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  • In your NESIOT, what do you mean when you say that cargo ships can move industry to colonize a planet? You mean complexes (like Helium industrial complexes) or Industry as a resource? Also, can I use a cargo ship the same turn I build it?
    The statistic is correct, not a typo. According to the random number generator, science did not increase from your investment in it. However, your agriculture DID increase, and the special thing about agriculture is that every point agriculture goes up, the rest of the stats each have a 20% chance to increase by 1, accounting for the increase in military.

    The only way to guarantee an increase is to invest 10 points into it, but that is not always the right move.
    The stats are not working. Also, could you please extend deadline if possible for a few hours?
    Busy. With a bit of luck I won't be spending half my time outside France till august. Travelling a lot for work, from Brasil to Bangladesh, can be quite tiring.
    Hi. It's been a while since I hadn't lurked around here indeed. I thought of joining your iot game but end jully and august will likely be very busy for me so I decided against joining something which would be at its pinnacle around this time.
    Hey I loved the update, but I was actually hoping to take Madoka in a different direction (in terms of gender, personality, ect.) If you would allow me to redefine her I will give you my (first) story :)
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