What would be a perfect successor to Civ 5 be like?


Jun 3, 2014
Just post some ideas of things you'd like to see in Civ 7 (or 6 if they follow the GTA school of sequels).
Realistic modern warfare, realistic tech tree, deeper economic system, better map scripts, dynamic environments, more diversity civ-wise, and more victory conditions.
definitely an overhaul to city states. also, allow 2 units per tile, one ranged, one melee.
where do I start....

Corporations - as much as this is the era of economic uncertainty and the key to a variety of diplomatic perils we endure today. Why not incorporate a simplified version of that through the use of corporations?

GOVERNMENT - I would LOVE some form of government and leader succession. I get it that we skip hundreds of years of time in certain parts of the game. But the ancient times can be marked by successions of factions or lineages and in the modern times, individual people. If you pick LIBERTY you should feel compelled to bend to the will of the people or suffer consequences. If you choose tradition you can do whatever you want but are more susceptible to subversion by another government.

Culture should be treated differently. - It should exist outside of the bounds of a Civilization. For instance, in the scope of the history of the world. England and America are nearly Identical culturally. However the Sunni and Shi'ite seem to be at odds endlessly. Even within the confines of a "Civ"

---This should be explored in Civ. Let's say you ROLL over a weak Japan early as Rome. The region you conquered should forever remain japanese culturally. So even if their happy, even if they comply with government. Ethnically they would still be japanese and maybe theirs cause and effect because of it. This recreates situations like the crisis in Iraq, The Crimea situation etc etc.

Navy - At certain points in history, a strong navy was far more important then an Army. This should be reflected in Civ. Early it should be about the army, then during the age of exploration it should be all about Naval power, and during the modern era's it should be about a balanced combination.

Vassals - I'm sick of pretending city-states are vassals their not. Genghis conquered half the world sure but half those civs simply paid tribute. Their should be a similar system here.

DIPLOMACY - should be completely thrown away and start from scratch. Lets follow the logic from game designers here. They create a system in which its against your own interest to expand past 4 cities and expect you to conquer the rest. HOWEVER your strongly discouraged from actually conquering cities. Sure you can raze a few farms. Enslave a few workers but god forbid you topple Liverpool.
a lot of consideration for how the game functions from start to finish. i couldn't care less about more realism or who's more deserving of running a civilisation because i don't really see it as a point. i don't think many people would see it as a point either if the game was more consistent and tidy
Support mods for multiplayer.
edit: deleted because frankly I'm getting sick of being a free idea generator for lazy developers who've internalised colonial attitudes and don't playtest properly
a lot of consideration for how the game functions from start to finish.

This. It took a long time and two expansions to kind of figure out what CiV should "be", and even then the flow is less than desirable.

What I really want is to see them come up with a way to make all eras meaningful. As it stands, you basically ignore classical/medieval eras completely. Even if you try and make it impactful, say conquering some cities as Rome during the classical era when you get all your goodies, it is likely you won't have the happiness to hold on to what you got, and even if you do it is questionable if the conquered territory is helping (delaying nationals, warmonger penalty, happiness issues, BNW tech cost per city, etc.)

In short, I want to see the eXpand put back into 4X. Not only through conquering, but settling additional cities as well. Give me a reason to place cities on a newly discovered continent. Give me a reason to actually use a unique unit from the classical era.
I hope Sid`s watching...



1. Tech to actually reflect reality better so we learn something as we play.
2. Make any near future units more realistic no stupid GDRs by 2010 or Xcoms where there are no Alien invasions. (At least make it optional).

3. Better animated advisers that speak and change Tech look as Ages pass by.

4. The Civ 5 Leaders are good, but i`d like their look to change. so in Ancient days they are in furs, in medieval times more Meddy and in modern to be wearing faction specific modern clothing.
5. scenery to change in background to reflect state of Civ. Losing war, damaged backgrounds - peace looks peaceful. That background of the Black guy with a burning city behind him looks great, but it`s always there every time which is nonsensical.
6. More diplomatic options and more audible speech from leaders.
7. Show more randomness in leader experessions and gestures.

