Who Are You Picking To Win The Superbowl? - Superbowl 55

Who are you picking to win the Superbowl?

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Brady definitely had the better supporting cast. That said, the only thing Brady had left to prove is can he win without Belichick. Now he has literally nothing to prove.
Brady completes his answer the age old question about whether it was him or Belichick.

The Bucs pass rush was also fantastic as was their running game, but the real difference was in the linebacker play. The Bucs linebackers were excellent. The Chiefs linebackers were garbage.

They weren't good, but they were the 1980s Giants LBs compared to the O-line.
JJ Watt cut by Texans. Where does he go next? My bet (and I am 100% serious with this), is Pittsburgh on a vet min deal. He already has more money than he could know what to do with with, but now he can play with his brothers. Also, play for a contender in now mode. Steelers defense is already nasty, adding Watt to it makes it absolutely disgusting to opposing offensive coordinators. The upcoming draft is absolutely loaded with offensive talent (lots of great prospects at OL, RB, WR, QB) and they have generally been great at finding offensive in the draft anyway. Keep the defense together, proitize offense in the draft, they are contenders.

If he's in it for the glory and doesn't go to Pittsburgh, my opinion is Tampa, Green Bay, and Kansas City are the next best bets.
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