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  • You will giggle. Note the number of candidates running for Islamist parties.

    To make it easy if you want to read it. Its under the non comment link, post #5 near the bottom.
    i'm doing khan academy. it's strangely amusing. i also can't for the life of me remember which is greater than < or >...
    I've decided Maddow is pretty much the worst. She wastes so much time on stupid and pointless analogies (that don't even relate to her subjects), treats her audience like it's ******ed, and then speaks ridiculously quickly to compensate for all the time she's wasting. I can't imagine her staff meetings, she must sound high as a kite. "And then I'm gonna talk about MARBLES for ten minutes to introduce a discussion on drones!"
    Will look at that later; in other news, ironically what I designated R-6 is basically coterminal with the recently announced SR-72. Also Lockheed Martin and Boeing have teamed up for LRS-B (B-3).
    "Liberalism’s failures at Yalta, in China, and in the nuclear arms race’s infancy gave Buckley and his apostles the kick-start that “movement conservatism” needed. America’s political system would never be the same."

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