white knight who is, and this is contradictory, also a USC fan
    leonel: Everett(?), Washington. Lived somewhere in Asia for a while, I think.
    Lone Wolf: :dunno:
    lopaz: :dunno:
    lord_joakim: Danish avatar thing
    LucyDuke: <3 kindred spirit
    Mad_Man: True story, your current avatar is my 8th grade math teacher's cousin (addicted to love music video)
    madviking: U Virginia fan. Has my eternal sympathy.
    MagisterCultuum: Sciency (a big complement!). Has good contributions.
    Mango Elephant: Troll extrodinare
    Martacus: :dunno:
    mechaerik: #fiftychat
    Miles_Teg: Rationalist. I highly approve. Introduced me to rationalwiki
    Mise: Great poster, with whom I almost always agree.
    Narz: Anyone want to buy 10 gallons of organic honey?
    NBAfan: catholic, lives in Texas
    NickyJ: Follows Dom3k like a puppy
    NiRv4n4: Zoso avatar?
    nonconformist: is a
    NYHunter: Star Trek avatar
    Owen Glyndwr: Avatar that is some anime I can't place
    ParadigmShifter: maths, lol.
    ParkCungHee: Henry David Thoreau avatar
    Perfection: perfect name
    PeteAtoms: always has great posts
    phoenix_sprite: creepy avatar
    PlutonianEmpire: asks some weirdly specific questions in the science forums. Wishes to mate with human woman painted blue. Potentially has hot sisters?
    Princeps: can be drawn out of lurking by any thread to do with Israel. Dislikes America equally.
    Quackers: I assume one of those disenfranchised Labour voters who hovers around BNP
    RedRalph: Didn't get the memo in 1991
    Richard Cribb: Has a reputation that precedes him. In my case, literally, as I can't really recall reading his posts.
    rugbyLEAGUEfan: Cars. Aussie. Seems to be a good person.
    Silurian: has a signature with 3 smilies in it
    Skwink: Something Cascadia
    Smellincoffee: Atheist in Alabama. My deep condolences.
    Sonereal: ignores a lot of people. I wonder if I'm one.
    SouthernKing: :dunno:
    SS-18_ICBM: sciencey (a big complement!) at UT?
    SuperBeaverInc: Flying Canadian
    Sveon: :dunno:
    taillesskangaru: left-leaning aussie generally worth reading
    Taniciusfox: Bad investments, Sonic, wanting to sleep with sonic and wanting to eat people. Thinks he's a member of the bourgeoisie. Is not.
    Thoughtful Thug: from home state
    Traitorfish: Scottish liberal type.
    tycoonist: Brit
    uat2d: has a stoned-looking dog avatar
    Valka D'Ur: cats. Long-suffering (and perpetually-suffering) Liberal in Alberta
    Verarde: :dunno:
    Virote_Considon: Brit that reads like a transplanted Republican American
    VRWCAgent: The gold standard of being a conservative
    warpus: bacon
    west india man: Thinks he's god's gift to being beautiful. Is not. Is an absolute narcissist and I'm not upset he's banned from #fiftychat. Posts insanely hard maps in guess the map, not to provide a challenge, but to laugh at everyone while giving near-useless hints. Ruined that game for me.
    Whiskey_Lord: good poster
    Yared: black guy in Sweden
    Zack: :dunno:
    ZeletDude: Lives near my mom, I think
    Zelig: is a very very smug poster but generally right
    Ziggy_Stardust: great minds think alike
    _random_: seems to be a kid with a good heart... and a Bengals fan like me, so he knows pain. Lives in Dayton so he knows even more pain.
  14. Yared

    Yared That Guy

    May 21, 2009
    Ehh, I guess could've done a lot worse :D

    I think I already posted earlier in this thread, but whatever. BTW, a lot of this isn't too serious.

