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Feb 19, 2009
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insert joke

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    1. hobbsyoyo

      Did you miss me? Do you like cashews and milk? Should I get drunk? Did you miss me?
    2. hobbsyoyo
      Seriously I'm laughing my balls off at that
    3. Kennigit
      iunno, any stanard ethernet cable should do. mine is about 2m. though I had my desk underneath my lofted bed; if you have the desk to the side of the bed you'd need it longer. The ethernet port for me was in the corner.

      P----Desk/Bed combo---------Dresser/door

      where P is port

      P------Bed nonloft ------Desk---Dresser/door

      rough sketch of wall of the dormroom (flip over horizontal axis and you get the layout of the 2 person dorm, with a Window on the left edge)
    4. Kennigit
      yes; the dorms I only used ethernet connection
    5. Kennigit
      shocking ;)
    6. MartinLuther
      I'm really lovin' your avatar.
    7. GhostWriter16
      Think what you will. Hopefully some day you will grow more fearful of state power than of private criminals that that state happens to leave alone. Until then, farewell.
    8. GhostWriter16
      Lincoln attacked and killed their soldiers to stop the secession part while allowing them to keep the slaves, and created a massive, centralized, leviathan state and arrested people without warrant, including other government officials.

      And Lincoln was the attacker. To me, being the attacker makes you almost always the greater evil.
    9. GhostWriter16
      I actually agree with you that Obama was the lesser evil, although I don't really know. But to vote for him is to support the broken system, which is basically just two branches of the war party providing the illusion of choice. Another thing I believe a confederate victory would have ensured would never have happened. If you said you'd rather Obama win than Romney, I'd have no objection to that. Walter Block said the same thing, yet he did the at least half-principled thing and voted for Gary Johnson.
    10. GhostWriter16
      I actually do think the CSA is pretty clearly the lesser evil here. A Southern victory may have been worse for a short time, but today we would be better off. Slavery would have ended a long time ago, and we'd either have one constitutional republic, or two. We would not have the modern day empire. As such, I absolutely wish the South had won, with all due apologies to those who would have been negatively affected by this. I can say, however, that Jim Crow would almost certainly never had happened if slavery had ended by non forcible means.

      I'm not saying the Confederacy was all dandy. But they were the attacked. The Union was the aggressors against the Confederates, who wanted independence. The Ft. Sumter attack was stupid, but ethically right, Lincoln had no right to keep the fort, which, for the record, the South did offer to pay for.

      And the Lincolnian Leviathan victory created the greater evil.
    11. GhostWriter16
      It didn't help the black people all that much because of Jim Crow and Sharecropping. But that's not the worst part, you can blame the South for that.

      The real irony is that Jim Crow esque legislation existed IN THE NORTH before the Civil War.

      When the South shoots at a military base IN SOUTHERN TERRITORY you get the heck out. The South had a right to secede.

      And war INCREASES the state, and so it is the anathema of libertarianism.

      The war made both the Confederacy and the Union worse.
    12. GhostWriter16
      Slavery needed to die. But Lincoln wasn't waging the war to free the slaves, but because of how the South leaving economically affected the North, and destroying the South economically in the process while not even really helping the black population all that much.

      Civver was exactly right that the Union should have supported slave rebellions but otherwise left the South alone.
    13. GhostWriter16
      Lincoln reamred Sumter in order to provoke an attack, and then used that as an excuse to kill 600,000 people. Had the South won Lincoln would have been executed for war crimes, and good riddance.

      As for "Destroying the South's economy" that was the entire effect. Slavery was the backbone of the Southern economy. The North rejected slavery because they had no need of it, not because they gave a crap about black people's welfare. Read my "Jim Crow North?" article in my sig.

      An excellent article on Lincoln here: http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v07/v07p319_Dickson.html
    14. GhostWriter16
      He wanted to destroy their economy.

      He succeeded.
    15. GhostWriter16
      That is Lincoln, is it not?

      Obviously he wasn't actually a Stalinist, and it technically wasn't racially motivated murder so it wasn't "Genocidal" either. But I felt like exaggerating;)

      Mass murdering maniac, however, absolutely. Over six hundred thousand not to stop slavery, but to crush secession and for nationalistic purposes.

      Have you ever asked yourself why an abolitionist like Lynsander Spooner hated Lincoln with a passion?
    16. GhostWriter16
      You're wearing the avatar of a genocidal mass murdering Stalinist maniac. Cease that and then we'll talk;)
    17. GhostWriter16
      Its the flag of secession, not slavery;)
    18. Antilogic
      I like the new avatar!
    19. NickyJ
      Too bad. I don't like them either. :devil:
    20. NickyJ
      Because you don't like it. It makes it entirely worth it just to know that. :D
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