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  • That's really great, man. Memphis is famous for food so getting good food won't be a problem. A ton of people from Memphis have migrated to Raleigh so I know quite a few and they're all great, friendly and all that, so I'm sure you'll like it there a lot. If you ever get to cross the Appalachian you oughtta come visit. NC has the closest beaches so you really should visit.
    Catchy, but totally wrong. A complete glorification of tyranny and murder. Its ridiculous in much the same way "Battle Hymn of the Republic" is ridiculous.
    That's funny, I was expecting you to say Tennessee. I've never been to Memphis, but I hear it's a party town. Eastern Tennessee is a great place.
    It certainly was informative, I learned something new. I don't know why they get away with constant thread hijackings. :dunno:
    BTW - my comment in comings and goings wasn't directed at you really. I've gotten a lot of messages and such because I haven't been very active.
    I saw your message and applied. :D

    Yeah, I went through the whole thread looking for your response and saw that it had turned into Form v MobBoss for the most part. :(
    No, I didn't. I have only been able to drop in here and there over the last couple of weeks. I will check it now though. :D
    I saw it. I liked it. But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wasn't knowledgeable about history already.

    1865 was perhaps Lincoln's best year anyways. Not sure how much of that actually happened, but Lincoln was even worse from 1861-64.

    I don't see how anyone could approve of him TBH. He was like the ultimate American dictator. I think anyone who approves of Lincoln as a US President cares way more about nationalism than liberty.
    :lol: I don't see why Mary Todd deserved to see her husband die. I wouldn't go for "Brutally" killed either, I'm against torture, even for terrorists. But Lincoln was certainly far worse than your run of the mill capital criminal. I don't condone assassination, but Lincoln definitely deserved death. Wow, for an onion article that was way too close to my actual views..:p
    It may be true that people lack morals to the point where they would frequent a racist shop even while telling the government to stop them from discriminating, but if so they're moral hypocrites and so I don't really care what those people have to say. I'm the one who would legalize the behavior AND refuse to associate with them. Third of all, it is the height of irrationality to refuse to serve a large segment of the public for profit, and the likelihood of everyone simultaneously refusing to do so at the same time without laws like Jim Crow forcing them to do so is slim to none. Granted, I suspect SOME people would have discrimianted, and a few might even do so in today's more enligtened times, but not everyone would. Fourth, I don't care if government intervention is effective. I'm not a utilitarian, and stealing is always, always wrong.
    Well, the simplest answer is that it doesn't really matter if it works or not. If you own property, you have a right to keep people off of it, however despicable the reason.

    The more complex answer is that obviously a more racist society is going to be more likely to tolerate a "No blacks aloud" sign or such than a less racist society.
    It's actually one of the things I dislike most about union. Essentially it's when you are caught on the ground at the bottom of a ruck and the opposition purposely trample and rake your back with their studded boots, ostensibly to get to the ball but really just to cause you pain.
    Before you tear apart that first comment, let me just be clear that I think it is absolutely abhorrent to discriminate based on race and that any company who does it ought to be boycotted and punished by the full force of the free market. I would also like to state that public property is not private property and that Jim Crow was rightfully crushed.
    On immigration, Ron is only against illegal immigration, not immigration as a concept. However, I think a lot of people overplay the "Shut down illegal immigration" and don't focus enough on why the heck its so hard to immigrate. Ron Paul isn't really an exception to this, although he isn't as ridiculous about enforcement as some of the others. But yeah, I do think Ron is somewhat in error on that issue. Nobody's perfect.
    I figured you wouldn't go with abortion, which is why I was curious. I've had enough of hearing about how "You can't be a libertarian if you don't support the so-called right to choose" (To commit murder? Or is it only a "Choice" before birth. Why?)

    Actually, on the "Race thing" you're talking about, Rand took it back under pressure. Ron said the same thing, but refused to take it back when asked. His point has absolutely nothing to do with supporting racism, but everything to do with the fact that it is an act of aggression to force a business to serve someone against their will. Ron Paul is completely right on the issue, and Rand was also until he retracted it. You shouldn't be able to use government force to force people into association with people for any reason (Whether race, sex, sexual orientation, or any other reason) against their will.

    Not only is Ron Paul correct, but absolutely everyone with a legitimate claim to be a libertarian agrees with him.
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