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Your friendly MP games houserules (No AI)?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Multiplayer' started by Vermin.dll, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Vermin.dll

    Vermin.dll Chieftain

    Jun 28, 2019

    I have been following Civfanatics for a long time, but only now created an account for the first time to ask a few questions.

    Lately I have been playing Civ 6 (Gathering Storm) with 3 friends, the 4 of us play mostly without AI, as we find this to be the most fun. We play on standard game length and lately have been enjoying the new 7 seas map with standard (Rather than the default "balance") start positions, as these settings seem to allow most civ types to potentially thrive. We are of varied expertise and so we have been setting the default difficulty to Prince (There's no AI) and newer players reduce it to which ever they want!

    With that said, we've been running into 2 major problems:

    - Simultaneous / Dynamic turns: We tried both, but Dynamic turns ended up taking so long as soon as a war started that we just ended up reverting to Simultaneous and tried to come up with our own house rules to avoid unfair wars, captures of barbarian camps / huts, or even just blocking movement or settling somewhere first.

    This is our biggest problem and we would love to hear suggestions on how other people avoid the issue! I wish the Dynamic turns worked differently (i.e: Lets you do everything except move units out of turn order when at war), and in simultaneous turns, the leader icons are not even in consistent order between all players (The icons at the top right that show who has pressed end turn yet and who hasn't) which makes it really hard to enforce it on our own.

    Have you found a fair and fun way around this?

    - War "Weariness": A game of Civ without wars isn't a game of civ (And isn't much fun)... but when playing with friends, taking out a player just isn't fun. I try to only make military conquests to gain an edge over a player who might be taking the lead, or took lands I really wanted, but the balance between a fun war and a war that will set them beyond any chance of a come back is hard to strike.

    I truly wish the game had a Vassal system in which a player could submit (With an opportunity to rebel later) to a stronger civ, paying them tribute and sharing a victory with them. It would be fun to see a few empires absorbing smaller ones without deleting them from the game, leading to a bigger competition in the end game with everyone still active.

    What are you own house rules with wars when it comes to games with multiple friends?

    Thank you for reading!

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