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  • so, is cuba and the rest of the carribean supposed to be a failed state? (It is all white)
    I love the Kennedys, Fresh Fruit is a masterpiece. Wish there wasn't a divide between Jello and the others nowadays.
    Saw your question on IRC. Generally, Opalansai of aristrocratic families are generally referred to with the honorific of haoen, as there aren't very many titles of distinction left on Spitos. The title of edrin was historically used for minor lords, and a very few aristocratic families can still claim it officially under the Republic. Teprela and Predai are minor and major Daharai governors respectively, though those aren't noble titles. The only other one I've come up with is Rabos, which was a mid-level noble title under the old Empire - sort of equivalent to a count. Hope that helps!
    What's the whole thing with Kyriakos about? I don't get it. He's a Greek nationalist, right?
    Apologies. I don't think I can finish my submission quickly enough and of sufficient quality to post by tomorrow. Sorry again.
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