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Who Just Attacked My Destroyers?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by jmrathbun, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. jmrathbun

    jmrathbun Warlord

    Aug 7, 2008
    This is my first try at CIV VI, though I played previous versions. I'm into the early 20th Century. I haven't been at war with anybody in the past 100 turns. I have three destroyers, parked East, West, and South.

    Suddenly something appears next to my west destroyer and is promptly sunk by it; the next instant, the same sort of something appears next to my east destroyer and meets the same fate. I look around for any other enemy, for a civ at war with me, ANYTHING to explain this bizarre attack. No, nothing, nada.

    Can somebody tell me what just happened?
  2. RealAntithesis

    RealAntithesis Warlord

    Oct 23, 2016
    Is quick combat on? Maybe the action happened so fast you couldn't see what it was that attacked you. Maybe it was a submarine that promptly disappeared from view or something. Civ 6 should really have a half quick combat option: combat is quick when the AI is attacking each other, but slows down when you are attacking or getting attacked. Then at least you would have a chance at figuring out what the heck is going on...
  3. narmox

    narmox Emperor

    Nov 17, 2001
    Probably barbarian ships. There are notifications that appear on your screen (among all the diplomatic info that spams the middle of the screen in between turns) which tell you combat results. They sometimes disappear too quickly and you can't find them once they're gone so it's a problem to make sense of what happened sometimes...

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