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  • I will defend myself asking they who gave them the permisson to do this and showing that there is nothing catholic in my estate.
    I don't know how to play chess yet, but I'm glad to play with a Ambroise Proulx, if he still wants to, since he would need to teach me how to play at first. (Çatin, would mostly hear and ask questions to what seems new, and of course write something in his diary.)
    Generally, I will add some diary pages to the story. But I have to discuss with Trexeric before writing anything about this conversation.
    To his sailing men, Ambroise gives them some of his own stores of rations (and, being the leader of the party, he no doubt had more than them) and promises to split his pay among them next time he gets his paycheck. Then he addresses the excitement, and says that the sentiment is noted, but he himself doesn't have any more excitement than them. Although he does say that they can borrow his collection of books written by himself at any time.

    At the sight of the Buddhists, Ambroise asks what is wrong with them. When informed, Ambroise scolds the architects, and tells them to build elsewhere. He says that France should build a reputation for respecting all cultures and religions, so as to reduce risk of revolts on the basis of cultural freedom in the future.

    (And the Diogenes thing I recall getting from some website)
    He will say: "I think we need to focus on the catholic oppression to gain support for secularization and for avoiding more aggression towards native american because we need to achieve equality for all and it will be much harder to achieve it if many people have negative views of the native americans."
    Ambroise thinks about it for a bit, and eventually says, "I suppose I'll go, I've got nothing better to do, and I admit I've had a bit of a writer's block recently. Perhaps the war will give me new ideas, eh? Though I'll admit, it's a damn fool who thinks he can tell a man's ability in war by his writings."
    "F-ing nobility." Picard said, hammering a horseshoe into shape. "Bunch of inbred f*cks all drunk on the smell of their own piss. F*ck them all up their *ssholes."
    Yup! According to the Urban Dictionary it's also slang for a few insults in French.
    No no! I forgot to comment because I read that in school but I was going to say "that sounds like my kind of story :lol:" in those exact words :p
    I'v got a question: why my character isn't the main character and how did you decide that?
    Just curious, Tsar Alexander the III was after 1881, was this intentional for the story? Sorry I'm just wondering :mischief:
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