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    Jun 21, 2019
    The Netherlands the new Civ Fanatics Competition!

    Knowing that most people mainly look at the 'general discussions' threads I'm sure many of you have not yet seen the start of the CFC (Civ Fanatics Competition) over at the Hall of Fame section of the CIV VI forum.

    After some discussion with, and approval of, the moderators about how to approach a new competition I have started a number of competition threads in the HoF forum. I'm happy to see some of the first people are joining and hope that this will turn into something many of you will enjoy.

    I know the setup isn't something that is immediately clear to everyone, so any feedback and questions are very welcome.

    Hope to see you over at the HoF CFC threads!

    (@moderators: hope you don't mind me 'advertising' one part of the forum in another part of the forum, but if so: mea maxima culpa)
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