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  • Also, it represents a stickup of somebody holding onto wealth, which goes along with Mike and El-P's brand of violent leftism.
    Cover art of Run the Jewels 2. So, thinking about it, probably, but I just think of it as a hand symbol used by some of my favorite rappers/my favorite producer.

    Give that album a listen if you haven't. If you like hip-hop, which I feel like I remember you do, but I could be wrong.
    I did warn you that you had been too daring. Among other things, you misspelled 'Führer'.
    I've been going through your posts, young Zack.
    Tsk, tsk.
    Your grammar, spelling and collocations all fail to be perfect.
    I know, it was pointed out a couple days ago in the thread. Thanks for the reminder, I'm cleaning up the thread.
    well i found it easier to look at the wiki for devil room item list rather than that site with a "devil room" search since you don't have the name of the item and are just visually identifying it. it's easier for me to scan down a list than that sites layout

    also I found it faster to have lists of the tarot cards/trinkets and such pulled up and ctrl+f, because as far as I can tell that site just supports its own search which still requires hover-over of the graphic
    in game you mean? yea it's a joke. in the vanilla, once I got the hang of the game, I did well enough that it didn't matter too much what items I got (I never went to the wiki to look up stuff)

    but in rebirth, I need to look everything up and optimize stuff or else I'll die, and there's too many junky stuff. there's also a few items that I hate and I have to make sure not to pick them up

    anyways, azazel is OP. he's fun to play as, and the only character I can even imagine doing a speed run for the boss gauntlet (if you beat mom in <15 minutes i think, you can go to a room to fight like 30 bosses 3 at a time. I did that twice with azazel). But it's boring to just play with him.
    it's alright. IMO the whole game gets stale after a while and, well, it's just frustrating. Though I put in like 20 hours the weekend it came out. i don't really feel the need to achievement grind, and I for one only played on the "hard" mode that is in it. I only had vanilla before and not wrath of lamb, so it also gets irritating looking up what a million items do. But it's a better frustration than the original for me (I never beat satan in that, and it got boring to play through just for a chance to beat 1 boss. Now I just die a lot in rebirth, and also hope to get devil rooms so that if I win, I can go to satan. Now there are like bosses after satan, but I havent gotten those).

    but, that being said, any sale of it is good. i'm sure i'll fire it up eventually again.
    Technically you are correct, but then again his latest releases have been:

    Yeezus (featuring such gems as New Slaves and I Am A God)
    Watch the Throne (featuring such gems as Mercy and N***as In Paris)
    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    So I mean, sure, but what has he done lately? Some dark [feces] mang. Some beautiful amazing genius dark [feces] :p
    Hehehe, just when I actually see Leeroy less down where I play. Seems like hunters were really getting out of hand high on the ladder though with the secret deathrattle guy. Hunters really seem like the only class with viable heavy secret use. It's actually possible to make somebody misplay by guessing wrong with a hunter. Mage or Paladins it seems like their secrets don't actually change what you're going to do so much, maybe just be careful about the order in which you do it.
    WELL... there's only one recourse for this dispute.

    I invoke the Kal-if-fee!!!
    In reply to your message over 3 years ago, I'm not going to play Danny DeVito!
    Yep. I might have even joined the permanent infraction clique :cool:. Can't disclose deets here :shifty:
    If I looked like I was taking you seriously I must have slipped...I thought we came to a pretty good result.
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