    Abaddon: The Prince that will one day become a fine King. Reminds me of Ashton Kutcher in more ways than one <3
    Ahovking: Recognized for his entertaining, sometimes doomish threads.
    aimeeandbeatles: Aimee keeps it real and tells it how it is.
    Ajidica: An Epitome of the art of Forumpostery.
    amadeus: The poster boy of a needed minority of CFC.
    Arakhor: "Even oysters have enemies." You'd do well to remember that...
    Boundless: One day she wasn't, the next she was. Boundless came out of nowhere but who might as well have been here since day one.
    Brighteye: Read his posts for the hell of it. You'll find him to often make sense in his own strange way.
    Camikaze: A stubborn and very hard-working moderator who I respect for always being read to put on the bad guy costume. Kinda the Sum&#333;k&#257; of CFC. Also has some stupid views on Metal :mischief:
    cardgame: A nice guy who lives in the middle of nowhere on some flatland desert. :mischief:
    Cheetah: The Norwegian in Exile.
    Cheezy the Wiz: Communist and apparently former Fighter expert or something.
    CivGeneral: The Lotus flower blooms twice.
    classical_hero: A proper sexual being, and not one of those asexualish Christians
    that seem incapable of appreciating the female form and instead come of as closetted gays.
    Cutlass: Always has something say about economy-related stuff. Always
    Dachs: Will in 10 years achieve omniscience. More power to you.
    downtown: Used to work as a schoolteacher in a poor area in New Orleans, providing a respectable Male Figure to many of them. Is also a meme.
    El_Machinae: The Michio Kaku of CFC.
    Flying Pig: His life is one of the more adventurous ones of CFC.
    Hygro: Master Networker.
    IglooDude: In the Navy?
    JollyRoger: What's left of a once, proud CFC-race.
    Joecoolyo: Jewish Futurama-expert. A real bro.
    JohnRM: Known for wanting humanity to go back to hunter-gatherer times.
    JollyRoger: What's left of a once proud race of CFC.
    Kraznaya: Lives in a "small Chinese town" of 2 million people.
    lord_joakim: As sweet as a Danish.
    LucyDuke: That mutual friend that I should know pretty well but I somehow don't!
    madviking: Thinks he's all big and bad now that he's in College!
    MagisterCultuum: When he rants, he pours.
    Mango Elephant: Has the charisma of a PIMP.
    Mise: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. ENOUGH SAID.
    Narz: A proper, mature man and father who's also a Chess-wizz and eco-conscious.
    NBAfan: A walking stereotype ;)
    NickyJ: Shares my love for old movies, and no one who likes old movies is bad!
    nonconformist: Attention Whore :mischief: A noble activist, fighting for Student Rights. Is also pretty funny.
    Owen Glyndwr: A really cool guy who I wanna cruise the streets of Santa Cruz with, in a mad cacophony of fun and Gangsta Rap (I particularly am fond of "Get Low"). Also has a cute looking sister. Yeah, I said it.
    ParadigmShifter: Special Effect: This card has the ability to make a thread of your choice x100 funnier. Also, he looks like Jesus.
    Perfection: Pixel Artist and Life Hacker.
    PeteAtoms: Yesterday, I saw a portion of episode 22 of the sitcom "Better With You". One of the characters delivers her baby into the world, and her husband holds up their kid. He declares that his name is Charlie, because the baby looks like someone you'd wanna take a pizza and a beer with. The mother argues that they decided that his name should be Spencer months before, and that you can't just change a name like that after you've decided on it. But then, when she holds her baby again she agrees that the name Charlie is perfect for him, and that she wants to eat pizza and fried chicken.

    You're Charlie.
    PlutonianEmpire: The Sexual DEVIANT.
    Quackers: That dude you know that makes
    RedRalph: Has a Catholic wife and took paternity leave from CFC for his daughter's sake. Likes to discuss Geo-Politics and is a Communist.
    Richard Cribb: Norwegian Christian Communist.
    SS-18_ICBM: The Scientist.
    SuperBeaverInc.: Lives in Mexico, I think. Thought the woman that would later become his wife was saying "I want a burrito" and not "I am bored here" (or something like that) in Spanish when they first met.
    taillesskangaru: Could go far in life with the proper attitude! Also, just like people tell me to get an afro, Tailless should go learn Old Muay Thai in some Thai village :D
    Taniciusfox: Optimistic and always filled with ideas. Bzns Bzns.
    Traitorfish: Should always be imagined with a great beard.
    tycoonist: If I ever had the fortune of having to introduce him IRL, I'd put on my meanest African-American drawl and say "This dude right here is one crazy mofo N-word!"
    Valka D'Ur: Paves her own path and WALKS ON IT. YEAAAAH.
    Virote_Considon: Should just pack up and go back to where he came from.
    Spoiler :

    VRWCAgent: The Archetypal American Hero. A genuine dude.
    warpus: The Ultimate Bachelor. Gets shiz done.
    west india man: The guy nobody can take seriously because of that fluff on his lip :mischief: Should show me around Brazil one day.
    Zack: My Texan, anachronistic reincarnation.
    ZeletDude: The Sweetheart of CFC.
    Ziggy_Stardust: The 5th horseman.
    _random_: Should be the leader of a Mega Church.
  15. Boundless

    Boundless Deity

    Mar 31, 2011
    The walled city, UK
    Because my last attempt was fairly wasted on him :p:

