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  • It was just a cold/fever for me. Its getting better now, and I should be fine soon. Thanks for the concern!

    Also, is there any way to reply to VMs that is less clunky than just posting a VM on the other person's profile?
    I have requested access for him and StMarco as well. Should be done in the next 24 hours or so, at the latest (thought it would already be done by now in fact!)
    That Oblivion face at least has some semblance to reality. If you haven't heard of it yet, Google "Bork'd Shlong," that's probably the most surreal, fugliest Oblivion face I've ever seen, makes the other horrific faces look normal by comparison.
    Nah, sorry. Considering I'm joining IOTs and NESes recently, chances are a Mafia game will simply be overwhelming.
    I would love to come back, but Mafia is a time investment that I no longer have. Due to the rapid update schedule that is crucial to all Mafia games, it's much harder to manage time than it is for IOTs and the like.

    However, there is a very big chance that this semester may be a lot less busy than the last one so here's hoping I might be able to get into the swing of things once more. :)
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