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  • If Brazil does not align its self with Chile, Argentina will have no real reason to get involved, or join any major alliance blocs.
    I like how it still isn't clear if Mouthwash *knows* a black person.

    Bonus points: we should start asking if he knows a Hispanic person outside of his gardener/maid.
    Do you want to join ChristosIOT? It is simple and you do not need to spend too much time.

    Here is the link : ChristosIOT I
    Hello there.

    Might I interest you in inviting you to Beyond the Lampshade which a place of humour and debate? It is my primal forum; a community very close. Consider for great justice as there is talk by the admin for a multiplayer game of Civ5.
    From your orders I don't think you realize that the Trollbane's are in Vilebranch territory. They're the little red square in the north.
    Do you live? Does thy heart beat and mind race to thoughts of men and empires? Does Queen Victoria live on in your heart and the Kaiser dwell in your dream?
    I'll find you when I've settled a couple of things that I want to sort out before I do anything, so maybe tomorrow or the day after. Now also doesn't suit me ooc. :)
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