Main map:

8. Include random elements and natural disasters.

9. Give a Zoom-in option that allows you to zoom into a landscape scene so you see your city and improvements in a realistic manner and can even watch battles from it. It`s about time Civ had this.

10. From no.9 when a city is taken, show the victorious army walking through it.

11. Options for everything. don`t skimp on the options! :)

12. Don`t dumb the game down any further.

13. A non- Steam, non-DRM buyable option like the recent Age of Wonders 3 on GOG? I`d pay £10 extra just for this.

That would be the perfect next Civ for me.
edit: deleted because frankly I'm getting sick of being a free idea generator for lazy developers who've internalised colonial attitudes and don't playtest properly
Someone could create a game with these ideas. It wouldn't be AAA graphics, but still.
1. Play on a globe.
2. Better interface, so you don't have to open and close 50 screens every turn.
3. No more racing through the later eras all in just a few turns.
4. Moon base.
5. Programmable AI.
#1 Keep the hexes

#2 Unless Beyond Earth tactical AI is much improved (its also going to use one military unit per tile), I'd say its time to pull the plug on trying to get AI to use non military stacking correctly and instead should adopt SSI's standard 2 military units per tile so it could incorporate their AI rule to always stack ranged units with a non-ranged one and fix all issues with AI handling of siege units once and for all. Along with it decrease range of all ranged units having a starting range of 2 are more by 1, decrease city bombardment range to 1, and decrease movement points of all land units by 1.

#3 Allow civilian units unlimited stack ability.

#4 Allow civilian units to pass thru other players units that they aren't at war with just like military units.

#5 Fix the AI giving you more gold now than they would in GPT. As an alternative, just remove the ability of the AI to give gold now for per turn items.

#6 Beyond Earth limiting the equivalent of city states to a single hex sounds like a good idea (if city states kept at all)

#7 Remove "puppet" option upon conquest. (Pre ideology it's a no brainer to initially select it if keeping the city at all even if you are planning on annexing the moment it comes out of resistance)

#8 National wonders: Don't require 100% of all self built cities to have X building, instead require a fixed number.

#9 If Global happiness kept, remove the tie in to Golden Ages. I'm actually thinking Civ IIIs win a battle with your UU or build correct combo of wonders for a Golden age worked best.

#10 Remove maintenance of buildings and instead have city maintenance (like Civ IV)

#11 Require something in late game before cash rushing becomes possible.

#12 Quantities of strategic resources is a good idea, but multiple lines requiring the same type isn't, so remove resource requirement from Lancer.

#13 If social trees kept at all, don't include anything like Rationalism which was nothing but science bonuses. Instead scatter the science bonuses around.

#14 Similarly, if anything from Civ IV's environmentalism civic ever comes back, it needs to be no later than mid game when when you still have forest.

#15 If corporations brought back, don't have them be live Beyond the Sword which after a few patches made any city a branch was in highly profitable.

#16 If spies brought back, either include buildings that outright kill spies or else have it be impossible to steal a tech from a city defended by a higher ranking spy.
Have enemy spy actions when caught be considered an act of war.

#17 Remove "deceptive friendly", it's painfully obvious when the AI is attempting this.

#18 Remove AI calling up player just to insult them when hostile, save them for the actual war declaration / AI winning the game.

#19 Remove denouements.

#20 If city states still around, remove "pledge to protect", consider that auto-built in to the current ally.

#21 Remove the has no effect other than making the AI become mad at you options ("Don't settle cities near us", "Stop spreading religion", "Don't spy on us") in which the AI doesn't stop even when they say they will.

#22 If Great Prophets in the next version, they should either be bared from foreign lands without open borders or at the very least be subjected to "unwelcome evangelist" penalty that missionaries are.

