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  • I would say so, yes, but I am not overly familiar with the geopolitical situation there.
    I suggest you rethink taking Switzerland. I do not wish to sound aggressive, but such a move would put you in a path of war with certain nations in the area for sure, not least because europe is already crowded to hell.

    Make your choice carefully. Consider this a friendly warning since i doubt you want to end up like Spanish Yakutsk in IB1.
    Hey Prospo. Long time since RP2, huh? Anyways, I started a modified, RP-like game here. If you're interested, feel free to join.
    Hey, Prospo, are you still playing IOT:A? If not, could you please tell the GM that. I want to do diplomacy with Portugal. :D
    I saw you post in PreNOTOR. Are you interested in joining? We need as many players as we can get, because as iron and Blood proves, the more players that are in the game, the more interesting it all becomes. I would be delighted to see you join NOTOR.

    However, it would be advantageous to you to choose quickly, because the game will likely officially start in about a week. I will be on vacation starting this weekend, so you have until tuesday to create a nation and your claims and post them in the thread. After the first update abnd the posting of the game thread, you can still join, but you will likely be behind the other players.
    As I said, it was nothing personal at all. I didn't expect to do quite so well as I did. :)
    almost, just need to finish the monastery/cities, sry I was busy so I didn't work on your map these few weeks
    IOT Aftermath

    Limited open borders agreement between Portugal and the Marian Federation; Kaetif citizenry are allowed to come and go as they please by the terms of the agreement.

    Do you agree?
    Okay, I noticed you are the Slavic Union in Son of Mars do you plan to expand west, because I wish to take Moldova, Slovakia and SouthWestern Poland
    Since its set in the Late Middle Ages, do you want a simple map, one thats easy to upload, not really geographically accurate, that looks like a real medieval map
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