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what level do you play at?

Discussion in 'Civ3 - General Discussions' started by robbus, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. robbus

    robbus Chieftain

    Sep 4, 2005
    capture-20180723-233555.png View attachment 501204
    Post a game save! I like seeing what others are doing. Lets me analyze and problem solve.

    Here is my current game:

    Emperor level, Japan. I am holding my own but not optimistic.

    I like playing as I imagine alternate histories.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  2. tjs282

    tjs282 Whale snark...

    May 19, 2009
    Under the waves, before love rescued me
    That screenshot looks straaangely familiar... ;)

    ... but I'm not sure why it's there. Did you mean to post one of your current game? (If so, you should be able to edit the post to put the right one up)

    EDIT: ...And I see you've now done that.

    That looks like an 'interesting' game. Jungle starts are often pigs, so you seem to be doing pretty well so far -- but I'd probably want to round out and shorten my borders if I was in your shoes. Putting towns on the river-Jungle 1S of the mountain between Aydin and Edrine, and the coast-Jungle 3SW of Aydin, would both help with that (as well as being potentially useful Pop10-12 sites in their own right).

    Are you fighting anyone at the moment, or holding off until you can field Maces+Pikes?

    And hey look! Xerxes has not only built a Catapult, he's even sent it out into the field! (Unguarded by anything else, but hey, baby-steps, right...?) ...Or did he capture it from the Ottomans?
    Further to my earlier comment re. the Middle Ages Conquest, last weekend I brought my second Emp-level attempt, this time playing as the Fatimids, to a successful conclusion.

    Spoiler Sorta bragging... :
    I won on VPs, 6 turns before game-end. If the clock had run out, I think I would have won anyway, since I'd already been running the VP-lead for >50 turns, thanks mainly to the Abbasids declaring on me after I'd demanded that their barb-hunters and Settler-pairs leave my territory. On the turn that I was awarded the victory, I had actually had an Ansar-Army (plus a small Ansar-stack) standing on the Hills south of Jerusalem for a couple of turns, but the depradations of Abbasid Assassins had ensured that I hadn't quite managed to amass a sufficiently overwhelming force, to defeat all the defenders within a single turn. (I had been forced to retreat my other 2 Ansar-Armies, because they were so badly weakened). What I think actually triggered my victory, though, was recapturing an Abbassid town on the Red Sea which had back-flipped (it had the "Robin Hood" GW, so I'd kept it), allowing me to gain those 'city-capture' points a second time.

    I was tickled to find out later that my end-game empire covered pretty much the same territory as the historical one had, at its height -- the entire North African coast, from Morocco to southern Israel, also Sicily.
    EDIT II, Son of Edit:

    Am now also in the final stages of (probably) winning the FoR Conquest at Emp, this time as the Franks (I already failed as the Anglo-Saxons, and twice as the Celts; in all 3 games, Caesar folded, but 'Dora won VP-vics).

    Spoiler Wot I dun... :
    I initially concentrated on expanding south and west, while building nothing but Raiders, Workers, Settlers, Barracks, and (a few!) Spears, then got sneak-attacked by the Anglo-Saxons just after I'd hooked up Iron to start building Marauders. So I allied with the Western Romans (at enoooormous expense) and let them spend their north-European Legions fighting my war, but captured Hengest's 8th town myself, finishing him off and freeing up that NE territory for further expansion.

    After my ROP with Rome expired, Julie DoW'd me when I told him to get off my land (which was delicious, because I was paying him about 50 gpt for various techs at the time!). So I immediately allied with the Vandals and Visigoths against Rome (putting them also at war with Byzantium), and used my Pillagers to capture the 2 nearest Roman towns (keeping the one on the VP-location, but razing the other). The Celts cleared Caesar's forces out of Britain, but the Vandals finished the mainland Romans off, putting them ahead of me on VPs.

    I was now into the second age and had researched Military Training so I could upgrade/build Ancient Cavalry, but all the roads south to Byzantium turned out to be blocked by stacks of Vandal and Visigoth Warlords, preventing me from joining that war before it ended with Theodora's demise (though it was the Huns who administered the coup de grace). So my troops marched northwards again, and I declared on the Vandals, destroying 8 of their Pop1 fringe-towns within a couple of turns, eliminating them as well.

    The Celts had meanwhile started (re)colonising northern and western France, so it only took me another 10 turns or so to line up my Cav-stacks and finish them off too. A Warlord victory against a last-gasp Celtic landing brought me my GA, unfortunately too late to grab Justinian's Leadership for myself, but all my towns are now pumping out Cavalries in 3-4 turns. Which is good, because just before he died, Brennus also bought both the Ostrogoths and the Huns into an MA against me. I immediately paid the the Visigoths and Sassanids to fight them on my behalf, while I moved my troops back to my eastern borders to deal with the expected incursions. But they haven't shown up yet, and I'm nearly ready to start advancing eastwards myself: right now I have over 25000 VPs, so defeating the Ostrogoths (and if necessary, backstabbing the Visigoths) should be enough to win...

    EDIT III, Return of the Son of Edit:

    And it was! Although I made peace with the Huns myself, they managed to kill off the Sassanids just as I reached the Ostrogoth borders, and then captured the 8th Visigoth town one turn before end-of-game. But I did in the Ostrogoths, giving me nearly 36000 VPs.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2018 at 4:51 AM
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  3. Spoonwood

    Spoonwood Grand Philosopher

    Apr 30, 2008
    Size 7 settler. *Shaking head*

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