#23 Teach AI to early on form academies with Great Scientists, especially Babylon.

#24 Lock Great Scientist & Great Writer strength to that from the turn they are born just like Great Musicians.

#25 Please don't have Day Zero DLC unless its free.

#26 Allow sufficient play balance time while in Beta testing so that it doesn't feel like the first year post release is an open beta test that you paid more to be in than those who waited for the last major balancing patch to come out before buying.
I would be happy when the next game

- would allow me to wage war from the beginning effectively
- reacting to an aggression from another civ (being it spying, using missionairies, attacking me..) with any means possible without being called a warmonger
- tune down the whole warmonger thing, fix diplomacy
- build a wide empire without the constant feeling that it's significantly weaker than a 4 city approach
- balance the game that annihilating an opponent and capturing his cities gives you an advantage, not a disadvantage
- balance the diplomacy in anway that you can keep true friends if you do not harm them (like in Civ 4), even if they will not win
- rebalance range units and their effect on the AI. At the moment, if you can make it to Dynamite, you will win every war with next to no effort until bombers arrive. That's not how it happened in the "real world" and - more important - it makes exploiting the AI too easy.

Would be fine with that. The rest can stay the same. :)
I'm of the opinion that V was a wrong turn, but putting that aside-

Diplomacy & Trade-

* 3 WAY screen. That way you can have a 3 nation open borders agreement, or go to war with a coalition. #4,#5, & #6 can take on #3.
Trades could exchange horses for gems for furs & deer, with a little gold per turn here and there to balance it. Same with techs.

* Maybe we could throw in the idea of beakers per turn toward a particular tech as a trade currency.

Let's offer as many options as possible- Play by e-mail, hot seat, LAN, STEAM, etc. and make them work without crashing or lagging.

Artificial Intelligence
Let's have the human reacting to the A.I., instead of patching the A.I to respond to the human. Let's develop rational motives ands strategies for an A.I., give them more of them at each level, and let probability choose. When you can't figure out what the A.I.
is up to, it forces you to hold reserves.

* Multiple motives & objectives- Humans go to war over resources, holy cities, wonder cities, ocean access, technology, and territory in general. Or it could be to spread or destroy a religion. Sometimes it's just for revenge, or to weaken a rival or aid an alli, in which case they might be intent on destruction, or gifting the captured territory. Let's have the A.I. behaving more like a human, and less like a computer with a 4,000 year memory & grudge.

*Multiple approaches. Daggers, chokes, sledge hammers, spies, amphibious assaults, air assaults, and feints.

[Edit ] Most Modable Civ Ever
I would like to see that promise a reality for the next version. The fans will fix and improve things if they are able.[/Edit]

These kinds of advances would make the game great, regardless of how tactical/strategic the combat in the next version is.
#1 is the main priority; all other points are subordinate to it, in no specific order.

#1 Make an AI that can actually play the game on a *semi*competent level. Whenever you implement a new feature, ask yourself this question: 'Can the AI be made to handle it reasonably well?'. If the answer is 'no' or 'maybe', then scrap that feature or alter it.

#2 Make it possible to have HUGE civilizations, with 100+ cities in them. I want to manage an EMPIRE, not a petty principality. However, a principality should still be a viable option. Perhaps make it so that you can build multiple copies of regular buildings, but they get more and more expensive as you build more in the same city? This way a 'tall' empire would have 10 Factories in its single city, while a 'wide' one would have 10 cities, each with 1 Factory in it. Tricky to balance, I'm sure, but that's what you're being paid for. :p Also, having 100 cities should take every possible supporting building/policy/etc just to make it viable.

#3 Streamline the interface (no renewing deals every 30 turns...), so you get the info you need when you need it, no less no more. Make everything about it moddable ofc.

