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  • Don't forget about that favor I asked you to do, also filling it full of asian goodness is FINE TOO
    It worked so much better though, when they had Chuck Weatherspoon's Running skills. The reason why Klingler and Ware did so well was because Weatherspoon kept their opponents guessing. But when he left, they became very predictable. Still though I'm sure that Miami-Houston gane was fun to watch. Back then they were the 2 most hated teams in America! And yes, Houston will be the C-USA champs this year.. Tulsa lost their o-Coordinator and UTEP is too up-and-down.
    Well, I definitely hope Texas wins the Big 12 south this year. Oklahoma was definitely overrated espicially on defense. I actually think Texas wil be way stronger on defense than oklahoma, and that Colt McCoy will get the Heisman. The red river rivalry this year might just be the game of the decade!
    Hey brah don't overreact there...wasn't trying to put you down or anything! :( I didn't realize it was an honest question TBH :p
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