Your Computer Work Area.


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Post a picture of your Computer/Computer work area here... :)


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Nice, especially the web page you are looking :love: ;)

I'm digging to find a pic from those computers at school, where half of my posts come from :D

After 10 minutes looking at the school site, here it is... You can even see me under the black arrow... Didn't know they took a pic while I was browsing forums... Erm working on my visual basic program :lol:


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I have a dog cage near by my computer also! :)

I don't have a current picture...I need to take some and get them placed on CD. I see you read Wired and use garbage bags :D
Originally posted by CornMaster
Yep. :)

And I was watching Star Trek, and I'm was a successful athlete, and I have a live breaker panel in my bedroom, with no door. ;)
I noticed the athlete part by the athlete's foot spray can! ;) and I didn't want to point out the doorless breaker box!

Oh, and the worst of all, the flag! :lol: j/k

I Am. Canadian! <- Still my fav commercials (comming from an American).
Wow Corny, would have never guess you were Canadian ;)
(cf. the flag :D)
Anyway, gotta get my webcam work again, Win2K suddenly started hating it. I think a new format+ ghost will fix the problem. Then you'll have and see what's on my desk. Yes indeed, cds, cds and cds. ;)
Cds labels:
_ GamZ for Corn
_ GamZ for blabla :D
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