#4 Ensure that making mods is far less clunky and unintuitive than in Civ V. At the very least make it so that *maps* do not have to be made into mods to be uploadable into Steam. :mad:

#5 Tone down the graphics to accommodate the huge civs and better AI. (I know, won't get my hopes up, but still.) Personally I'd prefer it if the game looked like Civ II but everything else was modernized; imo that game achieved the perfect balance between aesthetics and informativeness.

#6 Get the tech tree right for once. There should be real trade-offs and decisions. Hack Science to little pieces to end its dominance for all I care; I do *not* want *every* game to be about Education beelines.

#7 Make food (and maybe production) global from a certain point in history (or in increments with more and more advanced techs). I want my breakbasket cities in the Ukraine to support my mining colonies in Siberia. Civ V did this to an extent, but the food wasn't subtracted from the 'donating' city. Corporations could tie into this mechanic; there's much in the way of fresh, unexplored territory here.

#8 For God's sake get rid of the late-game slow-down/bogging down problem. It's tough enough to micromanage 1,000+ troops without my computer freezing due to memory leaks and fancy graphics... Also, related to this, the AI should be a challenge right up until the end. Some have toyed with the idea of increasing, game-long bonuses for the AI instead of (/in addition to) the one-time starting boost that it currently gets. I'm all for this idea, provided that it doesn't apply on the lower difficulties. We were all noobs once, and sometimes one simply wants a nice stompy-face game, with minor distractions from the victimized AIs. ;)

#10 Working multi-player. 'Nuff said.

Etc etc... I'm sure I'm forgetting loads of things. Really though the AI is crucial for a true enjoyment of a Civ game imo. If it means 1upt must go, then so be it. The world *can* resist an idea whose time has not yet come, after all.
Ja agreed. I've said before if Civ 6 was exactly like Civ 5 except with AI that could play the game, I'd gladly pay full price for it. While there are certainly other flaws (of varying degree depending upon whom you talk to), I think pretty much everyone agrees the terrible AI is at the top of the list.
One more big one is to actually allow me to select the units that I want to select and not jump around the screen and select them for me. This is one of my simple biggest pet peeves with this game so far.

With what I said earlier, city states need to actually be expanded upon. A good addition, but too bare-bones. 2 units per tile will fix both the AIs inability to wage war, and prevent stacks of doom.

Fix diplomacy so that there are actual reasons for conquest. Nobody in Europe hated the Spanish for killing off the Aztecs, etc. Make it so in this game as well. I've had times when I liked an AI, they killed off another AI, and then that AI that I enjoyed and liked having around completely changed diplomacy because every other AI told them that they were a warmonger.

Allow early war. Simple as that. Don't penalize people for taking too many cities. ICS strategies require more work than tradition, and tradition builds every game is not fun. Don't penalize ICS with happiness issues.

Allow to join up and ally with another civ. Go deeper than just a DOF and defensive pact, like an actual alliance if you 2 are fighting the same guy.

Make cities defenseless if there is no garrisoned unit inside

Don't allow beelining. Don't allow musket-men to be able to be built before sailing is researched etc.

***** Get rid of the free techs for higher difficulties and replace it with a bonus to the percentage of beakers. This way the AI will scale better with techs. Therefor I am not always the last to classical and the first to Renaissance, and in the Information era when others enter the industrial. ******

Make Unique units actually OP. Strive for them to be OP.

Make all tiles actually give gold. Not just luxuries, but every single piece of land supplies +1 gold.

Make the AI intelligent when it comes to trading. I always struggled on King difficulty until I realized that all I need to do is take the AI's advantages and make them mine, abuse them. +2 gold every turn for 1 horse? On "harder" levels, they are only more difficult if you don't abuse the AI for their lack of common sense. Immortal is easier than King difficulty when you know how to exploit the AI to the max.

I'm sure I'll be back and post more on this thread when I can think of others.
Fix 1UPT; unit maintenance and "supply" are ineffective mechanics. Tie units into the happiness mechanic, and force the decision to be tall, wide, or strong.
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