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    - Harappan UP expires after the Ancient era
    - Gujarati horses only spawn in 1000 BC

    Wow, glad to see my proposals-feedback being adopted so quickly. :D
    Actually, the avatar looked familiar but didn't really prompt me to remember. But your stated location did. Yeah, I think it's a pretty obscure show, but I love it. I suspect the music helped.
    Found the link. It appears that there's no special sub-forum for DoC. Their forum name is Civilization IV but it mostly talks about DoC judging from the map... and they're mostly talking about China's performances in DoC haha.

    But I found something interesting! I'll post it in the B&T shortly
    Do you have link to the Chinese forum of DoC? I knew it was posted in the sub-forum somewhere by a Chinese user (Qiu? Soul-breathing? idr) but I can't find it anymore. Maybe that Chinese forum have graphic for rain forest
    Well since I need to scroll down to see the non-sub-forum threads, I'd say there are more people that are not aware that there are threads outside of the designed sub-forum.
    Why did you decided to not request the rainforest graphic in the Graphic Modification thread?
    I currently cannot edit the Stories post in the Thread Index. Is it possible for you to make me able to edit it?

    Also, if you need modders for the Secret Testing Group, I'd be happy to join.
    Leoreth, could you please delete the triple post I made at the Cities of the World thread? Thanks.
    The Forum Thread Index mentions the Master Map Mod and the Expanded Dynamic Civ Names Mod twice.
    What do you think about adding The Great DoC UHV v 1.12 Challenge and The Great DoC URV Challenge threads to your Forum Thread Index thread?
    Note: There has been many examples of a mod, due to the strong community and highly skilled modder, has since evolved into its own game, such as 0 A.D. I personally would encourage you to try this path. No matter you've changed this mod, there's still in-game limitations that you aren't allowed to change. Creating a standalone game is not easy, but it's better for you in a long run. You are in full control of all features and details, yet it can also support you financially. Feel free to message me if we're on the same page because there's a lot of thing that can't be duscussed in public.
    Have you ever thought about finding a team for DoC? No other mod of this scale has been built by one person.
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