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  • I was looking at your new social group description and I was wondering: what about the gay women who wish to join? They presumably don't love men :)
    ..oh god. That's just scary how you thought of that. :lol:

    Yes, that is indeed a great thing (I've been trying for a while now), but there's nothing wrong with a little impossible fantasy if you still have realistic fantasies on the side. ;)
    :p Well, it's the same as any other fantasy setting... most furs with sexual identity in it fantasise it... and don't uh... actually try to replicate the experience. :rotfl:

    :lol: Maybe, but I prefer my partner to be sentient. :p
    Well given that incident a few days ago, you never know if it could be really hot. :mischief: And there are a looooot of wolves in the furry fandom. Up there with foxes. :p

    True... but I guess it's half-bestiality since they're not fully human yet not fully animal. ;)
    Well my sister does comment that Edward and Bella are much more romantic and interesting in the book, which is believable since movies rarely live up to the book they adapt.

    Well, what if it was an anthro one? :p

    ...and if a werewolf is in their human form yet you have relations with them, is that bestiality or not? :confused:
    See!! Team Jacob!

    You have just gained +1 on the furryness meter. :p

    I've noticed Team Jacob/Team Edward tends to be gender-split(male and female, respectively), though my sister claims those who read the books support Team Edward and those who just see the movie are Team Jacob...

    Well. Wolves are more awesome than fairies, soooo...
    What's uni? Is that short for university? In the US, college and university are synonymous.

    I live in suburban Philadelphia with my wife and my nephew (whose parents were not able to take care of him) and my wife is currently pregnant with another boy.

    So, what are you majoring in?
    Hey, I just realized we joined at, like, the same time. Except you have 2000 more posts than me.
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