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  • Hey man! yeah still lurking when I get the chance haha.. still hoping to one day start another GaP as well (with what I've learned in school, I have improved many aspects of the game actually). But yeah, time is still against me :/
    I'll be busy for at least an hour at an unknown time tomorrow, but any other time I'll be free. Message me on Hamachi when you wanna play. Right now is also a good time.
    I'll consider it. I just have a tight schedule so I could suddenly disappear for months on end, as I have in the past.
    You suggested a redux of Land Ho back in late June

    ...even though you know how flaky I've been?
    Tis a possibility, but she will have to approach you because your character does not know of her plan ;) She'll make the move this weekend because I have three weekend days to write up the RP for it versus the normal two weekdays to write it.
    How about you write up an account of it and PM it to me. Try to pay Isabella as polite but underneath the facade very irritated with the whole matter. I'm not sure what your plans are for this but make your best judgment about whether she would accept your proposals or not. Send it to me and I'll revise it if I think her character would react differently. Then I'll send it back and if your ok you can post it. Be sure to have something similar to "Collaborative post between myself and dot80" or something at the bottom. I'll also take this to mean you wish to move your unit to barcelona.
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