1. CAYM

    NAVAL UNITS for VP 2023-09-16

    for VP 3.9 NAVAL UNITS Image change and bug fixed. Two mods (7b1) non future mode, (7b2) with Future mode !!!! Unpack each folder in the MODS folder !!!! 2023-08-31 teaser changed. 2023-09-15 English error fixed
  2. W

    [GS] Early naval enchantment "early embarkation with Galleys"

    Hi! I would like to propose a request for a mod with specific settings. 1. To be able to embark a unit early game with a galley. Perhaps even give a negative combat modifier for the time being while escorted. "Makes it possible to start colonize and scout nearby islands earlier in the game...
  3. TheyMadeMeDoThis

    Best Naval Civ?

    Hey all, First post, woohoo. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on naval civs? I absolutely love playing around with a big navy, even though the game is still a bit too broken to facilitate this type of play (I really hope Ed Beach was serious when he mentioned giving coastal cities/naval...
  4. AzraelZephyrian

    [MOD] My first real mod! Industrial Combat Overhaul--yes, I'm making an overhaul

    Here it is! Bandicam 2019-04-16 04-23-50-499 by AzraelZephyrian posted Apr 16, 2019 at 4:30 AM Adds some new units, new fortifications--foxholes and foxhole outposts (which can be used to claim land with your millitary units), extends range of several gunpowder units, makes stock gunpowder...
  5. A

    Bombardment: What are district defenses?

    One of the tier 1 naval promotions is Bombardment. The description says "+7 Combat strength vs. district defenses". AFAIK, the city center is not considered a district, therefore the only district that has district defenses is the encampment. That means that you only get that +7 when engaging...
  6. Bizrock

    Best Naval Civilization?

    What is the best Civilization naval oriented? Naval Strenght. Ability to settle and expand. Bonuses with water tiles. Advantages.
  7. sman1975

    Fireship Unit V1

    The Fireship is a specialized naval melee unit that rams enemy ships, doing significant damage. The attack destroys the Fireship in the process. It is available at the discovery of Machinery and becomes obsolete at Steam Power. The Fireship has a custom promotion that keeps its damage high...
  8. Infixo

    Enhanced Naval Warfare for Vox Populi 1.6

    Mod homepage on CivFanatics New naval units in late-game eras so in each one there's a complete set of specific units (no gaps): Dreadnought - Modern Era, naval ranged. Boat Destroyer - Modern Era, naval melee. Attack Submarine - Atomic Era, submarines. Missile Destroyer - Information Era...
  9. King Phaedron

    Navy vs Army, Marines, AirForce

    Playing my 3rd and 4th game of Civ5 (King Level) one with islands, the other on land; I wound up doing a detailed comparison on the effect of playing a pure Navy game vs an Army game. The Land game was Shoeshone on Lakes, where I mainly used Tanks with full honor and Order. For the Navy game I...
  10. Eric Guimarães


    Do you remember the "Conquest of the New World" scenario in civ 5? There was a thing in this scenario that really caught my attention;it's about the scurvy promotion that all European naval units had,look: "Additionally, all European naval units begin play with the Scurvy "promotion," which...
  11. Z

    Buffing Naval, Nerfing War

    I'm a big fan of Civ VI for all its well documented faults, but i think it'd be a better game if it wasn't so easy to stop the AI on land and ignore the sea altogether. I'm also a history nerd so here's my fix for that. The big challenge of war historically wasn't just beating your enemy on the...
  12. D

    Damage Incorporated's The Utopian Struggle Mod Release

    Damage Incorporated (DI) Civilization 6 Division is releasing its new upcoming mod The Utopian Struggle for Civilization 6. The mod is out now on the steam workshop found under the most recent tab for anyone interested in playing. There is a version for those without the DLC and those who have...
  13. N

    Embarkment Mod

    TBH I miss the Civ 4 requirement of having to build and/or embark land units on naval units as opposed to having land units pull transports out of their asses. Would anyone know of a mod or be interested in making a mod that would model this in some way? At the very least I'd like to see it...
  14. B

    Naval Melee Promotions

    I didn't want to clutter up the promotions threads out there so I figured it would be good to have a separate thread for each unit type. Here are my thoughts on Naval Melee units. Right now, I go for boarding party 99% of the time. The only time I go coastal raider is if I already have an...
  15. dartmor

    Advanced Warfare 0.1

    I need players to test my mods to provide feedback, help to balance numbers. If you're interested contact me at Overall You start a game with an extra Scout and acquire a Builder in each new city up to 4, City-States starts with 2 Builders Advanced Coast Cities All...
  16. J

    Who Just Attacked My Destroyers?

    This is my first try at CIV VI, though I played previous versions. I'm into the early 20th Century. I haven't been at war with anybody in the past 100 turns. I have three destroyers, parked East, West, and South. Suddenly something appears next to my west destroyer and is promptly sunk by it...
  17. A

    Naval Pathfinding

    To reproduce this bug: Have a naval unit (mine was a battleship) linked (escort) with a great admiral. Right-click to move the battleship to a tile very far away, or on the other side of a landmass. Instead of going along ocean and coastal tiles the path finding will choose to spend 30+ turns...
  18. Galleon Icon Holding

    Galleon Icon Holding

    A holding image for a Galleon icon within UITexture.fpk. The Galleon model within the game is used as the art for an embarked unit post-astronomy
  19. Unknown Naval Unit Icon

    Unknown Naval Unit Icon

    An unknown naval unit icon within UITextures.fpk, bearing resemblance to the Carrack, a Portugeese Unique Unit in Civilization IV
  20. Naval Battle

    Naval Battle

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