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  • I like the idea. I'll add it to my timeline, instead of owning all of Africa, It would be much better if Guinea was Portuguese and Sahel was French, you were an African native power that seized the opportunity during the Napoleonic wars.
    I want to apologize to the good IOT crowd, including you. I didn't want this, I tried to stop them but I couldn't. Don't lump me in with the revolutionaries (Son, Mosher, LH ect) and don't cut ties with me. I like you guys. And I'm sorry if I did anything to move this situation to where it went.

    I'm so sorry. :(
    To be fair, hosting a mafia game is far, far, FAR less time-consuming than an IOT (actually, depending on the complexity, it might not be quite that large a difference, but still a lot less time).

    For example, I basically spend ~30 minutes 2/3 days either tallying/calculating night actions and writing the update. Of course, that's in a game where the majority of players are vanilla townies, but still.
    I have to say, it's pretty rare for a player as consistently active and involved as you are to have no desire to host a game. The only other person I can think of that fits the same mold (on CFC, at least) is Winston, and he hasn't been consistently active for a while.
    Well, I can't vote yet. It's worth noting that the entire thing is being pushed by the billionaire who owns the current bridge because he's desperate to save his source of wealth. Even then, I have no respect for somebody who's advocating direct democracy on something so trivial.
    -_- I am really tired at the moment and fail at telling upper and lower apart.

    Take Sinai next turn and if you still want to trust me we can have a deal not to build military bases in those provinces instead.
    Yeah, Michigan as a whole will vote for Obama by a decent margin. It's enough that nobody's really campaigning here now. But this region still has a moderate Republican tilt. probably 55-45.
    In Sonrisk, leave Sinai as a blank space? We both know an early war would be far to risky and have ample space to expand into.
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