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  • Ah, don't forget - add that legion IV will remain in Pannonia without a general, while sam get's the province. No one can have two things, and we probably have to state that.

    You can just choose someone else for general. Your choice. But I am against 2 offices for 1 person. At least while I am my current character.
    First of all, the comment that I will become "Tolerant" of gay sex, and the idea that I may actually become gay are two separate, unrelated ideas. I will say that I am attracted to girls, so I doubt I will ever be attracted to guys!

    As for when you were 16, were you somewhat how I am, or were you actually "Openly hateful" against gays?

    Also, I am entitled to my opinions, and I won't change them simply to please someone.
    Well, I don't agree with that first paragraph at all.

    That said, what does college have to do with it?

    As for the "Turning out gay" the concept of gay sex does disgust me on its own, even with the morals taken out of it.
    I NEVER said God hates gays, you totally misunderstood me. That said, the existence of gay people is due to flaws in Sin Nature (If there was no sin nature, nobody would be "Born gay") and that is Adam's fault, not God's.
    I think Youtube is blocked on this computer (Not my home computer) but IIRC I have watched this video is (Is this the one that starts off by going off about how Cain married his sister?)

    If so, I point out some things:

    1. Certain forms of incest were allowed early on out of necessity, since the family unit was not yet formed. It was banned in Moses' time though.

    2. Polygamy was tolerated out of culture but never really allowed.

    3. A man must leave his father and mother and be joined with his wife

    I could quote the harsher passages against homosexuality, but that would be missing the point. The point is marriage as an instiution is between a man and a woman.

    As for "Going by the modern system of sin" are you a Christian?
    Having gay attractions is just a feeling, and while I would say that the reason people have attractions like that (Assuming it isn't a choice, which I think it probably isnt most of the time) is rooted in the sinful inheritance of man, it isn't a sin in itself.

    What is a sin is choosing to have sex outside marriage, which includes both gay and straight sex.

    As for "Comparing gay sex to adultery" my point was simply that Jesus taught not to judge people, but still not to accept sin.
    Actually, you misunderstand a bit. Jesus did teach tolerance of all people (Well, he didn't say anything about it, but he did act in tolerance of all people.) However, he didn't tolerate all LIFESTYLES. That's the difference. What did Jesus tell the adulterous woman. He didn't stone her (Literally or figuratively) but he did tell her to "Go and sin no more."

    In my opinion, the above is the appropriate response to homosexuality.

    A lot of things are "Wrong" and we can judge the activity without judging the person. I don't judge the intentions of gay people, but I do consider their actions to be wrong (Assuming they act on those desires.)

    I don't talk about it much either, especially since its common knowledge what most Christians think, and gays do get enough crap when people really are hateful. However, telling a gay person he shouldn't act on his gay urges is no more "Hateful" or judgmental than telling a gluttonous person he should not eat so much.
    Just to clarify, my reasoning for "Disliking" homosexuality are religious in nature.

    I don't make a huge deal about it most of the time, but I do get called homophobic a lot when I'm definitely not.
    Still missing an Austria player in DipNES; would you like to take over?
    Awesome update. As usual it was very well put together in terms of story. Believable and 'fleshed out' characters and world (especially political, etc). Anyway, i really enjoyed that and thanks for a great update.
    I see you've been reinvited to the Cabinet. :) Could you possibly answer the question I posted there in that thread about Bradbury? Not that I intend to do anything about Bradbury but I'd quite like to know what's what there.
    If you feel the need to get rid of Labis because of the mutiny and you don't want to nominate Erona (I wouldn't want to if it were my choice), Jyut Texier could run the Garrison if you like. I don't particularly want the job and I don't expect I'd do it outstandingly, but I don't want you not to have an alternative to Northen.
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