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  • Fiiiiiinally......24 of those most excellent fully imported Guiness cans with the widget are in my possession. Tomorrow suitable?
    Mate, you've been so good about it. I know you're in no rush but the fact is I've let you down...again today. I literally, and I mean literally, don't stop from 7 till 7 and I just couldn't justify taking the time today.
    So how's the Laphroaig? No faux enthusiasm please. Did you at least notice it's smokey, peaty taste? And no regifting at Xmas either!!
    Good day!

    After observation I feel that you might be interested in a geopolitical set of games that be Imperium Offtopicum. Two recent of note for your interest be IOT: Great Journeys and Fight and Don't Die! with the former being space based and the latter set in Earth. Consider these games. We could do with more players.
    Weird. When I had DSL, 99% of any problems I had with it or the phone could be fixed by unplugging the phone line and plugging it back in. Very strange.
    Hey sorry about the delay but don't worry, I'm all over it. Been flat-out and Laffroaich is not available everywhere. I've got Tuesday and Wednesday off and will sort it then.
    Trust me, every time I look at that square jawed gaffe machine I say to myself "WTF was I thinking?".....your reward sir
    How long did the avatar transition phase lasted? :)
    I noticed that you had this one in your ministatistics image for a while now, but still kept the cannibal-Kevin-from-SinCity as your official avatar.
    Why did you finally change?
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