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  • Now I'm late, sorry about that. I know I keep delaying the expected date of when the next GaP will happen, but it will happen. I cannot say when, only that I want it to happen. When I am certain of it starting I will inform you immediately :)
    Just go ahead and vote on the America thread. Just look at the most recent election and pick a name. Elections usually last 24 hours, sometimes longer, and never shorter.
    Found it:

    Welcome to the forums! :band: :band: :band: :band:

    We won't eat you, of course. :mischief:

    If anyone tells you that they are more Epic than I am, they are lying. Especially if the person's name isn't MoreEpicThanYou. :D
    However, as we are near equals in epicness, I propose a Diarcy. Nobody would be able to touch us! Nobody! We would be the true eternal Empire!
    You'd be wrong. The Lelouch Imperium won hands down. It surprise attacked as you finished off the METY
    For starters we are quasi fascist (or Dolvunist in this universe) in nature; we are also believe in martial honour.

    Second: we have the Panama Canal. Security in the Caribbean is very much important for us, especially in how Cuba's size would make it feel bordering to our trade networks.

    Third: what worth is there to invade the CSA when we have cultural and resource reasons to conquer Venezuela instead?
    ...by that logic the CSA is too close to Panama and I demand you move north...

    In all seriousness splitting Cuba will make ordeal; you can have sugar access, plus security, with the east, while the west will be able to serve as our trade security and Guantanamo bay will provide... "civil peaceful purposes."

    Please do not blow things out of proportions.
    I am asking NN if it is possible to have Cuba be two provinces, east and west. If this goes ahead we will both have what we want.
    Economic systems, and social aspects of how societies will develop and evolve throughout the game, and their impact on opinion and players in general.
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