• Paradox Games has announced today their new game “Millennia”, a semi-historical turn-based 4X game. Find out more here .
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  • It was 40 here today. Suposed to get colder starting tonight though, and maybe some more snow.
    What are things like up in Walloon Lake? I heard that it's been getting pretty cold up North again? Conditions were horrible when I left but since then things seem to have warmed up a bit.
    It was only locked because Warman kept bumping/spamming the thread, so it shouldn't need to be locked again.
    Could you unlock this thread? I need to copy some of my posts for the 2013 awards.
    Just FYI, you've done a terrific job so far. Much better than Palpatine would have done.
    Congratulations on your appointment! No need to lock my thread during night phases, I'm fine with just simple discouragement.
    Try not to let the power get to your head. You saw what happened to Palpatine.
    Yes, it's me. I haven't been active here much lately. College and such tends to keep me busy. How's Petoskey? I've heard we have a bit of snow up that way.
    ...while there are NPCs present a fresh nation has its benefits, mainly due to the story making focus of the IOT. The game will not take too long time to play through, as you can always do small RP bits with your orders.

    ...you can ask to have a modelling of a nation set to be made for you in this fantasy late Medieval world; give me some basic guide lines if you fancy and I can creation a nation for ya. ;)

    Of course if you fancy taking over a NPC give a consideration; just note the offer of nation creating I am offering you. ;)
    Good day.

    Consider a classic IOT? Consider Intrigue of Magic by me! :D

    Tis be a story making IOT that is alive with its second update and will have its third update to be tomorrow perhaps.

    Consider for great justice!
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