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your story


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Mar 24, 2002
Bourgondische Kreitz
hello welcome to somethings very original
you will see a picture of a man.
that is my main character in the story.
now this is the part you come in
you boys and girls must make a story about him.
make a legend of him
write a story about him.
give it a try
anything is welcome


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Jan 23, 2002
Manassas, VA
Crown Prince Phillipe stands amongst the smoking ruins of the Royal Palace at Versilles. He smiles as he watches his loyal men loot the palace of its treasure and torment the captured French soilders. Phillipe walks to the highest part of the Palace and looks out towards Paris, where he knows that the French King has fled. Phillipe knows that he must soon attack the city itself in the hopes of catching the King before he flees to England.

As the sun sets and his troops settle down for the night, Phillipe thinks back on the course of events that brought his small army of Belgium into the heart of France and to victory over the mighty French Army. King Louis has been demanding tribute from the hardworker Beligians for years and the little kingdom was slowly moving towards become a French province. Phillipe's people did not like the idea of become a part of the French empire, after all, they were Belgians.

Phillipe met with the heads of the other lowland counties and decided enough was enough. Luxenbourg and Holland agreed to stand up with Belgium against the demans of France. When the latest French demands came to Brussels, the time to act have arrived.

As per their plan, Luxenburg became unstable. Riots broke out and French property and citizens were destroyed or killed. As predicited, King Louis sent his most trusted armies out to curb the revolts. As the armies marched out of Paris, Phillipe attacked. His movements were quick and precises and the French belived themselves to be unbeatable. Noone in their right mind would attack Versaille, but Phillipe did and only a queer twist of fate and bad lunck enabled the King of France to escape to fight another day.

... to be continued
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