    Abaddon - The lemon that introduced me (and by proxy got me hooked) to this site. He gives me cool hair and has promised we can live in a beige box with no windows when we're older. I'm a lucky one (and I mean that part sincerely :p). With Boundless Abaddon and all that :). >12 times (you know what I'm talking about).
  16. useless

    useless Social Justice Rogue

    Dec 4, 2003
    On the internet
    Meh, I didn't even get a mention.
  17. SS-18 ICBM

    SS-18 ICBM Oscillator

    Mar 5, 2006
    Here and there
    Yay, I'm not invisible. :D Thanks contre (a sensible, thoughtful Canadian. Also understands science, definitely a plus in my book) and Yared (a smooth swarthy Scandinavian. If there were more posters like you CFC would not only be a better but also a cool place)
  18. MjM

    MjM Deity

    Jun 12, 2004
    Fixed! Dunno how I missed that!

    If anyone else is missed speak up!
  19. Joecoolyo

    Joecoolyo 99% Lightspeed

    Apr 8, 2008
    I'm too lazy to take my previous lists and find out who I missed, so I'm going to just copy-and-paste MjM's list and write everyone a response from there.

    Abaddon - British kid with too many girlfriends, brought Boundless to the forums
    aelf - He's really a girl
    Ahovking - Could potentially be a super-poster
    aimeeandbeatles - Tom Petty
    Ajidica - Byzantines and all around great poster
    Alassius - He fights the communists
    amadeus - Japan, also, very consistent with political views
    Arakhor - Yes, I still think you're one of the sensible posters ;)
    Ayatollah_So - I've seen you around a lot but I'm blanking on anything, and I don't know why
    Azash - You're name is too similar to Azale!
    azzaman333 - Music, music, and needs to get more sleep
    bathsheba666 - I've seen you around, haven't formulated anything on you yet, I confuse you with ayatolla for some reason
    bigdog5994 - You're name is too similar to bigfoot's!
    Bill3000 - The Dachs of linguistics
    bombshoo - I remember you from my Civ4 days!
    Boundless - OMG its Boundless, the one of the few girls of the forum, but is also very cool
    Brighteye - You need an avatar! I constantly miss your posts because of it
    Camikaze - You took a 6 month romp around Europe that I'm very jealous of
    cardgame - Brony, also, HE'S IN LOVE
    carmen510 - Flowers!
    Catharsis - EPYC! Also, hilarious
    CELTICEMPIRE - One of the new crop about a year ago, seems to post in line with Dommy and Nicky
    Cheetah - The OP
    Cheezy the Wiz - Resident Communist, who also has a great winter hat
    Chukchi Husky - Wolfs!
    CivCube - I've seen you around, yet you haven't stereotyped yourself yet, so I can't generalize you!
    CivGeneral - DYOS, needs to get a job and a girlfriend
    civplayah - Vegetarian, also plays IOT
    classical_hero - YECer from down below
    Colonel - Army guy who makes my USA#1 seem like a USA#10
    contre - Wikipedia on legs, and because of that, a wizard at the guess the map thread
    Cutlass - He hates the Republicans! Also, from what I've seen, a handyman
    Dachs - I already made an entire post about this
    Darth_Caesar - You started to post and then disappeared, come back!
    Defiant47 - People don't like the fact that you use a Rommel avatar
    downtown - The last poll option, also, fellow Chicagoan
    Dreadnought - You made a transition from the History forum recently
    DroopyTofu - I remember you from my Civ4 days! Also, you always play the Confederacy in IOT :p
    Domination3000 - The leader of the right-wing-kids pack, and contrary to everyone else, I do actually like you :)
    Dumanios - You started to post a lot, then seemingly went into lurk mode, I group you with the new crop from a year or two ago
    El_Machinae - Science!
    electric926 - I remember you from the Humor and Jokes forum
    Elrohir - Needs and avatar!
    EnglishCrusader - I liked your old avatar/user-title combo (and I still do!)
    Eran of Arcadia - Da Mormon
    Flying Pig - Oldest guy on the forum, and has had quite the life, always interesting to read
    flyingchicken - I also see you, but haven't nailed you down yet
    Gary Childress - You recently came back after a bit of a break
    Glassfan - Post more! From what I've read it's been good so far
    Huayna Capac357 - Music, music, and more music
    Hygro - You burst back onto the scene recently, was in Chicago for a while, bunked with Godwyn, was work buddies with Womp
    IglooDude - Former-mod
    innonimatu - Portuguese anti-everything
    Integral - Da numbers guy
    Japanrocks12 - You posted, and then kinda left, and then kinda came back, not enough for me to nail you down though :(
    Jehoshua - Now I know you post in the Catholic thread
    Joecoolyo - That kid everyone describes with four things
    JohnRM - Car crash, wishes society to go back to foraging times
    JollyRoger - The one-liner
    jtb1127 - One of the newest new crop, needs to post more so I can generalize him!
    Kaiserguard - Your avatar is too similar to Camikaze's old one!
    Kan' Sharuminar - Fluffy Sco'ish ducks!
    KMRblue1027 - You're literally one of the few on this list in which I can't even remember your avatar, nor your posts, solution: post more!
    Kraznaya - He pops in, and then promptly leaves
    leonel - Cascadia!
    Lone Wolf - :gripe:
    lopaz - You're sadly in the same situation as KMR
    lord_joakim -That Crazy Dane :p
    LucyDuke - One of the girls of the forum, likes severe weather as much as I do :)
    Mad_Man - Maryland shall rise again!
    madviking - UVA UVA UVA UVA UVA
    MagisterCultuum - You make very good, albeit, very long posts
    Mango Elephant - Southern Han Empire, also, your posts are hysterical
    Martacus - You're from Indiana!
    mechaerik - I use to confuse you with Dumanios for some reason, probably because you also arrived when he did
    MjM: Iron cross avatars! Also, you came back recently
    Miles_Teg - Always think of you when I play HOI3 and click on Czechoslovakia
    Mise - British kid who has invaded the forum!
    Narz - Has got a kid, plays chess, and an eco-nut
    NBAfan - EU3 multiplayer games
    NickyJ - Don't post after Domination does, it makes the conversation that much more confusing!
    NiRv4n4 - I know what your avatar means now!
    nonconformist - Crazy Brit who occupied his school ;)
    NYHunter - New Yorker who needs to post more, so I can cram his entire existence into a single sentence
    Owen Glyndwr - Dach's sidekick! Can't tell if you're actually madviking's brother :p
    ParadigmShifter - MATHS!
    ParkCungHee - I've read a lot of your posts, and liked them, but you don't have any "defining" feature that I can stereotype here, think of that as a good thing :)
    Perfection - OMG ITS PERFS
    PeteAtoms - South Park!
    phoenix_sprite - Weird ass avatar (keep it!)
    PlutonianEmpire - Pluto, the Sims, nukes, and blue alien chicks
    Princeps - You pop in from time to time
    Quackers - Hilarious Brit, who also happens to be off his rocker ;)
    RedRalph - The Soviet Union will rise again!
    Richard Cribb - As I said before, the guy everyone holds in high esteem, but I personally haven't seen you post very much
    rugbyLEAGUEfan - Hope you enjoy America!
    Silurian - He posts the news excerpts
    Skwink - The greatest avatar-sig-usertitle combos
    Smellincoffee - Great user name
    Sonereal - IOTer, should have stayed in Iron and Blood, it got really good!
    SouthernKing - Australia!
    SuperBeaverInc. - One of the best usernames
    Sveon - You pop in from time to time, which automatically means you need to post more!
    taillesskangaru - Overrepresented in my sig ;) Awesome kid who always seems to undervalue himself, stop it, you're awesome!
    Taniciusfox - ANTIEDO, also a furry who loves sonic
    Thoughtful Thug - Another one of those occasional posters who I actually remember pretty well, I subscribe a healthy dose of POST MORE
    Traitorfish - Your posts are always so intelligent most of the time I can't get through them without my brain kerploding, keep up the good work!
    tycoonist - British kid! Or American kid! I confuse you with someone else with a similar avatar
    uat2d - I love the avatar
    useless: Gay rights activist
    Valka D'Ur - Crazy cat lady :p
    Verarde - Drummer kid, he's one of the new-new-crop
    Virote_Considon - Skin head!
    VRWCAgent - Everyone loves you!
    warpus - Polish Canadian who consists entirely of bacon
    west india man - Needs to learn how to grow proper facial hair ;)
    Whiskey_Lord - I'll cut straight to it! Post more so I can generalize you!
    Yared - My Swedish bro! If you ever come to Chicago, you can stay at my place!
    Zack - Scum :p
    ZeletDude - Germany! Also, you ski and live in the filler state of Idaho
    Zelig - Mars. He does computers!
    Ziggy_Stardust - Crazy Dutch kid who's a lot older than I thought he was
    _random_ - Comic books and Orthodox Christianity!

    The only person I counted missing from the list was Dommy, hopefully no one else was missed!
  20. MjM

    MjM Deity

    Jun 12, 2004
    I made the list at 3am, So I fudged it a little...

    Dommy, useless, and myself have been added to the main list on the first page.

    Dommy and useless to my own list on page 28.

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